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Salan. You were beft to çell Anchonio what you heare,
Yet do not sodainely, for it may grecue him.

Salar. A kinder Gentleman creades not the earth,
I saw Baffanio and Anthonis part:
Bafanio told him he would make some speede
Ofhis returne: be answered, do nocfo,
Slubber not businesse for my Cake Bafranca,
But stay the very riping of the time,
And for the lowes bond which he hath of me,
Let it not enter in your minde of loue :
Be aterry, and employ your checfelt thoughts
To Courtship, and such faire oftents ofloue,
As shall conueniently become you there.
And cuen there his eye being bigge with teares,
Turning his face, he put his hand behinde him;
And with affection wondrous sensible,
He wrung Baffanios hand, and so they parted.

Salan. I thinke he onely loucs the world for him :
I prethee let vs goe and finde him out,
And quicken his embraced hcauinesc,
With some delight or other.
Salar. Do we fo.


Enter Nerriffa and a Serwitor.
Ner. Quicke, quicke, I pray thee, draw tbc Curtain ftraite,
The Prince of Arragon bach tanc his oach,
And comes to his election presently.

Enter Arragon, bis traine, and Portia.
Por. Behold, there and the Caskets Noble Prince,
If you choose that wherein I am contain'd,
Srraight shall our nuptiall rights be folemniz'd: 1
Buc if you faile, without more speech my Lord,
You must be gone from hence immediately.

Arra. I am enioyn’d by oath to obserue three things.
First, neuer to ynfold to any one



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Which Casket twas I chose. Next, if I faile
Ofthe right Casket, neuer in my life
To woe a maide in way of marriage :
Lastly, if I do faile in fortune of my choise,
Immediately tolcaue you, and be gone.

Por. To these iniunctions cuery one doth sweare,
That comes to hazard for my worthlesse felfe..

Arr. And so haue I addreft me, fortune now
To my hearts hope : Gold, Siluer, and base Lead.
Who choosech me, must giue and hazard all he hath.'
You shall looke fairer ere l giue or hazard.
VVhat sayes the golden Chest? ha, let me see,
VVho chooseth me, shall gaine what many men desire.
VVhat inany men desire, that many may be meant
By the foole-mulcitude, that chuse by show:
Not learning inore then the fond eye doth teach,
VVhich pries not to th’interiour; but like the Martlet,
Builds in the wcacher on the outward wall,
Euen in the force and rode of casualty.
I will not chuse what many men desire,
Because I will not iumpe with common spirits,
And ranke me with the barbarous multitudes.
VVhy then to thee thou Siluer treasure house,
Tell me once more what title thou doft beare :
who chooseth me shall

get as much as he deserues,
And well said too, for who shall go about
Tocoreo Fortune, and be honourable
VVithout the stampe of merit, let none presume
To weare an vndeserued dignity:
Othat estates, degrees, and

VVere not deriu'd corruptly, and that cleare honor
VVere purchac'd by the merit of the wearer,
How inany then should couer, that stand bare?
How many be commanded, that command?
How much low pezancry would then be gleaned
From the true feede of honor? And how much honor,

Pickt from the chaffc and cuine of the times
To be new vernish'd ? well, but to my choisc,
Who chooseth me shall get as much as he de fermes.
I will assume desert. Giue me a key for this,
And instantly vnlocke my forcunes heere.

Por. Too long a pause for that which you finde there.

Arrag. VVhat's heere, the portrait of a blinking Idcor,
Presenting me a sedule? I will rcade it.
How much ynlike art chou to Portia ?
How much ynlike my hopes, and my deseruings.
Wbochooseth me shall baue as much as he deserwes.
Did I deserue no more then a fooles head?
Is that my prize? Arc my deserts no better?

Por. To offend and iudge are diftin&t offices,
And of opposed Natures.
Arrag. VVhat heere?

The fire fewen times tried this:
Seuen times tried that indgement ise!
That did nener choose amis.
Some there be that shadowes kis,
Such haue but a padowes blis:
There be fooles aline I wis,
Silmer'dore, and so was this.
Take what wife you will to bed,
I willener be your head:
Sobe gone, you are sped.

Still more foole I shall appeere,
By the time I linger heere,
VVith one fooles head I came to WOC,
But I go away. vvith ewo.
Sweet adicu,

Ile kcepe my oath,
Patiently to beare my vyroath.

Portia. Thus hath the candle sindg'd the Moth. Othese deliberate fooles, Yvhen they do choose,



They haue their wisedome, by their wit to loose,

Ner, The ancient saying is no hercfic,
Hanging and wiuing goes by destiny.
Por.Comc draw thc Curtaine Norriffe.

Enter a Messenger
Mel. Where is my Lady?
Por. Heere, what would my Lord?

Mel. Madam, there is a-lighted at your gate
A yong Venetian, one that comes before
To fignific th’approching of his Lord,
From whom he bringeth sensible regreets ;
To wit (oclides commends and courteous breath)
Gifts of rich valew; yet I haue not seene
So likely an Embassador oflove.
A day in Aprill neuer came so swect,
To shew how costly Summer was at hand,
As this fore-spurser comes before his Lord.

Por. No more I pray chec, I am halfe a-fear’d
Thou wilt say anon he is some kin co thce,
Thou spendå such high day wit in praising him:
Come,conic Nerrilla, for I long to see
Quicke Cupids post that comes so mannerly.
Ner.Bassanio Lord, loue if thy will it be.

Enter Salanio and Salarino.
Salan. Now, what newes on the Ryalco ?

Salar. Why yet it liues there vnchecke, that Anthonio hach a fhip of rich lading wracke on the narrowe seas; the Goodwins Itbinke they call

the place, a very dangerous flat,& fatal, wher the carkasses of many a call Shippe lie buried, as they say, if my gossips report be an honest woman of het word.

Salan. I would shee were as a lying goslippe in that, as cuer knapt Ginger, or made her neighbors belecue the wept forithe death of a third husband: but it is true, without any Nippes of prolixity, or croffing the plaine highway of calk, that the good


Anthonio, che honest Anebonio, O that I had a title good inough co kcepe his name company.

Salar. Comc, the full stop.
Sal. Ha, what sait thou? why the end is, he hath lost a ship.
Salar. I would it mighe prouc the end of his losses,

Salan. Let me say Amen betimes, least the deuill crose my prayer, for hcere be comes in the likeness of a lew.

Enter Slylocke.
How now Skylocke, what newes among the Marchants?

Shy. You know, nonc so well, none so well as you,
Ofmy daughters fight.

Sálar. That's certaine, I for my part knew the Taylor That made the wings she few withall.

Salan. And Sbylocke for his ownc part knew the Birde was Aedg’d, and then it is the complexion of them all to leave the Dam.

Shy.She is damn'd for it.
Salar. That's certaine, if the diuell may be her iudge.
Sby.My owne flesh and blood co rebell.
Salan. Out vpon it old carrion,rebels it at these yeares.
Sby. I say my daughter is my Acsh and blood.

Salar. There is more difference betweenc thy Aclh and hirs, then betweene Iet and Juory: more between your bloods, then chere is between red wine & rennish: but cell vs, do you hcare, whether Anibonio hauc had at losse a sea or no?

Sby.There I haue another bad match, a bankrout, a prodigal, who dare scarse shew his head on the Ryalco, a begger that was vid to come so smug upon the Mart: let him looke

to his bond: he was wont to call me vsurer, let him looke to his bond; he was. wont to lend money for a Christian cyrtsie, let him looke to his bond,

Salar, Why I am sure if he forfet,thou wile not take his felh, what's that good for? Shyl . To baite fish withall; if it will feede

nothing els it will feed my reuenge: he hath disgrac'd me, and hindred me halfca million laughe as my losses, mockt ar my gaines,scorned my nae


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