A Universal Prayer ; Death ; A Vision of Heaven ; and A Vision of Hell

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Samuel Maunder, 1829 - Fore-edge painting - 188 pages

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Page 205 - We are not happy, sweet ! our state Is strange and full of doubt and fear ; More need of words that ills abate ; — Reserve or censure come not near Our sacred friendship, lest there be No solace left for thee and me.
Page 201 - THE flower that smiles to-day To-morrow dies; All that we wish to stay Tempts and then flies. What is this world's delight? Lightning that mocks the night, Brief even as bright.
Page 42 - Alone upon the leaping billows, lo! "What fearful Image works its way? A ship! Shapeless and wild, as by the Storm begot ; Her sails dishevell'd, and her massy form Disfigured, yet tremendously sublime: Prowless and helmless through the waves she rocks, And writhes, as if in agony! Like...
Page 45 - Joy lights his brow, and Pleasure rolls his eye, While Innocence, from out the budding lip, Darts her young smiles along his rounded cheek. Grief hath not dimm'd the brightness of his form, Love and Affection o'er him spread their wings, And Nature, like a nurse, attends him with Her sweetest looks. The humming bee will bound From out the flower, nor sting his baby hand, The birds sing to him from the sunny tree, And suppliantly the fierce-eyed mastiff fawn Beneath his feet, to court the playful...
Page 43 - Her requiem, and Whirlwinds howl for joy! And where are they, who from the breezy deck Beheld the sun in orient glory rise Like a divinity, and breathed a prayer For the fresh promise of a placid sea ? Float they in lifeless masses through the deep ? Look ! — where a lash of lightning stripes the sea, — Like straw upon the wind, a bark is whirl'd From wave to wave! within, a pale-faced crew Sit dumb as phantoms; with their eyes bedimm'd, Their locks...
Page 44 - On yonder mead, that like a windless lake Shines in the glow of heaven, a cherub boy Is bounding, playful as a breeze new born, Light as the beam that dances by his side.
Page 179 - Hosannahs to the heaven-born babe, And shed the brightness of your beauty round : Nor have ye left the world, but still unseen Surround the earth, as guardians of the good, Inspiring souls and leading them to heaven ! And oh ! when shadows of the state unknown Advance, and Life endures the grasp of Death, Tis yours to hallow and illume the mind, The starry wreath to bring, by angels worn, And crown the Spirit for her native sphere.
Page 36 - All that we love and feel on Nature's face, Bear dim relations to our common doom. The clouds that blush, and die a beamy death, Or weep themselves away in rain, — the streams 'That flow along in dying music, — leaves That fade, and drop into the frosty arms Of Winter, there to mingle with dead flowers, — • • '/ Are all prophetic of our own decay.
Page 98 - Ecstatic creatures, robed in fleecy light, Together flocking from celestial haunts And mansions of purpureal mould ; the Host Of heaven assembled, to adore with harp And hymn, The FIRST and LAST, The LIVING GOD : They knelt, — an immaterial choir, and glow'd More beauteous, while they breathed the chant divine, And Hallelujah!
Page 48 - O'er a pale image, in the coffin laid, — Their infant once, the laughing, leaping boy, The paragon and nursling of their souls! Death touch'd him, and the life-glow fled away, Swift as a gay hour's fancy; fresh and cold As winter's shadow, with his eyelids seal'd, Like violet lips at eve, he lies enrobed An offering to the grave ! but, pure as when It wing'd from heaven, his spirit hath return'd, To lisp its hallelujahs with the choirs Of sinless babes, imparadised above.

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