The Asiatic Journal and Monthly Register for British and Foreign India, China, and Australia, Volume 19

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Parbury, Allen, and Company, 1825 - Asia

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Page 203 - Company, therefore, can no longer be considered as the agents of a commercial concern. They are, in fact, the ministers and officers of a powerful sovereign ; they must now be viewed in that capacity, with reference, not to their nominal, but to their real occupations.
Page 77 - Behar, and Orissa, and any suit, action or complaint against any person who shall, at the time when such debt, or cause of action, or complaint, shall have arisen, have been employed by, or shall then have been, directly or indirectly, in the service of the said United Company or of any of His Majesty's subjects.
Page 118 - ... been made ; while, on the other hand, the whole of Europe, and by far the greater part of China, are situated beyond the northern tropic. If, again, we go farther north, to those arctic regions where man exists in a very miserable state, we shall find that there he has no materials to work upon. Nature is such a niggard in the returns which she makes to labour, that industry is discouraged and frozen, as it were, in the outset.
Page 174 - ... the prison, or the hospital. But to the well-tempered, the well-educated, the diligent and pious clergyman, who can endear himself to the poor without vulgarity, and to the rich without involving himself in their vices ; who can reprove sin without harshness, and comfort penitence without undue indulgence ; who delights in his Master's work even when divested of many of those outward circumstances which in our own country contribute to render that work picturesque and interesting ; who feels...
Page 383 - ... declaration on the part of that distinguished nobleman, of his wish to be relieved from the duties of his...
Page 273 - President, in the chair. The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and confirmed, a list of donations was read, and the thanks of the meeting were voted to the donors.
Page 207 - European and native troops on this occasion was to me a most gratifying sight. To the officers and men of the breaching vessels every praise is due : and I much regret that severe indisposition prevented Capt. Marryat from being present to witness the result of his arrangements.
Page 200 - Eleven students have been reported qualified for the public service, by a competent knowledge of two of the prescribed languages during the past year.
Page 41 - GOD, ISWARA, the supreme ruler," according to PATANJALI,* is a soul or spirit distinct from other souls ; " unaffected by the ills with which they are beset; unconcerned with good or bad deeds and their consequences, " and with fancies or passing thoughts. In him is the " utmost omniscience. He is the instructor of the earliest " beings that have a beginning (the deities of mythology); " himself infinite, unlimited by time.
Page 168 - Upon which charges the court came to the following decision : Finding and Sentence...

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