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Farewell to Missionaries.
1 O, messenger of love, and bear,

Upon thy gentle wing,
The song which seraphs love to hear,

And angels joy to sing.
2 Go, to the heart with sin opprest,

Ánd dry the sorr'wing tear ;
Extract the thorn that wounds the breast,

The drooping spirit cheer.
3 Go, say to Zion, “Jesus reigns"-

By his resistless pow'r,
He binds his enemies with chains ;

They fall to rise no more,
4 Tell how the Holy Spirit flies,

As he from heav'n descendsArrests his proudest enemies, And changes them to friends.

HYMN 146. P. M. 7.

The song of Jubilee. HALoud' as mighi, thunders roar, Or the fulness of the sea,

When it breaks upon the shore :Hallelujah! for the Lord,

God omnipotent, shall reign; Hallelujah ! let the word

Echo round the earth and main. 2 Hallelujah ! hark! the sound,

From the depth unto the skies, Wakes above, beneath, around,

All creation's harmonies :See Jehovah's banner furld,

Sheath'd his sword : he speaks : 'tis done, And the kingdoms of this world

Are the kingdoms of his Son. 3 He shall reign from pole to pole

With illimitable sway :
He shall reign, when like a scroll,

Yonder beav'ns have pass'd away :
Then the end ;-beneath his rod,

Man's last enemy shall fall ;
Hallelujah! Christ in God,
God in Christ, is all in all.

HYMN 147. P. M. 7.

New Year.
HILE with ceaseless course the sun
WHasted through the former


Many souls their race have run,

Never more to meet us here. 2 Fix'd in an eternal state,

They have done with all below; We a little longer wait,

But how little-none can know. 3 As the winged arrow flies,

Speedily the mark to find;
As the lightning from the skies,

and leaves no trace behind ; 4 Swiftly thus our fleeting days,

Bear us down life's rapid stream; Upwards, Lord, our spirits raise,

All below is but a dream. 5 Thanks for mercies past receive,

Pardon of our sins renew ; Teach us henceforth how to live,

With eternity in view. 6 Bless thy word to young and old,

Fill us with the Saviour's love; And when life's short tale is told, May we dwell with thee above.

'HYMN 148. L. M. Prayer for the children of the church. EAR Saviour, if these lambs should stray,

And, lur'd by worldly joys away,

Among the thoughtless crowd be found. 2 Remember still that they are thine,

That thy dear sacred name they bear, Think that the seal of love divine,

The sign of cov'nant grace they wear. 3 In all their erring, sinful years,

Oh, let them ne'er forgotten be ;
Remember all the pray’rs and tears,

Which made them consecrate to thee. 4 And when these lips no more can pray,

These eyes can weep for them no more,
Turn thou their feet from folly's way,
The wand'rers to thy fold restore.

HYMN 149. L. M.

Poor Children's appeal to Christians. 1

IN God's own house by silent night,


And there by viewless angels kept,

Samuel tbe child securely slept. 2 A voice unknown the stillness broke,

“Samuel" it call'd, and thrice it spoke ;

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He rose-he ask'd whence came the word ?

From Eli? No; it was the Lord.
3 Thus early call'd to serve his God,

In paths of righteousness he trod;
Prophetic visions fir'd his breast,

And all the chosen tribes were blest. 4 Speak, Lord ! and from our earliest days,

Incliné our hearts to love thy ways; Thy wak’ning voice has reach'd our ear,

Speak Lord to us, thy servants hear.
5 And ye, who know the Saviour's love,

And richly all his mercies prove;
Your timely, friendly aid afford,
That we may early serve the Lord.

HYMN 150. C. M.

The Traveller's Hymn. 1 OW are thy servants bless'd, O Lord,

How sure is their defence ! Eternal wisdom is their guide,

Their help, Omnipotence.
2 In foreign realms, and lands remote,

Supported by thy care ;
Thro burning climes they pass unhurt,

And breathe in tainted air.
3. When by the dreadful tempest borne,

High on the broken wave,
They know thou art not slow to hear,

Nor impotent to save.
4 The storm is laid-the winds retire,

Obedient to thy will :
The sea that roars at thy command,

At thy command is still.
6 In midst of dangers, fears, and deaths,

Thy goodness we'll adore ;
We'll praise thee for thy mercies past ;
And humbly hope for more.

HYMN 151. C. M.

Lord's Supper. 1


And owns the grateful tie ;
If tender thoughts within us burn,

To feel a friend is nigh;
2 Oh! shall not warmer accents tell

The gratitude we owe
To Him, who died our fears to quell,

Our more than Orphan's woe?
3 While yet his anguish'd soul survey'd

Those pangs he would not flee.


What love his latest words display'd,

“ Meet and remember me. 4 Remember thee! thy death, thy shame,

Our sinful hearts to share !
O memory ! leave no other name
But his recorded there.

HYMN 152. L. M. Seeking direction to the choice of a Pastor. 1 NHEPHERD of Israel, bend thine ear,

Thy servants' groans indulgent hear; Perplex'd, distress’d, to thee we cry,

And seek the guidance of thine eye. 2 Send forth, O Lord, thy truth and light,

To guide our doubtful footsteps right :
Our drooping hearts, O God, sustain,

Nor let us seek thy face in vain. 3 Return in



peace return,
Nor let thy flock neglected mourn;
May our bless'd eyes a shepherd see,
Dear to our souls, and dear to thee.

HYMN 153, L. M.

At the installation of a Minister. 1

ГЕ bid thee welcome in the

Of Jesus our exalted Head,-
Come as a servant- -so he came,

And we receive thee in his stead.
2 Come as a Shepherd; guard and keep

This fold from hell, and earth, and sin;
Nourish the lambs, and feed the sheep,

The wounded heal, the lost bring in. 3 Come as a Watchman; take thy stand

Upon thy tow'r amidst the sky,
And when the sword comes on the land,

Call us to fight, or warn to ily.
4 Come as an Angel, hence to guide

A band of pilgrims on their way,
That safely walking at thy side,

We faint not, fail not, turn, nor stray. 5 Come as a Teacher, sent from God,

Charg'd his whole counsel to declare;
Lift o'er our ranks the prophet's rod,

While we uphold thy hands with pray'r, 6 Come as a Messenger of

peace, Fill'd with the spirit, fir'd with love ; Live to behold our large increase, And die to meet us all above.



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The Ministerial office.
1 ET Zion's watchmen all awake,

And take th' alarm they give;
Now let them, from the mouth of God,

Their awful charge receive. 2 'Tis not a cause of small import

The pastor's care demands;
But what might fill an angel's heart-

It fill'd a Saviour's hands.
3 They watch for souls, for which the Lord

Díd heav'nly bliss foręgo ;-, For souls, which must forever live,

In raptures, or in wo. 4 May they that

Jesus, whom they preach,
Their own Redeemer, see ;.
And watch thou daily o'er their souls,
That they may watch for thee.

HYMN 155. L. M.

Prayer for a sick Minister.
THOU, before whose gracious throne,

We bow our suppliant spirits down;
Avert thy swift descending stroke,

Nor smite the shepherd of the flock. 2 Restore him, sinking to the grave;

Stretch out thine arm, make haste to save;
Back to our hopes and wishes give,

And bid our friend and father live.
3 Bound to each soul by tend'rest ties,

In every breast his image lies :
Thy pitying aid, O God, impart,

Nor rend him from each bleeding heart. 4 Yet, if our supplications fail,

And pray’rs and tears cannot prevail;
Be thou his strength, be thou his stay,
And guide him safe to endless day.

HYMN 156. C. M.

Comfort under the loss of Ministers. 1 THAT-tho' the arm of conq'ring death,

Does God's own house invade; What-tho' the Prophet and the Priest

Be number'd with the dead !
2 Tho' earthly shepherds dwell in dust,

The aged and the young ;
The watchful eye in darkness clos'd,

And mute th' instructive tongue; 3 ThEternal Shepherd still survives,

New comforts to impart;


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