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of Reynish Winc on the contrary Casket, for if the diuell bce within, and that temptation without, I know he will choose it. I will do any thing Nerissa,cre ile be married to a spunge.

Ner. You need not feare Lady, the hauing any of those Lords, they hauc acquainted me with their determinations, which is indeed to returne to their home, and to trouble you with no more fute,vndesse you may be won by some orher sort then

your fathers imposition, depending on the Caskers.

Por.If I liuc to be as olde as Sibilla, I will dic as chaste as Die ana, volesse I bec obtained by the manner of my fathers will: 1 am glad this parcell of

wooers are so reasonable for there is not one among them but I doue on his very absencc; & /pray God grant them a faire departure.

Ner.Do you not remember Lady in your fathers time, a Venetian Scholier and a Souldior that came hither in company of the Marquesíc of Mountferrat?

Poriia. Yos,yes,it was Baffanio, as I thinke he was so call'd.

Ner. True Maddam, he of all the inen that ever my foolihi
cyes lookt vpon, was the best deseruing a fairc Lady.
Por. I remember him well, and I remember him worthy of

thy praise,
How now, what newes ?

Enter a ferwingman.
Ser. The fourę strangers secke for you Madame, to take their
lcaue ; and there is a fore-runner come from a fift, the Prince of
Moreco, who brings word the Prince his Mafter will bc heere to

Por.If I could bid the fift welcome, with so good a heart as I can bid the other foure farwell,? should be glad of his approch: if he haue the condition of a Saint, and the complection of a die uell, 7 had rather he should Ihriue me then wiue me. Come Nero, riffa, Girra go before: whiles we shur the gates vpon one wooct, another knocks at the doore.

Enter Bassanio,with Sbylocke the lew.
Sby. Three thousand ducars, well.
Ball. I fir, for three months.


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Enter Anebania, Salaryno, and Salanio.

Nthonie. Insooth I know not why I am so fad,
Ic wcaries me, you say it wearies you;
But how I caughe it, found it, or came by it,
What stuffe tis

made off, whereof it is borne,
I am to learne : & such a 'wanc-wit sadnes makes

of me,

That I haue much adoe to know my felfe.

Salarino. Your minde is tossing on the Ocean,
There where your Argofies with portlý sayle,
Like Signiors and rich Burgars on the food,
Or as it were the Pageants of the sea,
Doe ouer-peere the petty traffiquers
That curric to them, do them reuerence
As they flie by them with their wouen wings.

Salanio. Besecue me fir, had I such venture foorth,
The better part of my affe&ions would
Be with my hopes abroad. I should be fill
Plucking the graffe,to know where hits the winde,
Piering in Maps, for Ports, for Peeres and Rodes;
And cuery obiect that might make me feare.
Misfortune to my ventures, out of doubc
Would make me sad.


Gilkes ;

Salah Mỹ vinde cooling toy brooks
Would blow not to an Agus, whéd I thought
What harme a winde too

great at fea, might do.
I bould not see the sandy hotirt-glasic rubné,
Bur: Thould thioks of Challowes, and of faisa
Audice my wealthy Andiew dockes in Land,
Veyling her high top lower then her sibs,
To kitte her biriall. Should I goto Clures,
And see the holy cdifice of fonc,
And noc bethinke me Araight of dangerous roi dret,
Which couching buc niy gentle vessels fide,
Would scatrer all the spices on the strstine,
Farobe the roaring waters with

Aød in a word, but quen now worth this,
And now worth nothing? Shall I have the thought
To thinke on this, and thall I lacke the thought
That such a thing bc-chanc'd would make me fada
Bus cell not me, I know Anibonia
Is fad to thinke vpon his merchandize.
Antb, Belceue

mc no: I thanke my fortune ferity
Ny ventures are not in one botcome truked,
Nor to one place; nor is my whole estate

the fortune of this present yeare : Therefore my merchandize makes me not sad,

Salar. Then y'are in loue,
Anth, Fic,fic

3.1/4r. Noc in love neither & Then let vs say you are sad,
Ticcause you are not merry: and 'twete as calie
For you to laugh and lcape, and say you are merry,
Because you are not sad. Now býtwo-headed Sarwen
Nature hach Gram'd strange fellowes in her times
Some that will çuctmore peeps through thcir cies;
And laugh like Parçats a a bag-piper.
And other of such vinegar aspect,
That they'l not shew their teeth in way of smile,
Though Nestor fiveare the jelt be laughable.

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