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The present money to discharge the lew,
He would not take it : neuer did I know
A creature that did beare the Chape of man,
So keene and greedy to confound a man.
He plies the Duke at morning and at night,
And doch impeach the freedome of the Atate
If they deny him iuftice. Twenty Merchants,
The Duke himselfe, and the Magnificoes
Of greatest port hauc all perswaded with him,
But none can driue him from the enuious plea
Of forfeyturc,of iuftice, and his bond.

leffica. When I was with him, I haue heard him (weare
To Tuball and co Cbus, his Country-men,
That he would rather hauc Anthonios Acrh,
Then twenty times the value of the summe
That he did owe him: and I know my Lord,
If law,authority, and power deny not,
It will go hard with poore Anthonio.

Por. Is it your deare friend that is thus in trouble?

Baf.The decrest friend to me the kindet man,
The best condition'd aad vnwcaricd spirit
In doing courtesies: and one in whom
The ancient Romane honour more appeares,
Then any that drawes breath in Italy.

Por.What summe owes he che lew?
Bal.For me three thousand Ducats.

Por.What no more,pay him fix thousand & deface the bond,
Double fixe thousand, and then creble chat,
Before a friend of this description
Shall lose a haire through BasTanios fault.
First go with me to Church, and call me wife,
And then away to Venice to your friend;
For neuer shall you lye by Portias lide
With an vnquiet soule. You shall hauc gold
To pay the petty debt cwenty times ouer.
When it is paid, bring your true friend along;


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My maide Nerrisa, and my felfe'mcane time
Will liue as maides and widdowes ; come away,
For you shall hence vpon your wedding day.
Bid your friends welcomc, laew a merry chcere,
Since you are deere bought, I will louc you deere,
But let me hcare che letter of your friend.

Sweet Baffanio, My ships have all miscarried, my Creditors grow
cruell, my estate is very lowo: mig band to the lewo is forfet, and fince in
paying it, it is impossible ? foowldtime, all debts are cleered berwcene
you and I if I might but see you at my death Notwithstanding, use
your pleasure; if your home des not perfuade you to come, let not my
O Loue! dispatch all businessc,and be gone.

Baf. Since I haue your good leauc to go away,
I will make haft. But till I come againc,
No bed shall ere be guilty of my fay,
No reft be interposer twixt vs.sw ainc.

Enter the Iow, and Salarino, and Anthonio,

and the loglór.
low Taylor, looke to him, cell not me of mercy,
This is the foole that lent out money gratis.
Taylor, looke to him.

An. Hearc me yer good Sbylocks.

lew. Ile haue my bond, speake not against my bond:
I hauc sworne an oach, that I will hauc my bond.
Thou cald'st me dogge before chou hadft a cause,
But since I am a dogge, beware my fangs.
The Duke shall grant me justioa: do wonder
Thou naughty laylor that shou act lo fond...
To coine abroad with ķim at his requeft.

A. prechee heare mepeake.

lew. lle haue my bond; I will not hcare chec speake; Ile haue my bónd,and checkfore fpcake no more.



Ile not be made a soft and doll.ey'd foole,
To shake the head, relent, and figh, and yeeld
To Christian interceffors : follow not,
Ile hauc no speaking, I will haue my bond.

Exit ler,
Sol. It is the most impenetrable curre
That cuer kept with men.

Ant. Let him alone,
lle follow him no more with bootlesse prayers.
Hereckes my life, his reason well I know:
I of deliuer'd from his forfeitures
Many that haue at times made mone to mee,
Therefore he hates me.

Sal. I am sure the Duke will neuer grant
This forfeyture to hold.

An. The Duke cannot deny che course of Law:
For the commodity that strangers haue
With vs in Venice, if it be denied,
Will much impeach the iuftice of his ftare,
Since that the trade and profic of the City
Consifteth of all Nations. Therefore

These greefes and loffes haue so bated me,
That I shall hardly spare a pound of flesh
To morrow, to my bloody Credicor.
VVell laylor on, pray God Bassanio come
To see me pay his debt,and then I care not. Exeunt.
Enter Portia, Nerissa, Lorenzo, leffica, and a

man of Portias.

Lor. Madam,although I speake it in your presence,
You hauc a noble and a true conceite
OrGod-like amity,which appeares most frongly,
In bearing thus the absence of your Lord,
But if you knew co whom you shew this honour,
How true a Gemleman you send releefe,


How deere a louer of my Lord your husband,
I know you would be prouder of the wotke,
Then customary bounty can enforce you.

Por. I neuer did repent for doing good,
Nor shall not now: for in companions
That do conuerse and waste the time together,
Whose soules do beard an equall yoke of loue,
There must be needs a like proportion
Oflincaments, of manoers, and of spirit:
Which inakes me thinke, chat this Anthonio
(Being the bosome-louer of my Lord) it
Mult needs be like my Lord. Ifie beso,
How liccle is the coft I haue bestowed
In purchasing the semblance of my soule,
From out the state of hellish misery.
This comes too necre the praising of my felfe,
Therefore no more ofit : hcere other things
Lorenzo I commit into your hands,
The husbandry and manage of my house,
Vntill my Lords returne. For mine owne part,
I hauc toward hcaucn breach'd a secret vow,
To liuc in prayer and contemplation,
Onely attended by Nerriffa heere,
Vncill her husband and my Lords returne.
There is a Monastery two miles off,
And there will we abide. I do defire you,
Not to deny this impofition,
The which my louc, and some necessity
Now layes vpon you.

Lor. Madame, with all my heart,
I shall obey you in all faire commands.

Por. My people do already know my mind,
And will acknowledge you and leffica,
In place of Lord Bassanio and my selfe.
And so farewell till we shall meete againe.
Lor.Faire thoughts & happy hours attend on you.


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1ef. I wish your Lady-ship all hearts content.

Por. I thanke you for your wish, and am well pleasa To with it backe on you : farewell leffica.

Exeunt, Now Balıhafer, as 1 haue caer found chec honeft true, Solet ine finde chce still : Take chis same Letter, And vse chou all ch'indeuour of a man In speede to Mantua ; see thou render chis Inco my Cofins hands, Doctor Belario, And looke what notes and garments he doth giuc thee, Bring them I pray thee with imagin'd fpeede Vnto the Tranedt, to the common Ferry Which trades to Venice: walte no time in words, But gec thee gone, I shall be there before thee. Bai

, Madam, I go with all conuenient speede. Exit. Por. Come on Nerrifa, I haue worke in hand That you yet know not

of. Wec'l fec our husbands Before they thinke of vs.

Ner. Shall they see vs?

Por. They shall Nerriffa : but in such a habite,
That they shall think we are accomplished
With that we lacks. Ile hold thee any wager,
When we are both apparreld like yong men,
lle prouc the prettier fellow of the two,
And weare my dagger with the brauer grace,
And speake between the change of man and boy,
With a reede voice, and curne iwo mincing Ateps
Into a manly stride; and speake of frayes
Like a fine bragging youth; and tell quaint lyes,
How honourable Ladies sought my love,
Which I denying, they fell ficke and dyed :
I could not doe withall. Then ile repent,
And wish for all that, that I had not kill'dchem;
And ewenty of these punie lics ile tell,
That men shall sweare I bauc discontinued schoole
Aboue a tweluc-inonth. I haue within my minde
A thousand raw trickes of sbesc bragging iackes,


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