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How like a younger or a prodigall,
The skarfed Barke pues from her natiue bay,
Hugd and embraced by the Atrumpet winde,
How like the prodigali doth she returue
With ouer-weiherd ribs and ragged sayles,
Leane,rent,and beggerd by the ftrumpet wind?

Enter Lorenzo.
Sal. Here comes Lorenzo,more of this hereafter.
Lo.Sweet friends,your patience for my long abode
Nor 1,but my affaires haue made you waite :
When you tal please to play the theeues for wiues
Ile watch as long for you then : approch,
Herc dwels my father low. Ho,whose within:

lefica abone,
If. Who are you? tell me for more certainty,
Albeic lle sweare that I do know your tongue.

Lor. Lorenzo and thy loue.

les. Lorenzo certaine and my loue indeed,
For who loue I so much and now who knowes
But you Lorenzo, whether I am yours?
Lo Hcauen & thy thoghts are witnes that thou art
Tel.Here,catch this Casket,tis worth the paines,
I am glad tis night you do not looke on me,
For I am much asham'd of my exchange:
But loue is blinde, and louers cannot see
The precry follies that tbemselues commit,
For if they could,Cupid himselfe would blush
To secinc thus transformed to a boy.

Lor.Descend, for you must be my torch-bearer.

ler.What,must I hold a Candle to my shames,
They in themselues goodlooch are too too light.
Why tis an office of discouery, Loue,
And I should be obscur'd.

Lor.So are you sweete,
Euen in the lovely garnish of a boy,
But comc at once, for the close night


Doth play the run-away,
And we are staid for at Baffanios feast.

les.I will make fast the doores, and guild any selfc
With some mo ducats, and be with you Atraight.

Grar. Now by my hood, a Gentile and no lcw.

Ler.Belhrew one but I loue her hartily,
For she is wise, if I can judge of her,
And faire she is if that minc.cyes be true,
And true lhe is, as she hath proo'ud herselfe,
And therefore like herselfe, wise,faire and cruc,
Shall Ihc be placed in my conftant soule.

Enter leffica.
What,art thou come ? on gentlemen,away,
Our masking mares by this time for vs stay. Exis.

Enter Antbonio,
Ant.Who's there?
Gra.Signior Anthopio.

Ant.Fic,fic Gratiano, where are all the ret?
Tis ninc a clocke,our friends all Atay for you,
No maske to night, the winde is come about,
Bassanio presently will goe aboard,
I am glad on't, I defire no more delight
Then to be under saylc,& gone to night.

Enter Portia with Morrocbo, and both their traines,

Por. Goedraw afide the Curtaines, and discouer
The scuerall Caskets to this noble Prince:
Now make your choife.

Mor. The first of gold,who this inscription beares,
Who chooseth me, shall gaine what many men desire...
The fecond filuer,which this promise carries,
Who chooseth me, shall get as much as he deserucs..
This third, dulllead, with warning all as blunt,
Who choosech me, must giue and hazard all he hath..
How shall I know if I do choose the right?



Por. The one of them containes my pi&uro Princes
If you choose that, then I am yours withall.

Mor.Some God direct my iudgement,let msc sec,
I will suruay th’inscriptions backe againe,
What sayes this leaden Casket?
Who chooseth mc,must giuc and hazard all he hath,
Must giuc, for what? for lead, hazard for lead?
This Casket threatens men that hazard all,
Doc it in hope of faire aduantages :
A golden minde stoopes not to showes of drofle,
Ile then nor giue nor hazard ought for lead.
What sayesche fluer with her virginc hue?
Who chooseth me, shall get as much as he deserucs.
As much as he deserues,pause there Morocho,
And weigh thy value with an ceuen hand,
If thou beest raced by thy estimation,
Thou doft deserue enough, and yet enough
May not extend

so farre as to the Lady;
And yet to be afcard of ıny deseruing,
Were but a wcake disabling of my felfe,
As much as I deserue,why that's the Lady,
I do in birth descrue her, and in fortunes,
In graces, and in qualities of breeding:
But more then there, in loue I do deserue,
What if I Araid no farther,bur chose here?
Let's see once more this saying grau'd in gold:
Who chooseth me, thall gainc what many men defire:
Why that's the Lady,all the world desires her.
From the fourc corners of the earth they come
To kifle this shrine,this morcall breathing Saint.
The Hircanion deserts and the vasty wildes
Of wide Arabia, are as through-fares now .
For Princes to come view faire Portia.
The warry Kingdome, whose ambitious head
Spets in the face of heauen,is no barre
To stop the forraine spirits,

but they come


As ore a brooke to see faire Portia.
One of these three containes her heauenly pi&ture.
Is't like that leade containes her,t'were damnation
To thinke so basc a thought it were too grosse
To rib her fere-cloth in the obscure graue,
Or shall I thinke in filuer shec's immur'd,
Being ten times under-valowed to tridc gold,
O finfull thought,ncuer so rich a lem
Was set in worse then gold. They haue in England
A coyne that beares the figure of an Angell
Stamprin gold, but that's insculpe vpon:
But heere an Angell in a golden bod
Lies all within. Deliuer me the key:
Heere do I choose, and thriue I as I may.

Por. There cake it Prince, and if my forme lie there,
Then I am yours.

Mor.O hell! what haue we hcere, a carrion dcach?
Within whose empty eye there is a written scroule,
Ile reade the writing.

Altbar glifters is not gold,
Often bane you heard that told,
Many a man his life hath folde,
But my one fide to behold,
Guilded timber do wormes infold :
Had yor bene as wise as bold,
Tong in limbes, in indgement old,
Tower answere had not beene inscroldk,

Fare you well, your fute is cold.
Mor.Coldindeed, and labour loft,
Then farwell heate, and welcome froft:
Portia adiew, I haue too greeu'd a heart
To take a tedious lcaue; thus loserspart.

Por. A gentle riddance,draw the curtaines, goc, Let all of his comple&tion choose me so.



Enter Salarino and Salania,

Salar. Why man, I saw Baffanio vader Cayle,
With him is Gratiano gone along;
And in their ship Ime sure Lorenzo is not.

Salan. The villaine lew with outcries raisde thc Duke,
Who went with him to search Balanjos Chip.

Salar.He came too late, the Chip was ynder Caile,
But there the Duke was giuen to ynderstand,
That in a Gondylo were seene togecher
Lorenza and his armorous Ieffica.
Besides Antbonio certified the Duke,
They were not with Bassanio in his ship.

Salan. I ncuer heard a passion so confused,
So strange, outragious,and so variable,
As the Dog Icw did vccer in the streetes,
My daughter, O my ducats, daughter,
Fled with a Christian, Oiny christian ducats.
Justice, the law,my ducats, and my daughter.
A sealed bag,two scaled bags of ducats,
Of double ducats,stolne from me by my daughter,
And iewels,cwo stones,lwo rich.& precious stones,
Scolne by my daughter: iufticc,finde the gyrlc,
She hath the stones vpon her and the ducats.

Salar. Why all the boyes in Veoice follow him,
Crying his stones,his daughter and his ducats.

Salan. Let good Antbonio looke he keep his day,
Or he shall pay for this.

Sular. Marry well remembred,
I reason'd with a Frenchman yesterday,
Who told me in the narrow seas that part
The French and English, there miscarried
A vessell of our country richly fraughe:
I thought upon Anthonio when he told me,
And wisho in filence that it were not his,


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