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Lord Mersey Commissioner - British Titanic Inquiry 1912
" An attack was made in the course of the inquiry on the moral conduct of one of the passengers, namely , Mr Bruce Ismay. It is not
part of the business of the Court to enquire into such matters, and I should pass them by in silence if I did not fear that my silence might be misunderstood.
As to the attack on Mr Bruce Ismay, it resolved itself into a suggestion that occupying the position of managing director of the steamship company, some, moral duty was imposed upon him to wait on board until the vessel foundered. I do not agree. Mr Ismay, after rendering assistance to many passengers, found 'C' collapsible, the last boat on the starboard side, actually being lowered. No other people were there at the time. There was room for him, and he jumped in. Had he not jumped in he would merely have added one more life, namely his own, to the number of those lost"

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