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Page 71 - Nothing she heard around her, (though shouts rang forth again,) Gone were the green Swiss valleys, the pasture, and the plain; Before her eyes one vision, and in her heart one cry, That said, "Go forth, save Bregenz, and then, if need be, die!
Page 71 - ... care and doubt were fled; With jovial laugh they feasted, the board was nobly spread. The elder of the village rose up, his glass in hand, And cried, "We drink the downfall of an accursed land! "The night is growing darker, ere one more day is flown, Bregenz, our foeman's stronghold, Bregenz shall be our own!
Page 70 - Midnight is there, and Silence, Enthroned in Heaven, looks down Upon her own calm mirror, Upon a sleeping town ; For Bregenz, that quaint city Upon the Tyrol shore, Has stood above Lake Constance A thousand years and more.
Page 72 - Christmas time inspired. What children could I see at play, and not be loving of, recalling who had loved them ! No garden that I passed, was out of unison with the day, for I remembered that the tomb was in a garden, and that " she supposing him to be the gardener," had said, " Sir, if thou have borne him hence, tell me where thou hast laid him, and I will take him away.
Page 37 - ROGUES, or PROCTORS, May receive gratis for one Night, Lodging, Entertainment, and Four-pence each. It was in the ancient little city of Rochester...
Page 70 - Far from her home and kindred A Tyrol maid had fled, To serve in the Swiss valleys, And toil for daily bread ; And every year, that fleeted So silently and fast, Seemed to bear farther from her The memory of the Past. She served kind...
Page 71 - To do her honour still. And there, when Bregenz women Sit spinning in the shade, They see in quaint old carving The Charger and the Maid. And when, to guard old Bregenz, By gateway, street, and tower, The warder paces all night long, And calls each passing hour ; "Nine," "ten,
Page 72 - Birthday. Going through the woods, the softness of my tread upon the mossy ground and among the brown leaves enhanced the Christmas sacredness by which I felt surrounded. As the whitened stems environed me, I thought how the Founder of the time had never raised his benignant hand, save to bless and heal, except in the case of one unconscious tree. By Cobham Hall, I came to the village, and the churchyard where the dead had been quietly buried, " in the sure and certain hope " which Christmastime...
Page 71 - Three hundred years are vanished, and yet upon the hill An old stone gateway rises, to do her honor still. And there, when Bregenz women sit spinning in the shade, They see in quaint old carving the Charger and the Maid.
Page 71 - And so she dwelt: the valley more peaceful year by year; When suddenly strange portents of some great deed seemed near. The golden corn was bending upon its fragile stalk, While farmers, heedless of their fields, paced up and down in talk.

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