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JANUARY 1, 1822.

AGRICULTURAL REPORT. If the best authenticated weekly ac- from 15 to 20 per cent. The latter from counts of sales in Mark-lane are to be cre- 10 to 15 per cent. Labour is likewise de: dited, the prices of grain have fallen since pressed ; but labour has been always kept the beginning of the month in the follow- so low, that what is thrown off the farmer ing proportions :-Wheat three shillings in the shape of wages falls upon him again per quarter on the best samples ; on the in the form of poor-rates. Seeds, horseothers, which are scarcely saleable, a much provender, and subsistence follow the fall greater, and, indeed, indefinite reduction. of corn. The capital he requires is less. Barley, six shillings per quarter. Flour, Every thing, then, tends to accompany fall five shillings per sack. Beans, peas, and of price except TAXATION; and it is now, oats, remain nearly stationary. The se- perhaps, become the only question of imcond article, perhaps, is fallen a shilling portance, to ascertain whether the distur. or two. The supply of beasts at Smith- bance in the balance of trade, and in the field has been immense. On the 17th, prosperity and happiness of the individuals the whole space from Smithfield-bars to St. principally interested, can be occasioned by Sepulchre's church was so crowded with the this item. It seems consonant to reason, finest cattle, that it was with great difficulty that a correspondent fall in all the coma passage could be forced between them ponents of expenditure should enable the by the sellers and buyers. The conse- agriculturist to bear a fall in the price of quence has been, that the Christmas mar- his commodity. Yet, while we witness the ket, which has been always, heretofore, one effect, we do not witness the other. considered as producing from 1s 6d. to 2s. The farmer uriversally complains of near per stone more than the customary run of approaching ruin, and the most intelligent prices, is lower. Beef of good quality was men assent, that no profit can remain for sold from 3s. to 4s. 6d. which last was the the payment of any rent at all. It is top price for the very best qualities. The time, therefore, to ascertain the facts of supply of mutton was also superabundant. the case, since the universal ruin of indivi. There were on this day penned, as is duals thus threatened must soon involve stated in the market accounts, 20,610 the ruin of the state. On the one hand, sheep, which number was thought, by it is impossible for the larded interest to competent judges, to be much below the sustain the repetition of such losses: on real amount, as well as that of the beasts the other, it is impracticable for the coun. (4,148). Fat sheep did not make three try to bear an elevatior of price equal to. shillings a stone ; for though superior the rate at which the spirit of the proviDowns fetched 3s. 6d. multitudes were sions of the last corn Bill were fondly supsold at 2s. 6d. The country markets have posed to fix the price of corn, viz. at not yet felt the effect of this report, and about 80s. per quarter. I the one in. therefore have not manifested much fluc- stance, the land will be uncultivated ; in tuation. Indeed, they are principally, the other, all who can will fly to coun. though not wholly, influenced by local tries where provision averages little more causes and circumstances, and present great than one-third of that rate. This is the differences.

dilemma in which England now seems to Thus there is, at present, proof demon- be placed. strative, both from the supply and fall, of in the mean while, weetings called by that redundancy of produce which has been the Agricultural Associations are taking asserted. The supply may be, and pro- place in most counties, to discuss the quesbably is, augmented by the use of the tion and petition Parlianent. It is rethreshing machines, which are now not ported that Ministers hope to meet the only itinerant, but to be had at a rate landed interest by the substitution of a cheap in proportion to the competition duty of from 15 tó 20s. per quarter for the arising from their being in many hands, present law, with a reduction of the imwhose chief employment it is to travel the portation rate from 86 to 70 shillings. country with them, and superintend their This can have no such effect as the farmer operation. It is also increased by the press has been tauglit to hope. It will simply sure of payments, which drives the farmer serve to keep the price permanently at to sell. His case is, therefore, gradually about from 50 to 55, as the duty im-, growing worse. In the mean while, a posed may be. This will be so clearly large number of the landlords, and many seen, that we conceive the agriculturist of the clergy, have made voluntary abates will scout the proposition. It is also stated ments upon rent and tithes. The former, that the trade between Ireland and Eng.

Yol. V.-Mon. Reg.


land will be thrown open, in consequence and, therefore, suggests the dissolution of of the recommendation of the Commission the Club. This, however, will not take of Enquiry.

place, it being signified, that the flourishIn our view of the case, there are two ing state of its funds affords sufficient inmain points, and two only. 1. The rela- ducements to the members to continue their tion of supply to demand : and, 2. The efforts. effects of taxation. It remains yet to be The Wheats, notwithstanding the conunderstood, what is the ratio of the first ; tinuance of wet weather, look very favour. but we believe, the two terms are very ably, and as the season remains open, the near each other ; in good seasons the pro- planit is very thriving. Turnips are as good duce being rather above, in bad, rather a crop as was anticipated. Mangel Wurbelow the consumption. Recourse to the fo- zel is spreading in its reputation. It has reign growth may, therefore, be indispensable thriven well in soils favourable to its at some time, and this affects the whole rela- growth. This crop is principally drawn. tion of price, at all periods. The liinits of for late winter, or early spring consumptaxation it is difficult, indeed, to compute; tion, and is unquestionably an excellent but there can be no doubt, that the pres- substitute for turnips. The mild and open sure is now greater by all the depreciation weather is particularly favourable, except in the value of the entire production of the in those heavy soils where the large fall of realm, probably in the proportion of from rain has operated prejudicially. The wa30 to 50 per cent. since the year before the ter meadows, in some parts of the kingconclusion of peace.

dom, have been constantly flooded, and The Duke of Bedford has given notice the sheep have suffered, both from their to the Smithfield Club, that he purposes to backs being as constantly wet, and the discontinue his donation of annual pre- state of the ground ;—when feeding off miums, in consequence of the opinion en- turnips much of their food has been wasted tertained by his Grace, and other members, by being trodden in the dirt. But the that it is no longer necessary to stimulate grass upon the lighter lands still continued by such means the improvement of the to grow, and has replaced, in some degree, breeds of stock. His Grace assumes that this tendency to loss. Long wool is stasuch improvement has attained its utmost tionary in price. possible height, keeping utility in view, Dec. 20.


(London, Dec. 22.) Our report of the commerce of St. Pe holders being firm, and unwilling to subtersburgh will occupy so much room this mit to any reduction, the purchases made month, besides the length to which our were inconsiderable ; but in the week endhome report extends, that we necessarily ing on the 11th, rather more business was spare our preliminary observations, in done. Bengals and Surats being sold at which we have, indeed, little occasion to a reduction of about td. on the prices at indulge, as nothing material has occurred the last India sale. 200 fair Bengals to call for them. One circumstance only were taken for exportation to France, at we must advert to, which may have im. 5 d. and 5 d. and 40 good Pernams, at portant consequences. This is the esta- 121d. In the following week the market blishment in Germany of a Rhenish West remained steady, and several considerable India Company, the object of which is purchasers appeared at market, inquiring trade to the other parts of the world, whi. after East India descriptions. The sales ther it is intended to export only German amounted in this week (to the 18th,) to produce and manufactures. The most san. 1000 packages, viz.-140 Surats, very guine hopes are entertained of the success ordinary and middling 5 d. a 6 d. fair to of this company, which is, we believe, good fair 6 d. and 640.; 145 Madras, 6jd. chiefly founded with a view to the immense a 7d. good fair to good ; 600 Bengals, orcountries of South America, with which dinary, 5 d. fair and good fair, 5źd. and they hope to establish an advantageous in- 54d. ; 30 Pernams, 12}d.; all in bond : tercourse, notwithstanding the formidable and duty paid, 28 Bourbon, middling, competition of England. The capital of 12d.; 40 Demerara, good fair, 10d. and the company is formed by shares of 500 104d. The prices of cotton have not exdollars. The statutes have been approved perienced any alteration within these few and signed by the King of Prussia ; and days; the sales are considerable. The persons of all parts of Germany have sub- letters from Liverpool, yesterday morning, scribed. The seat of the company is at state the market to be heavy. At Liverpresent Elberfeld.

pool the sales for the month, ending 15th Cotton. At the commencement of this December, amounted to 32,400 bags, the month the market was rather heavy, yet the arrivals to less than 10,000. . The total import of cotton into the kingdom, during letters from the Mediterranean stated the the first eleven months of this year, has markets to be heavy for refined sugars; in been considerably less (about 80,000 bags) consequence of which a great stagnation in than in the same period in 1820, and the the trade ensued, and prices had given present estimated stock in the ports is ac- way on the 18th, from 1s. to 2s. This cordingly smaller in the same proportion, week the quantity of refined on sale has viz. in 1820, 437,000 bags, and in 1821, been very inconsiderable ; yet the market 361,100 bags.

is heavy; brown lumps are the only deSugar.- The demand for Moscovades, scription that has been on demand this which was improving at the time of our week, and for these there appear to be a. last report, soon declined again, but with few buyers. out immediately leading to any reduction In Foreign sugars, the business done has in the prices; the holders on the contrary been quite inconsiderable, some sales have appeared firm and unwilling to submit to been brought forward, but the greater part any abatement, so that on the whole, the of the sugars were withdrawn for want of business done was inconsiderable, and the bidders. purchasers were obliged soon to accede to Average prices of Raw Sugar by Ga. an advance of ls. to 2s. the cwt. The de. zette :mand, however, continued very limited ; November 24

27s. 9a. purchasers showed no disposition to buy,

December 1

30s. 8d. except for their immediate wants ; there


31s. Od. was very little sugar on show, and the


32s. 74d. holders still refused to hear of any reduc


33s. 04d. tion by private contract. On the 11th, Coffcc.-At the beginning of this month, very few buyers appeared at market, and the coffee market was considered as very the sales at the close of the day were more firm, and the advance that had lately taken limited than for a series of weeks past ; two place was fully maintained ; some descrippublic sales brought forward, went off at a tions, as Jamaica and Dominica, particuconsiderable decline; 66 hhds. 9 tierces larly the latter, were higher, while DemeBarbadoes, at a reduction of nearly 2s.; rara and Berbice were a trifle lower from 136 casks St. Lucia at a decline of ls. a the large quantities brought to market. A 2s. per ewt.; if the sale may be taken as small reduction, however, which took place, a criterion of the market, the prices of only increased the demand ; and at a pubbrown sugar were ls, a 2s. per cwi. lower ; lic sale on the 11th, 305 bags, and 114 there were no sellers of sugars by private casks, chiefly Dutch descriptions, sold contract at any reduction in prices.

freely at an advance of 2s. per cwt. ; The decline of 1s. to 28. in the public middling 120s. to 124s.; good middling sale was confirmed by the purchases made 128s. to 180s. ; a few good middling in the following week by private contract, Jamaica sold at 124s. ; fine middling 1278 yet still little was done, as most of the to 1278. 6d. All sold with great spirit, holders refused to sell at any reduction, and the market might be stated in general and the buyers were equally unwilling to at 25. higher. In the following week, purchase. It is expected that the stock in (up to the 18th) the demand was very conthe West India warehouses will be 8,000 siderable, the public sales went off freely ; casks less at the close of the year, than it there was also much demand by private was last year, which encourages the opinion contract, and the late prices were fully of those who look to a considerable ade supported ; but the public sale on Thursyance in the prices. The report of yester. day (the 20th) went off rather heavily. day, however, is still unfavourable, the The Demerara and Berbice descriptions market has been very depressed, though no

sold 2s. a 4s. lower ; St. Domingo at the further reduction in the prices has been decline of 1s. a 28.; the latter, ordinary in conceded. Some low St. Lucias have been bags sold at 98s., fair quality at 100s., and sold at 5ls.

very good 101s. 6d. ; Dominica supported. The state of the market for refined sugars the previous prices; the few lots Jamaica was very favourable for a fortnight or more sold considerably higher than any previous after our last publication. Several pur. sale; good to fine ordinary shrivelled 110s. chases were made for the Mediterranean, and 110s. 6d. and pretty extensive contracts entered into There were two considerable public sales. for delivery early in the ensuing year at this forenoon, chiefly Demerara and Berprices rather above the market currency; bice descriptions; the small proportion sold much more business would have been went at the reduction we have stated; 381 done, had not the refiners advanced the bags St. Domingo met with no buyers, all prices in consequence of the rise in the taken in at 1008. and 1028.; 72 casks orraw sugars, but these declining, as we have dinary Havannah were taken in at 94s. 6d. stated, after the 11th, the refined market and 95s. 6d. Dutch coffee may be stated became very heavy. In addition to un- 2s. a 4s. lower this week, St. Domingo favourable reports from the Continent, the 1s. a 28. ; all other descriptions at the previous prices, the holders generally refusing purchase a considerable quantity under to sell at any reduction.

258.—Two parcels of rough turpentine are Tallow has been one of the most re- on sale, for which 14s. 6d. has been remarkable articles in the markets during fused ; a very inferior lot has lately been the last month; there have been consider. sold at 148.- Spirits are without variation. able fluctuations, but on the whole, a great - Pitch is a shade higher.Rosin without and rapid advance, owing to the peculiar alteration. circumstances of the market, the sellers it Rum, Brandy, and Hollands.-There appears having contracted to deliver much has been little business done lately in rums larger quantities than they are likely to by private contract; the former prices have have at their disposal ; we add the report however been fully maintained. By public of yesterday, as presenting an interesting sale this forenoon, 92 puncheons Jamaica view of the subject : should any very ma- rum were brought forward :-29 and 33 terial change take place previous to our 0. P. sold 2s. Id. a 2s. 3d. ; 23 a 26 publication, we will notice it.

1s. 10d. a ls. 11d. ; 12 a 14 moštly taken “There are great fluctuations in the prices in, 1s. 6d. a 1s. 7d. The whole went off of tallow, and great interest excited as to freely, and better than could be anticipated : the probable prices for the next two months. generally the rum market may be stated The public sale of yellow candle tallow very firm. Brandies are entirely nominal; went about 47s. It was yesterday report- there are no buyers ; the best marks offer ed that one of the great holders had com- at 48. 4d., no purchasers.—Geneva is withmenced selling, and the price was stated at out alteration. 46s., and heavy ; the rumour has however Logwood.— The logwood in London is. been contradicted this morning, and the all in few hands, several parcels Jamaica niearest quotation at four o'clock to-day is have lately been sold at 91. 98., but for 46s. As to the probable future prices we picked wood 101, is reported, and the holdhave only to state the facts, and leave the ers appear firm, and ask now 101. 108. ; inference for the consideration of our read. we believe there is none offering under 101. ers: the wind still continues westerly, with Corn.--The decline of the averages constormy weather, which prevents arrivals. tinues but too fully to confirm the opinions. It is very true, that by foriner lists, and by we have all along maintained. the Sound list this morning, many vessels with Tallow had passed through, yet, with

FOREIGN COMMERCE. the present wind, it will be next to an im- St. Petersburgh, Nov. 9th. For some possibility for them to reach the English đays past we have had frost; and therefore coast; and, as the extensive contracts are our navigation for this year is nearly closed; all for delivery this year, there is a general and but a few more shipments, chiefly for opinion that they will be too late, particu England, will be made. It is still too early lárly as so many holidays intervene; there to say any thing of the winter and contract are likewise extensive contracts for Janu- trade.--Ashes, 11,893 casks have been exary, and it is still a question whether the ported this year, and 1,051 ditto remain great sellers can procure the quantity if the It is many years since we have had holders remain firm, which they appear in- so considerable an exportation; it exceeds clined to do. Great losses at sea are anti- that of last year by about 4,500 casks. cipated from the late boisterous weather, The greater part was for France. For deand tallow has lately rated far below any livery 90 r. are asked, which price is how. medium prices, and claims great attention ever too high, and therefore no bargain has as an article of speculation. Town tallow been concluded. —Flax. Of this, about is to-day quoted 475., which is the same as 396,000 poods have been exported, and st week.”

about 143,000 poods remain. Tea. In the late India sale, Bohea and this year is said to have been scanty and Congou sold nearly id. per lb. under the unproductive; so that if we may rely on the last sale price; Hyson 3d. to 4d. lower ; accounts hitherto received, we can reckon Twankey and Hyson skin 1d. to 2d. higher. on but 250 to 300,000 poods at most. For

Oils. The prices of Greenland oil had this reason, the holders would latterly sell declined to 191., but the holders are again but little, and the prices rose, so that no 12 asking an advance, in consequence of the head was to be had under 155r. and no rise in the prices of tallow, and they have 9 head under 120 r. at which price, about in several instances realized the improve- 30,000 poods have been purchased, to lay ment. Seed oils have given way consider- up in the Magazines.--Hemp. Much more ably, linseed may be quoted 11., and rape has been exported than appeared likely oils 17. a 21. lower.

in Spring : about 1,293,851 poods clean, Naval Stores.-Tar continues in great 258,576 poods outshot, and 206,791 ditto, request, on account of the short import this half clean. There remain to be laid up season; the last realised price for Stock- for next year about 115,000 poods of clean holm tar is 24s., but in the present state of in the first hand, and 70,000 poods in the the market it would be found difficult to second hand. The price of 85 poods for


The crop

ordinary clean, which it reached at the end poods have been exported, and about 7,000 of the season, seems likely to be maintained. poods remain. We expect a great supply The clean warehoused is purchased at 85 r. in the winter.-Isinglass. 4,650 poods in all the money paid ; that for delivery has all have been exported, more than half of been contracted for at 85 r. with 15 to 25r, which was fine sorts. Of the last about earnest, half clean at 65 to 67r. with 15 to 1,055 poods, and of Samovy about 3,000 17 earnest. Contracts have hitherto been ditto remain. No supply is expected beconcluded for 30,000 poods clean, and fore next August; and even that, by the ac10,000 ditto half clean..Hemp Oil. It is counts we have received, will be inconsireckoned that hitherto about 11,000 casks derable. have been exported, and 3,000 ditto re- Riga, 6th Nov.-Flar. Thiesenhausen main. As the accounts of the failure of and Druiania Rackitzer, on the spot last the Hemp-seed are confirmed, and there. price, 38 r.; 39 r. are now asked : for cut fore a much less supply is to be expected Badstub, last price 34; Risten Threeband, next year, the holders will not sell upon 26r. ; for the first 39 r. are asked, and for delivery under the high price of 10r. A the latter 27 r. The contract prices for dem few Russians have brought small parcels at livery in March, all the money paid down, 10r. with 1 to 2 r. earnest, but there are Thiesenhausen and Druiania Rackitzer, no other purchasers, whence the trade is 38 r. cut Badstub 34 r.; Risten Threeband, dull, but without change of price.-- Tallow. 26 r.-Hemp. The remaining stock of all About 97,000 casks have been exported, kinds is very inconsiderable. The prices and 20,000 casks remain. Of what re- last paid were, on the spot, Polish clean, mains, above the half consists of yellow, 110 to 112 r. ; ditto Outshot, 88 r. ; Pass, about 1,000 casks of white, and the rest 77 to 78r.; Ukraine clean, 100 to 102; soap tallow. About 120,000 casks are ex- Outshot, 84 r. ; Pass, 75 r. For delivery pected next year. As this trade is in the the prices asked arc, clean, 100 r.; Outshot, hands of rich Russians, who of course can 82r. ; Pass, 72 r.--Sceds. Our sowing lin. keep the prices as they please for a conside- seed is pretty well cleared off, the prices rable time, nothing certain can be said of may be stated from 8 to 10 r. according to the future course of this branch of trade; quality. Druiania Linseed (114 to 115 besides, it entirely depends on the change lbs.) has been sold at 4 to 7 r.; Crushing of the English market. The last prices Linseed (of 110 to 111 lbs.) from 15 to paid here were, for white and yellow can- 16 r.; Hemp' is entirely cleared off. dle, 130r. ordinary soap 118r. No pur- Tallow, 138 r. all down are asked for yel. chases for delivery have yet been made.- low crown for delivery. Wax. About 4,000 poods of yellow and In all imported articles but little doing, 300 ditto of white, have been exported, and and the prices unchanged. of the first there are about 2,000 poods re- Hamburgh, 8th Dec.--Cotton continues maining The last prices paid were : for to meet with but inconsiderable sale. Pottob 72 to 73r. ; Suschevoy, 70r. and Coffee. But little has been doing this week; white up to 80 r. No great change in the and good and ordinary descriptions have price is expected.

therefore been rather lower, while fine or. 24th Nov.-Quills, Down and Bed fea- dinary Dominica and Porto Rico remained thers.—The exportation of these articles firm in price, and middle qualities likehas been considerable. Of the first about wise unchanged. After the receipt of the 12,560,000, and of the two last about 2,700 London accounts yesterday by way of Hol. poods. The principal exportation was to land, the prices were firmer, but little buAmerica, then to France, Holland, and siness was done.-Corn of all kinds is low, Hamburgh. As daily supplies arrive from the demand entirely confined to the cona the interior, there is no scarcity of them, sumption of the place.--Spices. Pimento yet it sometimes happens that there is not maintains the late advance ; pepper is un a good choice. Hemp. Purchases are still changed.- Indigo, 50 chests have lately made partly on the spot, and partly on de. been sold at a farther advance in the price. livery. Clean on the spot has been sold -Sugar. The price of Hamburgh refined at 86 r. all the money paid; for delivery at has experienced a further reduction on ac 85 to 86 r. partly all down, partly with 15 count of the limited demand ; so that ordi. to 20 r. earnest. Contracts have been con- nary, according to our denomination, has cluded to day for 10,000 poods clean at been sold at löjd. good middling at 11d. 87 r. with 17 r. down, and 5,000 poods Our stock is, however, so small that the half clean, at 67r. and 27r. down.-- Tallow. prices must soon rise if orders to any For yellow 130r. "are asked, and 125 r. amount should be received. Lumps in down have been offered, but of the white loaves of good strong middling quality and soap there are no sellers at market. may be had at 844. There has been a very The present low rate of exchange is very limited sale of raw sugars this week, and favourable to contracts, particularly for the the more so, because our refiners had an above mentioned articles, for it seems al- opportunity of supplying their wants at low most impossible to purchase them on lower prices, in several auctions of goods, part of erms.- Russia Leather. About 23,000 which were slightly damaged.

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