Shakespeare's Handwriting: A Study

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Clarendon Press, 1916 - 63 pages

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Page 36 - Or howe can well that proclamation sounde, When ther is no adicion but a rebell To quallyfy a rebell ? Youle put downe straingers. Kill them, cutt their throts, possesse their howses.
Page 35 - ... him his owne name calls him a god on earth, what do you then rysing gainst him that god himsealf enstalls but ryse gainst god, what do you to yor sowles in doing this o desperat [ar] as you are. wash your foule mynds w...
Page 36 - Why, you must needs be strangers. Would you be pleased To find a nation of such barbarous temper That breaking out in hideous violence Would not afford you an abode on earth, Whet their...
Page 35 - Doll. I, byth mas, will we, Moor; thart a good howskeeper and I thanck thy good worship for my brother Arthur Watchins. All. Peace, peace. Moor. Look, what you do offend...
Page 32 - Nay, it has infected it with the palsy, for these bastards of dung - as you know they grow in dung - have infected us, and it is our infection will make the city shake, which partly comes through the eating of parsnips.
Page 35 - How insolence and strong hand shoold prevayle, How ordere shoold be quelld ; and by this patterne Not on ' of you shoold lyve an aged man, For other ruffians, as their fancies wrought, With sealf same hand, sealf reasons, and sealf right, Woold shark on you, and men lyke ravenous fishes ^ YWMUV,, Woold feed on on another.
Page viii - ... the key of the problem was still undiscovered. When I lately renewed acquaintance with the Harleian MS, it was with a lively interest that I recognized in the handwriting of the Addition certain features which I had already noted in Shakespeare's signatures.
Page 32 - Herry grote, butter at alevenpence a pounde, meale at nyne shillings a bushell, and beeff at fower nobles a stone, lyst to me. Geo. Bett. Yt will come to that passe, yf straingers be sufferd. Mark him.
Page 35 - Of dread, of justyce, power and comaund. Hath bid him rule, and willd you to obay ; And, to add ampler maiestie to this, He hath not only lent the king his figure, His throne and sword, but gyuen him his owne name. Calls him a god on earth.
Page 35 - That is, the peace : not (one) of you heare present. Had there such fellowes lyvd when you wer babes, That coold haue topt the peace, as nowe you woold, The peace wherin you haue till nowe growne vp Had bin tane from you, and the bloody tymes Coold not haue brought you to the state of men. Alas, poor things, what is yt you haue gott. Although we graunt you geat the thing you seeke ? Belt.

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