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to cycher of there :God defend me from these two

Ner.How say you by the French Lord, Mounfier le Bonne ?

Por.God made him and therefore let him passe for a man, in truth I know ic is a sinne to be a mocker, but he, why he hath a hotse better then clic Neapolitans, a better bad habite offrowning then the Count Palatine, hee is euery man in no man, ifa Trallell ling, hee fals straight a capring, hee will fence with his owne shadow. If I fhould marry him, I thould marry twenty husbands: if he would despise me, I would forgive him, for if he loue me to madnessc, I shall ncuer require himn.

Ner. What say you then to Fancorbridge,the young Baron of England?

Por. You know I say nothing to him, for he ynderstands not me,nor I him: he hath neither Latinc, French, nor Icalian, & you will come into the Court and sweare that I hauc a poore penniworth in the English: he is a proper mans picture, but alas who can conuersc with a dumbe show? how odly he is fuced, I think he bought his doublet in Italy, his round hose in France, his bornet in Germany, and his behauiour euery where,

Nerijfa. What thinke you of the Scottish Lord his Neighbour

Por. That he hath a neighbourly charity in him, for he bor. rowed a boxc of the care of the Englishman,and sworche wold pay him againe when he was able : Ithinke the Frenchman becaine his surety, and scald vnder for another.

Ner.How like you the young Germaine, the Duke of Saxovies nephew ?

Por. Very vildely in the morning when he is sober, and most vilely in che afternoone when he is drunke : when he is beft, hee is a little worse then a man, and when he is worst he is little beta ter then a beast; and the worst fall that ever fell, I hope I shall make shift to go without him.,

Ner.If he should offer to choose, and choose the right Calket,you should refusc to performe your fathers wil,if you shold refuse to accept him. For.Therfore for fcare of the worst,l prechce set a deep glase


of Reynish Winc on the contrary Casket, for if the diuell bee within, and that temptation without, I know he will choofcit, I will do any thing Nerissa,cre ile be married to a spunge.

Ner. You need not feare Lady, the having any of these Lords, they hauc acquainted me with their decerminations, which is indeed to returne to their home, and to trouble you with no morc fute, vnkelse you may be won by founc orher forc then your fachers imposition, depending on the Caskers. Por.If I liuc to be as olde

as Sibilla, I will dic as chaste as Die ana, volesse I bec obtained by the manner of my fathers will: / am glad this parcell of wooers are so reasonable,

for there is not one among them but I dose on his very absence; & /pray God grant them a faire departure.

Ner.Do you not remember Lady in your fathers time, a Venetian Scholler and a Souldior that came hither in company of the Marquesíc of Mountferrat?

Portia. Yos,yes,it was Baffanio, as I thinke he was so call'd.

Ner. True Maddam, he of all the inen that ever my fooli Ali eyes lookt vpon, was the best deseruing a faire Lady. Por. I remember him well, and I remember him worthy of

thy praise, How now, what newes ?

Enter a ferwingman. Ser. The fourę strangers scckc for you Madame, to take their lcaue; and there is a fore-runner come from a fift, the Prince of Moroco, who brings word the Prince his Master will be heere to night.

Por.If I could bid the fife welcome, with so good a heart as I can bid the other foure farwell, I should be glad of his approch: if he haue the condition of a Saint, and the complection of a die uell, 7 had rather he should Chriue me then wiuc'me.Come Ner.. riffalirra go before: whiles we shut the gates vpon one woocr, . another knocks at the doore.

Exeunt.. Enter Bassanio, with Sbylocke the lew. Sby. Thrce thousand ducats, well. Bal. I fir, for three months.

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i Sby.For three monechs, well.
Buff-For the which as I cold you,

Anibonio shall be bound.
Shy. Anthonio shall become bound,well.
Bafl.May you stead me? Will you pleasure met

Shall I know your answere
Shy. Three thousand ducats for three moneths,

and Anthonio bound.
Baff. Your answere to that.
Sby. Anthonjo is a good man,
Bal Haue you heard any imputation to the contrary?

Shy. Hono, no,no,no: my meaning in saying hec is a good man, is to baue you vnderstand me, that he is sufficient, yet bis meanes are in supposition: he hath an Argofie bound to Tripolis another to the Indies, I ynderstand morcouer vpon the Ryalta, he hath a third at Mexico, a fourth for England, & other vencurès he hath squandred abroad, but ships are but boards, Saylers but men; there be land rats, and water rats, water theeues, and land thecues, I mcane Pyrats, and then there is the perill of waters,windes, and rockes: the man is notwithstanding fufficient, three thousand ducats,I thinke I may take his bond.

Bar.Bc assured you may.

Shõ.I will be assured I may: and that I may be assured, I will bechinke me, may I speake with Anthonio?

Bal. If it please you to dine with vs,

Shy. Yes,co smell porke,to care of the habitacion which your Prophet the Nazarite coniured the diuell into : I will buy with you, sell with you, talke with you, walke with you, and so following: but I will noc cate with you drinke with you, nor pray with you. What newes on thc Ryako,who is he comes here?

Enter Amchonio,

Ball. This is signiour Ant beicio.

Shy.How like a fawning Publican he lookes. I hate him for he is a Christian:


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But more, for that in lowe fimplicity
He lends out mony gratis,and bringe dowoc
The rate of vlance heere with us in Venice,
If I can catch him once upon the hip,
I will feed fat che ancient grudge I bcare him.
He hates our sacred Nation, and he ragles
Euen there where Merchants moft do congregate,
Onmc,my bargaines, and my well-won thrift,
Which he cals interest :Cursed be my Tribe
If I forgiue him.

Baff. Sbylocke, do you hcare.

Shy.I am debating of my present store,
And by the neere guess of my memory,
I cannot instantly raise vp the grosse
Of full three thousand ducats: what of that?
Tuball a wealthy Hebrew of my Tribe,
Will furnish me; but soft,how many months
Doc you desire? Rest you faire good Signior,
Your worship was the last man in our mouthes.

Ant, Shylocke, although I neither lend nor borrow,
By taking nor by giuing of exceffe,
Yet to supply the ripe wants of my friend,
Ile breake a custome: are you resolu'd,
How much he would hane?

Shy.1, 1, three thousand ducats.
Ant. And for three moneths.

Sby.I had forgor, three months, you told me so.
Well then, your bond: and let me sec, but hcare you,
Me-thoughe you said, you neither lend nos borrow
V pon aduancage.

Ant. I do neuer vreit.
Shy. When lacob graz'd his Vnckle Labans sheepe,
This Tacob from our

holy Abram was
(As his wise Mother wrought in his behalfe)
The third poffeffer; 1, he was the third.

Ans. And what of him,did he cakc intereft?

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Sby.No,not take intereft, not as you would say
DireAly intereft,marke what Iacob did,
When Laban and himselfe were compremyzd,
That all the canelings which were treakc and pied,
Should fall as lacobs hier, the Ewes being rancke,
In th'end of Autume turned to the Rams,
And when the worke of generation was
Between these woolly brecders in the actc,
The skilfull shepheard pyld me certaine wands,
And in the doing of the deed of kinde,
He fucke them vp before the fullomc Ewes,
Who then concciuing, did in caning time
Fall party-coloured lambes, and those were lacobs.
This was a way to thrive, and he was bleft:
And thrift is blessing if men stcale it not.

Ant. This was a venture fir,that lacob ser’ud for,
A thing not in his power to bring to passe,
But sward and fathion'd by the hand of hcauen.
Was this inserted to make interest good ?
Os is your gold and siluer, Ewes and Rams?

Sby. I cannot tell, I make it breed as faft,
But note me signior.

you ,
The diuell can cite Scripture for his purpose,
An cuill soulc producing holy wirnelse,
Is like a villaine with a smiling checke,
A goodly apple rotten at the heart.
O what a goodly outside fallhood hath.

Shy. Three shousand ducats,tis a good round sum.
Three months from twelue, then let me see the rate.
Ant. Well Sbylocke, Thall we be beholding to you?

Shy. Signior Anthonie, many a time and oft
In the Ryalto you haue raced me
About my monics and my vsances :
Still haue I burne it with a patient shrug,
(For sufferance is the badge of all our Tribe)


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