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You may as well do any thing moft hard,
Assecke to soften that, then which what's harder :.
His lewish heart? therefore I do beseech you
Make no moc offers,vse no farther mcanes,
But with all briefe and plaine conueniency
Let me haue iudgement, and the low his will.

Bal. For thy three thousand ducats here is fixe.

low. If cuery ducat in fix thousand ducats
Were in fixe parts and cuery part a ducat,
I would not draw them, I would haue my bond.
Dw.How shalt thou hope for mercy, rendring nonc?
lew.What iudginent (hall I dread, doing no wrong?
You haue among you many a purchaft Naue,
Which like your Affes,and your Dogs and Mules,
You vse in abicct and in Nauilh parts,
Because you bought them, shall I say to you,
Let them be free,marry them to your heires ?
Why sweat they vnder burthens,lec their beds
Be made as soft as yoðrs, and let their pallats
Be season'd with such viands; you will answer,
The flaues are ours, so do l answer you;
The pound of Acth which i demand of him,
Is deerely bought,cis mine and I will haue it :
If you deny me, fic vpon your Law,
There is no force in the decrees of Venice:
I stand for judgement, answer, shall I haue it?

Duke. V pon my power I may dismisse.this Court,
Vnlelle Bellario a learned Doctor,
Whom I have sent for to determine this,
Come heere to day.

Saler. My Lordkheere stayes without,
A messenger with letters from the Doctor,
New come from Padua.

Duke. Bring vs the Letters, call the Messenger.
Baf.Good cheere Amchonio, what

man,courage yet: The lew shall have my flesh,blood, bones and all,


Ere thou shalt tore for mac one drop of blood,

Antho.I am s tainted weather of the flocke,
Mceret for deach, the weakest kinde of fruite
Drops carlief to the ground, and so let me;
You cannot better be imployd Ballanio,
Then to liuc Atill and write minc Epicaph.

Enter Nervila.

Came you from Padua from Bellario?
No. From both,my L. Bellario greetes your grace.
Bal. Why doft thou whec shy knife so carnestly?
Law. To cut the forfeiture from chat bankrout there
Gra.Not on thy soule: but on thy foule har la Low
Thou mak'it chy kuife keene: but ne meccall can,
No, not the hangmans axe beare halfe the keenencafe
Ofchy (harpe enuy: can no prayers pierce chec?

lew.No,none that thou hast wit enough to make.
Gra.O be thou damnod, incxecrable dog,
And for thy life let iustice be accusde;
Thou almoft mak’A mc wauer in my faith,
To hold opinion with Pythagoras,
That foules of Animals infuse themselues
Into the crunks ofmen : Thy currish spirit
Gouern'da Wolfe,who hang'd for humane daughter,
Euen from the gallowes did his fell foule Acete,
And whilft thou layeft in thy vnhallowed dam,
Infulde it selfc in chec : for thy desires
Are woluish,bloody, taru'd and rauenous.

Tew. Till thou canåt raile the seale from off my bond,
Thou but offendit thy lungs to speake so loud:
Repairc thy wit, good youth, or it will fall
To cureletic ruine.I land heere for law.

Duke. This letter from Bellario doch commend
A young and learned Dodor to our Court:
Where is he?

, H


To know yonr answere, whether you'l admit him.

Dirbe. With all my hcart; some three or foure of you
Goe giue him courteous conduct to this place,
Meane time the Court shall beare Bellarios Letter

Your Grace shall understand, that at the receite of your Letter I am very ficke ; but in the instant that your Melenger came, in loning vi. station was with me a young Doctor of Rome, his name is Balthazer: I acquainted him with the cause in controuersie betweene obe low and Anthonso the Merchant; we turned ore many Bookes together, hee is furnished with wisy opmion, which betrred with his owne learning, the greatnesse whereof i carmot enorigh commend, comes witbo him at may importunity to fill up your Graces request in my head. I befeecle you, lei his lacke of yeurs be no impediment to let him lacke a reuerend efti. m.ution, for I neuer knew so young a body with foolde a head: I leave him to your gracious acceptance, whoje trial shall better publißo lais commendation.

Enter Portia for Balthazer.
Duke. You heare the learn'd Bellario what ho writes,
And heere I take it is the Doctor come.
Giue me your hand,come you from old Bellario?

Por. I did my Lord.

Duke. You are welcome, take your place :
Are you acquainted with the difference
That holds this present question in the Court.

· Por. I ain enformed throughly of the cause : Which is the Merchant hcere ? and which the low?

Duke. Anthonio and olde Shylocke, both ftand foorth.
Por Is your name Shylocke?
lew.Shylocke is my name.

Por. Of a strange nature is the futeyou follow,
Yet in such rule that the Venetian law
Cannot impunge you as you do proceed.
You stand within his danger,doc ye not?

Antol, so he sayes,

Por. Do you confefse the bond?
Ant. I do.
Por. Then muft the low be mercifull.
Sby. On what compulsion must 1,tell me that.

Por. The quality of mercy is not Atrain’d,
It droppeth as the gentleraine from heauen
Vpon the place bencath: it is twice blelt,
Ie blesseth him that gives, and him that takes,
Tis mightief in the mighticA, it becomes
The throned Monarch better then his crowne.
His scepter shewės the force of temporall power,
The attribute to awe and maicfty,
Wherein doth lit che dread and feare of Kings:
But mercy is aboue this sceptred (way,
It is enthroned in the hearts of Kings,
It is an attribute to God himselfe;
And earchly power doth then shew lik 'A Gods,
When mercy seasons iustice: therefore lewo;
Though iuftice be thy plea,consider this,
That in the course of justice, none of vs
Should see saluation: we do pray for mercy,
And that same prayer, doch teachvs all to render
The deeds of mercy.Thaye spoke thus much
To mitigate the iustice of thy plea,
Which if thou follow this tria Court of Venice
Muft needs giue fentence gainst the Merchant there,
:. Shy. My deeds vpon my head, I travie the law,
The penalty and forfeit of thiy Bond,

Por. Is he not able to discharge the money?

Bal. Yes, heere I tender it for him in the Court,
Yca twice the summe, if that will not suffice,
I will be bound to pay it tentimes ore;
On forfeit of my haħds,my head, my hearta
If this will not suffize, it must appcart
That malice beares downe truth. And I beseech you :
Wreft once the Law to your authority, :.

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To do a great righe, do a little wrong,
And curbe this cruell diuell of his will.

Por. It must not be, there is no power in Venice
Can alter . Decree eftablished:
Twill be recorded for a precedent,
And many an errour by

the lame example, Will rush into the face, it cannot bc.

Shy.A Daniel come to iudgement : yea a Daniel.
Owise young ludge, how I do honour chec.

Por. I pray you let me looke vpon the bondo
Sby.Heereris molt reuerend Doctor, here it is.
Por.Sbylocke, cher's thrice chy money offred thee.

Shy.An oath, an oath, I haue an oath in heaven,
Shall I lay periury vpon my soule?
No,not for Venice,

Por. Why chis bond is forfeit,
And lawfully by this the lew may claime
A pound of Aesh,co bc by him cut off
Ncereft the Merchants heart; be mercifull,
Take thrice thy money,bid me ceare the bond.

Shy. When it is paid, according to the cenour,
Ic doth appeare you are a worthy. Iudge,
You know the Law, your expofition
Hath bene moft sound : Icharge you by the Law,
Whercof you are a well deseruing Pillas,
Proceed to iudgement:by my soule I sweare,
There is no power in the tongue of man
To alter me, I fay heere on my bond.

Ant. Most heartily I do beseech the Court
To giue the iudgement,

Por. Why then thus it is,
You must prepare your bosome for his knife.

Sby.O noble iudge, excellent young man,

Por.For the incent and purpose of the Law,
Hath full relation to che penalty,
Which heese appeareth due vpon the bond.

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