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tion, thwarted my bargaines, cooled my friendes, heated mine enemics, and what's his reason, I am a lewe. Hath nos a lewe cyes? hath not a low hands? organs, dimensions, senses, affections, passions: fed with the same food? hurt with the same weapons? subicat co the fame diseases? healed by che same meanes: warmed and cooled by the same winter and lummer, as a ChriAtian is ? If you pricke vs, do wenor bleede? If you tickle vs,do we not laugh? if you pogson vs, do wee not dye? And if

you wrong vs, thall we not reuenge? If wce are likc you in thereft, we will resemble you in that. If a Icw wrong a Christian, what is his humility, Reuenge? If a Christian wrong a lewe, what should his sufferance be by Christian example, why Reuenge? The villany you tcach me I will cxccute, and it shall goc hard, but I will bercer che inftru&ion.

Enter a man from Anthonio. Gentlemen, my master Anthonio is at his house, and desires to speake with you both.

Salar. We hauc bene vp and down to secke him.

Enter Tubal. Salan. Here comes another of the Tribe, a third cannot bee matcht, vnleffe the diuell himselfe turne Iew.

Exeunt Gentlemen, Sby. How now Tuball, what newes from Genowahaft thou found my daughter?

Tuballo I often came where I did hcare of her, but cannot finde her,

Shy. Why there, there, there, there, a Diamond gone cost metwo thousand ducats in Frankford. The curse neuer fell

vpon our Nation till now, I neuer felt it till now: iwo thousande ducats in that, and other precious precious iewels. I would my daughter were dead at my foote, and the icwels in her care: 0 would shee were hearst at my foote, and the ducats in her coffin. No newes of them, why fo: and I know not whats spent in the search: why thou loffe vpon losse, the theefe gone vvith so


much, and so much to finde thc Thcefc, and no satisfaction, no reuenge, nor no ill lucke stirring but what lights on my thoulders, no fighes but of my breathing, no teares but of my lhedo ding. Tuball

. Yes, other men haue ill luck too, Anchonio as I heard in Genoway.

Shy. What, what, what ill lucke, ill lucke?
Tuball. Hath an Argofic caft away comming from Tripolis,
Shy. I thanke God, I thanke God, ift truc? ift crue?

. I spoke with some of the Saylers that escaped the wracke.

Shy. I thanke the good Tuball, good dewes,good newes: ha ha, heerc in Genoway.

Tuball. Your daughter spent in Genoway, as I heard, in one night, fourescore ducats.

Shy. Thou stick'At a dagger in me, I shall neuer see my golde againc ; fourescore ducates at a fitcing! Fourescore ducacs!

Tuball. There camc diucrs of Anthonios Creditours in my company vnto Veuice, that sweare that hec cannot choose bus breake.

Shy. I am very glad of it, ile plague him, ile torture him, I am glad on't.

Tubåll. One of them (hewed me a ring that he had of your daughter for a Monkey.

$by. Out vpon her: thou tortur'st nue Tuball, it was my Turkies, I had it of Leab when I was a Batchellor. I would not haus giuen it for a wildernesle of Monkies. Tuball

. But Anthonio is certainly vndone, Shy. Nay, thar's true, that's very truc: go Tuball fee mec an Officer, bespeake him a fortnight before, I will hauc the heart of him if he forfeit. For were he out of Venice I can make what merchandize I will go:go Tuball, and meete me at our Synagogue, go good Tuball at our Synagogue Tuball. Exeuna Ester Bassanio, Portia, Gratiaxo, and all ther Trainesa


Por. I pray you carry, pause a day or two
Before you hazard : for in choosing wrong
I loose your company, therefore forbcare a while,
There's something cels me (but it is not loue)
I would not lose you, and you know your selfc,
Hate counsels

not in such a qualicy.
But least you should not vnderstand me well,
And yet a maiden hath no congue, but thoughe,
I would detaine you heere sonic moneth or two
Before you venture for me. I could teach you
How to choose righe, but I am then forsworne,
So will I ncaer be, so may you missc me,
Buc if you do, you'l make me with a sinne,
That I had bene forsworne. Beshrew your eyes,
They haue ore. lookt me, and diuided me,
halfe of me is yours,

the other halfe yours,
Mine owne I would say; but if mine then yours,
And so all yours. Othese naughcy times
Pues barres between the owners and their rights.
And so though yours, not yours (proue it so)
Let fortune go to hell for it, not i.
I speake too long, buc tis to peize the time,
Toeck it, and to dravy out in length,
To stay you from election.

Ball. Let me choose,
For as I am, I liue vpon the racke.

Por. Vpon the racke Balanio, then confesse
What treason there is mingled vvith your louc.

Baf. None but that vgly treason of mistrust,
Which makes me feare th’inioying of my loue,
There may as well be amity and life
Tweene Inow and fire, as creason and my loue.

Por. I but I feare you speake vpon the racke,
Where men enforced do spcake any thing.

Baf. Promise me life, and ile confefse the truth,
Por. Well then,confesse and liuc.


Baf.Confelle and louc,
Had bene the very sum of may confession:
O happy torment,

when my torturer Doth teach me answeres for deliverance: But let me to my fortune and the Caskets.

Portia. Away then, I am locke in one of them, If you

do loue me, you will finde me out. Nerriffa and the rest, stand all aloofc, Let musicke sound while he doth make his choise, Then if he lose, he makes a Swan-like end, Fading in musickc. That the comparison May stand more proper, my eye shall be che streame And watry death-bed

for him : he may win,
And what is mulicke then? Then muficke is
Buen as the flourish, when true fubic&s bow
To a new crownd Monarch: Such it is,
As are those dulcet sounds in breake of day,
That creepe into the dreaming Bridegroomes eare,
And fummon him to marriage. Now he goes
With no lede presence, but with much more loue
Then young Alcides, when he did redeeme
The virgin tribute, payd by howling

To the lea-monfter: I stand for sacrifice,
The reft aloofe are the Dardaniaw wives,
With bleared visages come foorth to view
The iffue of th'exploit:Goc Hercules,
Live chou, I live with much more dismay
To view the fight, then thou that mak’At the fray.

A Songsbe wbilf Baffanio comments on the

Caskets to

Tell me where is fancy brod,
Or in sbe beart or in the bead?
How begot, bow nowrised?
It is engendered inrhegye,

Roplis, ropt.

With gazing fed, and Fancie diss:
In the cradle where it lyes,
Let us all ring Pancies knell.
Ile begin it.
Ding, dong, bello

All. Ding, dong, bello

Bal.So may the outward showes be least theselues
The world is ftill deceiu'd with ornament.
In Law,what plea fo tainted and corrupt,
But being season'd with a gracious voice,
Obscures the show of cuill. In religion
What damned error but some sobor brow
Will blesse it, and approuc it with a text,
Hiding the grosenes with faire ornamens:
There is no voice so simple, but affumes
Some of vertue on his outward parts;
How many cowards whose hearts are all as false
As staiers of land,wcare yet vpon their chins
The beards of Hercules, and frowning Mars,
Who inward searche, haue lyuers white as milke,
And these assume but valotts excrement,
To render them redoubted. Lookc on beauty,
And you shall sec tis purchaft by the weighe,
Which therein works a miracle in nature,
Making them lightest that weare most of it:
So are those crisped (naky golden locks
Which maketh such wanton gambals with the wind,
Vpon supposed fairenesse,often knowne
To be the dowry of a second head,
The skull char bred them in the Sepulcher.
Thus ornament is but the guiled shore.
To a most dangerous sea : the beautious scarfe
Vailing an Indian beauty; In a word,
The seeming truth which cunning times put on
To intrap the wiseAt. Therefore chou gaudy gold,

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