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Left imperfect by the AUTHOR, and now revised, and finished,

At Mrs. FLETCHER's Request,


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Printed and sold at the New-Chapel, City-Road; and at the

Rev. Mr. Welley's Preaching-Houles in Town and
Country. 1790

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T seems necessary, here, to acquaint the

Reader, that, as Dr. Priestley had affer:ed the doctrine of the Trinity to be irrational, and that of our Lord's divinity to have no foundation either in the Old Testament or the New; Mr. Fletcher, in opposition to these affertions, had intended this work to consist of three parts; the first containing a rational defence of the Catholic Faith, respecting the Trinity, and the Divinity of our Lord; and the two last, a Vindication of the Prophets and Apostles, "from the Anti-christian service (as Mr. Fletcher's phrase is) to which the Doctor had pressed them. But being unexpectedly called to his reward, he left them all in a very imperfe&t ftate. Even of this first part, here published, (which indeed seems to have been begun after the others) he had only written the Inirodaction, the first Letter, and four Chaplers ; and, of these, the third and fourth seem not to have been quite finished.

2. I was in doubt, for some time, whether it would not be best, just to correct the Manufcripts, and give them to the publick in their unfinilhed state, especially as I could not learn, either from any hints left in writing, or from any thing he had said to Mrs. Fletcher, or any one


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