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Reconciled to the covenant of peace,

Disposed to receive Jesus Christ,
The affections are changed,

140 -Rectified,

141 -Regulated,

142 The conscience renewed,

142 The memory bettered by regenerating grace,

143 The body changed in respect of use,

145 The whole conversation changed,

148 The resemblance betwixt natural and spiritual generation, in nine particulars,

151 Trial of one's state, whether born again, or not,

150 Some cases of doubting Christians resolved,

151 Case (1.) The precise time and way of one's conversion not known,

152 Case (2.) Sin prevailing,

ib. Case (3)

Corruptions more violent than formerly, I54
Case (4)

Affections to the creature stronger than to the
Creator. Glowing affc&tions to God gone,

155 Attainments of hypocrites and apoltates, a terror, 155 Care (6)

-Falling short of the saints mentioned in fcripture, and of others,

157 Cafe (7.) No child of God fo tempted,

157 Cale lasti Strange and unusual afflictions,

157 The necessity of regeneration,

159 To qualify one to do good,

160 To communion with God in duties, To make one mcet for heaven,

1161 To one's being admitted into heaven,

161 Advices to the unregenerate,


Cafe (5.):



Believers, discoursed from John xv. 5.

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168 168


165 The natural lock of all men, Adam, Originally a choice vine,

169 Now a degenerate stock, Fruits growing on the branches of the nature of the stock, A dead stock,

169 The condition of the branches in that respect, A killing stock,

170 The condition of the branches in that respect,

171 The fupernatural stock, into which the branches are ingrafted, Jesus Christ,

172 The branches taken out of the natural stock, and grafted into the fupernatural stock, the elect,

jb: How they are cut off from the natural stock in twelve particulars, 173 How ingrafied into Christ,

175 Christ apprehends the finner by his Spirit,

175 The finner apprchend. Chris by faith,

· 183 How

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How one may know one's self to Be apprehended of Christ, p. 184 The benefits flowing to believers from union with Christ,

184 Justification,

186 Peace with God, and peace of conscience,

187 Adoption,

188 Sanctification,

190 Growth in grace,

193 Quest. If all true. Christians he growing ones, what shall be

said of these who, instead of growing, are going back?

194 Quest. Do hypoctites grow at all? And if so, how shall we

distinguihh betwixt their growth, and the growth of the
Christian? Answered,

197 Fruitfulpels,

197 Acceptance of their fruits of holiness, Establishment,

199 Support,

202 The special care of the husbandman,

203 The duty of saints united to Chrift,

306 A word lo siners,



IV. The ETERNAL STATE, or State of consummate Happiness

or Misery.

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HEAD I. Death, difcoursed from yob xxx. 23.

P.214 THE certainty of death,


217 A short-lived vanity,

217 A flying vanity,

219 The doctrine of death, a looking-glafs, wherein to behold the vanity of the world,

220 A store-house, for contentment and patience, A bridle to curb lufts conversant about the body,

224 A fpring of Christian resolution,

225 A fpur to incite to prepare for death, HEAD II. The Differenc betwixt the Righteous and the Wicked

in their Death, discoursed from Prov. xiv. 32. THE wicked dying are driven away,

229 Whence they are driven, and whither,

230 Driven away in their wickedness,

231 The hopeleffness of their state at death,

234 Their hopes of peace and pleasure in this life cut off,

236 They have no solid grounds to hope for eternal happiness, 232 Death roots up their delusive hopes of heaven,

23% Make their staie absolutely and for ever hopeless,

ibi Caution against false hopes of heaven: characters of those Hopes, 233 Exhortation to haiten out of a finful state,

234. To be concerned for the falvation of others,

235 The

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be willing to die,

The state of the godly in death, a hopeful ftate,

P. 236
Chrift their best friend is Lord of the other world,

They will have a safe passage to it,

A jayful entrance into it,


Object.- Many of the godly, when dying, full of fears, and have

little hope. - Answered,


Death uncomfortable to them, in three cases,


Ten cases of faints anent death. Answered,


Considerations to bring saints in good terms with death,


Directions how to prepare for death,




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