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Sly. Tis very crue:O'wise and vpright iudge,
How much morc elder art thou then thy lookes.

Por. Therefore lay bare your bosomo.

his breaft,
So sayes the bond,doch it not noble Iudge?
NcereA his heart,chose are the very words.

Por.It is so are there ballance here to weigh the Aelb?
Sly. I haue them ready.

Por.Haue by Come Surgeon Shylocke on your charges
To stop his wounds;lcaft he do bleed to death.

Shy. Is it fo nominated in the bond ?

Por.It is not so expreft,but what of that?
Twere good you do so much for charity.
Shy. I cannot finde it,cis not in the bond.
Por.You Merchant, haue you any thing to say:

Anı.Buc liccle; l'am arm'd and well prepard,
Giue me your hand Bassanio, far you well;
Grecue not that I am falne to this for you:
For hcerein Fortune shewes her selfe more kinde"
Then is her custome: it is still her vse
To let the wretched mar out-liue his wealth,
To view with hollow cyc and wrinckled brow,
Anage of pouercy: from which lingring pennance
Of such misery doth she cut me off.
Commend me to your honourable wife,
Tell her the proceffc of Anthonios ende,
Say how llou'd you, speake me faircin deach's
And when the tale is told, bid her be iudge,
Whether Baffanio had not once a louc:
Repent but you that you shall lose your friends
And he repents not that he payes your dcbc.
For if the lewo do cut bur deepe enough,
Ile pay it presently with all my heart.

Bal. Anthonio, I am married to a wife,
Which is as deare to me as life it felfe;
Bullife it selfegmy wife,and all the world;. i


Are not with me esteem'd aboue thy life.
I would lose all, i sacrifize them all
Heere to this diuell,co deliver you.

Por. Your wife would giue you little thanks for that
If she were by to make che offer,

Gra.I haue a wife, who I proteft Ilque,
I would she were in heauen, so the could
Entreate some power to change this currish low,

Ner. Tis well you offer ic behinde her backe,
The wish would make else an vngujet house,

lero. These be the christian husbmds,1 haue a daughter,
Would any of the stocke of Barrabas
Had bene her husband, rather then a Christian.
We trifle time, I pray theo pursue sentence.

Por. A pound of that same Merchants Acshis thine,
The Court awards it, and the law doch giuc ito :

Iew. Most rightfull Iudge.

Por. And you must cut this flesh from off his breast,
The Law allowes it, and the Court awards it.

lew.Most learned Iudge, a sentence, come prepare.

Por.Tarry a little there is something else,
This bond doch giuc chec here no ioce of blood,
The words exprelly are a pound of Ach:
Take then thy bond, take thou thy pound of Ach,
But in the cutting it, if thou doft shed
One drop of Christian blood,thy lands and goods
Are by the lawes of Venice, confiscate
Vnto the State of Venice.

Gra.O vpright Iudge,
Marke lewo. Dicarned Judge.

Shy.Is that the Law?

Por. Thy felfe shalt see the Act:
For as thga vrgest iuftice,be assur'd
Thou falt haue iuftice, more then thou defireit.

Gra. O learned Iudge,marke lew,a learned ludge.
lem.I take this offer chen,pay the bond thrice,



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And let the Christian go.

Baf.Heere is the money.

Por. Soft, the lew shall hauc all justice, roft no haft He shall have nothing but the penalty.

Gra. O lew,an vpright iudge, a learned iudge.

Por. Therefore prepare thee to cut off the flesh,
Shed thou no blood, nor cut thou leffe nor more,
Buc iuft a pound of Acth :if thou cutst more
Or lesse then a just pound, be it but so much
As makes it light or heauy in the substance,
Or the diuision of the twentith part
Ofone poore scruplc; nay, if the scale do turne
But in the estimation of a baire,
Thou dyest, and all thy goods are confiscate.

Gra. A-second Daniel,a Daniel lew,
Now infidell I haue you on the hip.

Por. Why doth the lew pause, take thy forfeyture.
Shy. Giue me my principall, and let me go.
Ball. I haue it ready for thee,heere it is.

Por. He hath refuld it in the open Court,
And shall hauc meercly iuftice and his bond.

Gra. A Daniel Atill say I, a second Daniel, Ichanke thee Iew for teaching me that word.

Shy. Shall I not have barely my principall ?

Por. Thou shalt hauc nothing but the forfeycure, To be so taken at thy perill Iew.

Shy. Why then the deuill giue him good of it: · Ile stay no longer hçere in question.

Por. Tarry lew,
The Law hath yet another hold on you.
It is enacted in the lawes of Venice,
Ifit be proued against any alien,
That by direct,

or indirect attempts,
Herecke the life of any Citizen,
The parey gainst the which he doth contriuc,
Shall seize on halfe his goods; the other halfe



Comes to the priuy coster of the State,
And the offenders life lies in the mercy
Of the Duke onely gainst all other voyce.
In which predicament I say,chou Randft:
For it appearcs by manifelt proceeding,
That indirectly,and directly to
Thou haft contriued gainst the very life
Ofthe defendant : and thou hast incurd
The danger formerly by me rehearst.
Downe thereforc,and beg mercy of the Duke.

Gra.Beg that thou maist haue lcaue to hang thy self,
And yet thy wealth being forfeit to the Aate,
Thou hast not left the value of a cord,
Therefore thou must be hangd at the Scaces charge.

Duke. That thou shalt see the diffrence of our spirits, I pardon thee thy life before thou aske it : For halfe chy wealth,it is Anthonios, The other halfe comes to the generall State, Which humblenesse may driuc vnto a fine.

Por. I for the state,nor for Anthonio.

Shy. Nay,iake my life and all, pardon not that,
You take my house, when you do cake the prop
"That doch sustaine my house: you take my life
When you do take the nicanes wherby I liuc.

Por. What mercy can you render him, Anthonio?
Gra. A halter gratis,nothing else for Gods sake.
An.So please

my Lord the Duke,& all the Court,
To quic the fine for one halfe of his goods,
I am content; so he will let me haue
The other halfe in vse, to render it
V pon his deach vnto the Gentleman
That lately stole his daughter.
Two things prouided more, that for this favour
Hepresently become a Christian :
The other that he do record a gift
Heere in the Court of all he dies pofseA

Vnto his sonne Lorenzo and his daughter.

Dure. He shall do this, or else I do recant
Thc pardon that I late pronounced heere.

Por. Art thou contcured Iew? what doft thou say?
Shy.I am concenc.
Por.Clcarkc, draw a deed of gift.

Shy. I pray you giue me lcauc to go from hence,
I am not well,lend the deed after me,
And I will figne it.
Duke. Get

thee gone, but do ic.
Gra. Ia christning halt thou haue cwo Godfathers,
Had I benc iudge,chou shouldt haut had ten more,
To bring thee to the gallowes, not the Font.

Duke.Sir, I intreate you home with me dinner.

Per. I humbly desire your Grace of pardon,
I must away this night coward Padura,
And it is mocte I presently set forth,

Duke.I am sorry that your leyfure ferues you not.
Anthonio, gratific this gentleman,
For in my minde you are much bound to him.

Exit Duke and his traine,

Baf. Moft worthy gentleman, I and my friend
Haue by your wisedome bene this day acquired
Of greeuous penalties in low whereof,
Three thousand ducats due voto the lew,
We freely cope your courteous paines withall.

Ant. And stand indebted ouer and aboue
In loue and seruice to you cuermore.

Por. He is well paid, that is well fatisfied,
And I deliuering you,am satisfied,
And therein do account my selfc well paid,
My minde was neuer yet more mercinary.
I pray you know me when we meete againe,
I wish
you well, and so I take my leaue.

I 3


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