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Returne in haft, for I do feast co night,
My best esteem'd acquaintance, hic thee, go.
Leon, My beft endeuors shall be donc hcerein,

Enter Gratiano.
Gra. Where's your Master.
Leon, Yonder fir he walkes.
Gra. Signior Bassanio.
Gra. I haue a sute to you.
Baf. You haue obtain'd it.
Gra. You must not deny me, I must go with you to Belmonta

Ball. Why then you must. But beare thee Gratiano,
Thou are too wilde, too rude, and bold of voice,
Parts that become thee happily enough,
And in such eies as ours appeare not faults,
But where thou art not knowne. Why there they shew
Someching too lib'rall : prethee cake paine
To allay with some cold drops of modestic
Thy skipping spirit, left through thy wilde behauiour
I be misconftred in the place I go to,
And lose my hopes.

Gra. Signior Bafanio, hcare me :
If I do not put on a sober habite,
Talke with respect, and sweare but now and than;
Weare prayer bookes in my pocket, looke demurely,
Nay more, while Grace is saying, hood minc cies.
Thus with my hat, and figh, and say Amen :
Vse all the obseruance of ciuility,
Like one well studied in a sad ottenti
Toplease his Grandam, ncuer crust me more,

Ball. Well, we shall Tee your bearing.

Gra Nay but I barre tonight, you shall not gageme:
By what we do tonight.

Bal. No that were pitty,
I would entreate you rather to put on


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Your boldelt sute of mirth, for we haue friends
That purpose merriment: but faryewell,
I haue fomc businesse.

Gra.And Imust co Lorenzo and the rest,
But we will visite you at supper timc.


Exter lessica and the Clowne.
leffica. I am sorry thou wilt leauc my Father so,
Our house is hell, and thou a merry diuell
Didt rob it of some caste of rediousnefle,
But fare thee well, there is a ducat for chee,
And Lancelet,soone at supper shalt thou see
Lorenzo,who is thy new Masters guest,
Giue him this Letter,do ic secretly,
And so farwell: I would not hauc


Sec me in talke with thee,

Lance. Adew,teares exhibite my tongue, most beaucifull Pagan,moft

sweete lew, if a Christian doc not play the knauc and get thee, I am much decciued; but adew, these foolish drops do Toinething drowne my manly spirit : adicu.

leffica. Farwell good Lancelet.
Alacke, what heynous finne is it in me,
To be asham'd to be my fathers childe,
But though I am a daughter to his blood, .
I am not to his manners: O Lorchzo,
If thou keepe promise, I shall end this Arife,
Become a Christian, and thy loving wife.


Enter Gratiano, Lorenzo, Salarino, and Salanio.
Loren.Nay,we will Ninke away in supper time,
Disguise vs at my lodging and returne all in an houre.

Gra.We haue not made good preparation:
Salar. We have not spoke vs yet of Torch-bearers,

Salanio.Tis vile, vnlesse it may be quaintly ordered,
And better in my minde not yndertooke.

Loren. Tis now but fourc a clocke, we hauecwo houres


Enter Lancelet.
To furnish vs; friend Lancelet, what's the newes?
Lan.If it please you to breake up this it shall seeme to fignific,

Loren. I know the hand, in faith tis a faire hand,
And whiter then the paper it writ on,
Is the fairc hand chat writ,

Grat.Louc newes,in faith.
Lance. By your Icauc fir.
Loren.Whither goeft thou?

Lance, Marry fir,co bid my olde Mafter the lew to sup tonight Voich my new Master the Chriftian.

I rren. Hold here cake this, cell gentle Ieffica,
I will not fayle her,speake it priuately
Gae Gentlemen, will you prepare for this maske to nighe,
I am prouided of a Torch-bearer.

Exis Clowns
Salar. I marry,ile be gone about it straight.
Salan. And so will I.

Loren. Meete me and Gratiano at Gratianos lodging,
Some houre hence.
Salar. Tis good we do so.

Grat.Was not that Letter from faire leffical

Loren. I must needs tell thee all, she hath dire&ted
How I shallcake her from her Fachers house,
What gold and iewels she is furnishe with,
What Pages sure she hath in readinesle,
Ifere the Icw her father come to hcauen,
It will be for his gentle daughters sake,
And neuer dare misfortune crofle her foote,
Voleffe she do it ynder this excuse,
That she is issue to a faithleffc lew:
Come goe with me, peruse this as thou goeft,
Faire lessica shall be my Torch-bearer.


Enter the lew and Lancelet.
Shy. Well, thou shalt see,thy eyes shall be thy iudge,
The diffrence of old Shylocke and Bassanio;



What Ieffica, thou shalt not gourmandize
As thou hart done with mic : what lessica ?
And Icepe, and snore, and rend apparrell out.
Why leffica I say.

Clorone, Why Jessica.
Shy. Who bids chce call? I do not bid thee call.

clo. Your worship was wont to tell me, that I could do nothing without bidding.

Enter leffica.
Tef.Call you ? what is your will?

Shy. I am bid forth to supper Ieffica,
There are my keyes; but wherefore should I go?
I am not bid for loue, they flatter me,
But yet ile go in hate, to feede vpon
The prodigall Christian, Jessica my gyrle,
Looke to my house. I am right loch co go,
There is some ill a bruing towards my rest,
For I did dreame of money bagges to night.

Clowne. I beseech you lir go,
My yong Master doch expect your reproch.

Shy. So dolhis.

Clown. And they haue conspired together, I will not say you shall see a Maske; but if you ploe, then it was not for nothing

nose fell a bleeding on black monday last, at fix a clock in the morning, falling out that yeare on Ashwensday was foue ycare in th’afternoone.

Shy. What are there maskes? Heare me leffica:
Locke up my doorcs, and when you heare the drumme,
And the vile squeaking of the wry-necke Fife,
Clamber not you vp to the Casements then,
Nor thrust your head into the publike streetc,
To gaze on Christian fooles with varnisht faces :
Buc stop my houses cares, I meanc my Casements,
Let not the sound of shallow foppery enter
My sober house. By lacobs Kaffe I sweare,
I hauc no minde of feasting forth to night


that my

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But I will go. Go you before me firca,
Say I will come.

Clowne. I will go before fir.
.Mistresse looke out at a window for all this,
There will come a Christian by,
Will be worth a lowes cyc.

Shy. What sayes that foole of Hagars off-spring? ha.
les. His words were, Farewell mistris, nothing else.

Shy. The pacch is kinde enough, but a huge feeder,
Snaile-llowin profic, and he sleepes by day
More then the wilde Cat : Drones hiue not with me,
Therefore I part with him, and part with him
To one, that I would haue him helpe to waste
His borrowed purse. Well Ieffica goc in,
Perhaps I will returne immediately,
Do as I bid you, shut doores after you,
Faltbinde, faft finde,
A Prouerbe neuer ftale in thrifty minde. Exit

Ief. Farewell, and if my fortune be not croft,
I haue a Father,you a daughter loft.


Enter the maskers, Gratiano and Salarino. Gra. This is the pent-housę vader which Lorenzo desir'd us to make stand,

Sal. His houre is almoft paft.

Gra. And it is mcruaile he out.dwels his houre, For louers euer run before the clocke.

Sal. O cen times faster Venus pigeons Age
Toscale loues bonds new made, then they are wont
To keepe obliged faith ynforfaited.

Gra. That euer holds : who riseth from a feast
With chat kcenc appetite that he fits downc?
Where is the horse that doch yntreade againg
Histçdious measures, with the vnbated fire
That he did pace them first? All things that are,
Are with more spirit chased then enioy'd.



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