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In licu of this,last night did lic with me.

Gra.Why this is like the mending of high wages
In summer, where the wayes are faire enough,
What are we Cuckolds cre we hauc deferu'd it?

Por.Speake not so grossely,you are all amaz'd;
Heere is a Louer,rcade it at your leisure,
It comes from Padua from Bellario,
There you shall find: that Portia was the Doctor,
Nerrisa there her Clarkc, Lorenzo heere
Shall witnesse I set foorth as soone as you,
And cuen but now return'd; I haue not yet
Entred my house. Anthonio, you are welcome,
And I haue better newes in store for you
Then you expect; voscale this letter soone,
There you shall finde three of your Argofies
Are richly come to harbour sódainly.
You shall not know by what strange accident
I chanced on this Lercer.

Ant. I am dumbe.
Ball Were you the Doctor,and I knew you not?
Gra.Were you the Clarke that is to make me Cuckold?

Ner,1,but he Clarke that neuer mcanes to do it,
Volelle he liue vncill he be a man.

Bal.(Sweece Doctor) you shall be my bed-fellow,
When I am absent,chen lie with my wife.

An.Sweet Lady,you baue giuen me life and living;
For heerc Ircade for certaine, chat my Ships
Are safely come to Rode.

Por. How now Lorenzo,
My Clarke hach some good comforts too for you.

Ner.I,and ile giue them him without a fee,
There do Igiue to you and lessica
From the rich lew,a speciall deed of gift
After his death, of all he dies poffe it off.

Loren. Faire Ladies, you drop Manna in the way
Of Rarued people.


Por. It is almost morning,
And yet Ime sure you are not satisfied
Of these cuents at full.Let's go in,
And charge vs there upon intergotories,
And we will answer all things faithfully.

Gra.Let it be so, the first intergotory
That my Nerrissa shall be sworne on is,
Whether till the next night she had rather stay,
Or go to bed now,being two houres to day:
But were the day come, I should wish it darke,
That I were couching with the Clarke,
Well,while I liue,ile feare no other thing
So sore,as keeping safe Nerrissas Ring.



Such harmony is in imi ortall foules,
But whilft this muddy vesture of decay
Doth großfely clofe in it, we cannot hearc it.
Come hoe, and wake Diana with him a hymne,
Wich sweetest touches pierce your mistris care,
And draw her home with Muficke."

Muficke playes.
les. I am neuer merry,when thcare fweerc Musick.

Lor. The reason is, your fpirits are attentiue :
For, do but note a wilde and wanton heard;
Or race of youthfull and vnhandled Colcs,
Fetching mad bounds, bellowing and neighing lowd,
Which is the hot condition of their blood,
If they perchance bur heare a Trumpet sound,
Or any aire of musicke couch their cares,
You shall perceive them makc a mutuall stand,
Their sauage cics turn'd to a modest gaze,
By the sweete power of inusicke. Therefore the Poct
Did faine that Orpheus drew trees, ftones, and foods.
Since nought fo stockish hard and full of rage,
Bút niuficke for the time doch change his nature:
The man that hath no muficke in himselfe, ,
Nor is not mộou'd with concord of sweetc sounds,
Is fit for creasons, stratagenis,and {poyles,
The motions of his ipirit are dull as night,
and his affections darke as Terebws :
Let no such man be trusted. Marke the Musicke

Enter Norrissa and Portia.

Por. That light we secis burning in my hall: How farre chat little candle throwes his bcames, So shines a good deede in a naughey world.

Ner. When the Moone shone we did not see the candle.

Por. So doth the greater glory dim che leffc. A subticute (hines brightly as a King.

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