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The Society, 1861 - Geology
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Page lxx - Between the first creation of the earth, and that day in which it pleased God to place man upon it, who shall dare to define the interval ? On this question Scripture is silent; but that silence destroys not the meaning of those physical monuments of his power that God has put before our eyes, giving us, at the same time, faculties whereby we may interpret them and comprehend their meaning.
Page lxix - English*,' it is stated, in p. 349, that, to an edition in folio of the Bible, published in 1701, under the direction of Archbishop Tenison, Dr. Lloyd, Bishop of Worcester, added chronological dates at the head of the several columns, and on the margin of the title of Genesis the following : — " Year before the common year of Christ, 4004." This edition is to be seen in the British Museum : it was " printed by Charles Bill and the executrix of Thomas Newcomb, deceased, printers to the King's Most...
Page 534 - Scotland, continuing it along the 100-fathom-line on the Atlantic side of Scotland and Ireland, and connecting with it the line of deepest soundings along St. George's Channel, an unequal-sided hexagonal figure is described around the British Isles, and a pentagonal figure around Ireland.
Page lxv - Rhine, &c. The inference to be drawn from that hypothesis is self-evident: it is this, that the primitive people to whom we attribute the hatchets and other worked flints of Amiens and Abbeville might have communicated with the existing...
Page lxii - ... feet in thickness, a portion of which, at all events, must have subsided from tranquil water, has been formed upon it ; and this, too, has taken place in a country the level of which is now stationary, and the face of which has been little altered since the days when the Gauls and the Romans constructed their sepulchres in the soil overlying the drift which contains these relics of a far earlier race of men.
Page xxxix - We should leave a very wrong impression on the reader's mind if we permitted him to suppose that the value of that work depends wholly on the ultimate justification of the theoretical views which it contains. On the contrary, if they were disproved to-morrow, the book would still be the best of its kind — the most compendious statement of well-sifted facts bearing on the doctrine of species that has ever appeared.
Page 420 - thus proving the range of this formation over a slope rising from 500 to 2,300 feet above the sea, and yet preserving on the whole the same characters, and showing no evidence of recent local disturbance beyond the gentle uplift which has effected this inclination.
Page lxvii - Manetho, 1 are compared with the accounts of the stone monuments. The result, if we can receive it, is to vindicate for the civilized kingdom of Egypt, from Menes downward, an antiquity of nearly four thousand years before Christ. There is no point in which archaeologists of all shades were so nearly unanimous as in the belief that our Biblical chronology was too narrow in its limits; and the enlargement of our views, deduced from Egyptian records, is extended by our author's reasonings on the development...
Page xxi - To promote researches concerning the mineral structure of the earth, and to enable the Council of the Geological Society to reward those individuals of any country by whom such researches may hereafter be made,' — ( such individual not being a Member of the Council.
Page lxxi - Language was not innate, but adventitious — a mere acquirement, having its origin in the superiority of the human understanding. The prodigious number of languages...

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