Woody Plants - Evolution and Distribution Since the Tertiary: Proceedings of a Symposium Organized by Deutsche Akademie Der Naturforscher LEOPOLDINA in Halle/Saale, German Democratic Republic, October 9-11, 1986

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Springer Science & Business Media, Mar 31, 1989 - Science - 329 pages
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Paleobotany has enormously expanded the documentation of fossil plant groups, floras and vegetation types, supporting its conclusions by technically much improved analyses of microfossils (pollen) and anatomical details. An increasing quantity and quality of all these informations from the geosciences is available when we follow the history of the biosphere up to the present. Simultaneously, research from the biosciences on the morphology, ecology, distribution, systematics and evolution of extant vascular plants, and on the ecogeographical differentiation of the vegetation cover of our planet, has made enormous progress. Thus, a synthetic geo- and bioscientific approach becomes more and more feasible and urgent for further advances in the many problems of common concern. A symposium organized by the "Deutsche Akademie der Naturforscher LEOPOLDINA", attractive to paleo- and neobotanists, stimulated the discussion between specialists of the two disciplines. The main results of the symposium are now presented in this volume: Sixteen international contributions outline the current knowledge about the historical differentiation and evolution of woody plant groups and forests, covering the whole biosphere. This survey, from the beginning of the Tertiary up to the present, is a first systhesis of relevant data from the geo- and biosciences.

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Paleogeography and historical phytogeography paleochorology in the Neophyticum
Evolution of the Australian flora through the Tertiary
Development and regional differentiation of the European vegetation during the Tertiary
Paleobotanical evidences of the Tertiary history and origin of the Mediterranean sclerophyll dendroflora
History of the montane forests of the northern Andes
Late Quaternary vegetation history of the Mexican highland
Mediterranean pines and their history
Paleobotanical evidence on the early radiation of nonmagnoliid dicotyledons
Paleobotanical studies in Fagaceae of the European Tertiary
Early history of the Juglandaceae
Aspects of the fossil record and phylogeny of the family Rutaceae Zanthoxyleae Toddalioideae
aspects of its differentiation in space and time
The ecogeographical differentiation of Amazonian inundation forests
Chorology of the Euxinian and Hyrcanian element in the woody flora of Asia
Ecogeographical differentiation of the Submediterranean deciduous forest flora

Aspects of evolutionary differentiation of the Hamamelidaceae and the Lower Hamamelididae

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