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Than he to ga, and scho to ga,

And never ane bad abyd you: Ane winklot fell and her taill up;

Wow, quod Malkin, hyd yow Quhat neidis you to maik it sua?

Yon man will not ourryd you. Ar ye owr gude, quod scho, I say, To lat thame gang besyd yow,

Yonder, Of Peblis to the Play ?

Than thai come to the townis end

Withouttin more delai, He befoir, and scho befoir,

To see quha was maist gay.
All that luikit thame upon

Leuche fast at thair array:
Sum said that thai were merkat folk;
Sum said the Quene of May

Was cumit
Of Peblis to the Play.

Than thai to the taverne hous

With meikle oly prance;
Ane spak wi' wourdis wonder crous

A done with ane mischance !
Braid up the burde, (he hydis tyt)

We are all in ane trance; Se that our napre be quhyt,

For we will dyn and daunce,

Thair out,

Of Peblis to the Play.

Ay as the gudwyf brocht in,

Ane scorit upon the wauch. Ane bad pay, ane ither said, nay,

Byd quhill we rakin our lauch.

The gudwyf said, Have ye na dreid?

Ye sall pay at ye aucht.
Ane young man start upon his feit,
And he began to lauche

For heydin,
Off Peblis to the Play.
He gat ane trincheour in his hand,

And he began to compt;
Ilk man twa and ane happenie,
To pay

thus we war wount. Ane uther stert upon his feit,

And said thow art our blunt To tak sik office upoun hand;

Be God thow servite ane dunt

Of me,

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Of Peblis to the Play. Ane dunt, quod he, quhat dewil is that?

Be God yow dar not du'd. He stert till ane broggit stauf,

Wincheand as he war woode.
All that hous was in ane reirde;

Ane cryit, “The halie rude !
Help us lord upon this erde
• That thair be spilt na blude

• Of Peblis to the Play."
Thay thrang out at the dure at anis.

Withouttin ony reddin;
Gilbert in ane guttar glayde

He gat na better beddin.
Thair wes not ane of thame that day,

Wald do ane utheris biddin.
Thairby lay thre and threttie sum,
Thrunland in ane midding

Off draff.
Of Peblis to the Play.

Ane cadgear on the mercat gait

Hard thame bargane begin;
He gaiff ane schout, his wyff came out;

Scantlie scho micht ourhye him:
He held, scho drew, for dust that day
Micht na man se ane styme

To red thame. Of Peblis to the Play:

He stert to his greit gray meir,

And of he tumblit the creilis.
Alace, quod scho, hald our gude man:

And on hir knees scho knelis.
Abyd, quod scho; why nay, quod he,

In till his stirrapis he lap;
The girding brak, and he flew of,
And upstart bayth his heilis

At anis,
Of Peblis to the Play.

His wyf came out, and gaif ane schout,

And be the fute scho gat him; All bedirtin drew him out;

Lord God! richt weil that sat him!
He said, Quhair is yon culroun knaif?

Quod scho, I reid ye lat him
Gang hame his gaites. Be God, quod he,
I sall anis have at him

Of Peblis to the Play.

Ye fylit me, fy for schame! quod scho;

Se as ye have drest me;
How feil ye, schir, as my girdin brak

Quhat meikle devil may lest me.

I wait weil quhat it wes

My awin gray meir that kest me:
Or gif I wes forfochtin faynt,
And syn lay doun to rest me

Of Peblis to the Play.
Be that the bargan was all playit

The stringis stert out of thair nokks;
Sevin-sum that the tulye maid,

Lay gruffling in the stokks.
John Jaksoun of the nether warde

Had lever have giffin an ox,
Or he had cuming in that cumpanie,
He sware be Goddis cokkis,

And mannis baythy
Of Peblis to the Play.
With that Will Swane come sueitand out,

Ane meikle miller man;
Gif I sall dance have donn lat se

up the bagpyp than:
The schamon's dance I mon begin;

I trow it sall not pane.
So hevelie he hochit about
To se him, Lord, as thai ran

That tyd,
Of Peblis to the Play!
Thay gadderit out of the toun

And neirar him thai dreuche;
Ane bade gif the daunsaris rowme,

Will Swane makis wounder teuche.
Than all the wenschis Te he thai playit;

But, lord, as Will Young leuche!
Gude gossip cum hyn your gaitis,
For we have daunsit aneuche

At anis
At Peblis at the Play.

Sa ferslie fyr heit wes the day

His face began to frekill.
Than Tisbe tuik him by the hand,

(Wes new cuming fra the Seckill) Allace, quod scho, quhat sall I do

And our doure hes na stekill.
And scho to ga as hir taill brynt;
And all the cairlis to kekili

At hir.
Of Peblis to the Play.

The pyper said now I begin

To tyre for playing to; Bot yit I have gottin nathing

For all my pyping to you; Thre happenis for half ane day

And that will not undo you: And gif ye will gif me richt nocht, The meikill devill




Quod he,
Of Peblis to the Play.

Be that the daunsing wes all done,

Thair leif tuik les and mair; Quhen the winklottis and the wawarris twynit

To se it was hart sair.
Wat Atkin said to fair Ales,

My bird now will I fayr :
The dewil a wourde that scho might speik,
Bet swownit that sweit of swair

For kyndnes.
Of Peblis to the Play.

He sippilit lyk ane faderless fole;

• And be still my sweit thing. * Be the halyrud of Peblis

"I may nocht. rest for greiting.

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