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appear to be ninety degrees west of the Sun; therefore, rising about midnight, southing at sunrise, and setting at noon, if the spectator be near the equator of Venus. Our planet must then appear to our neighbours as a bluish morningstar of surpassing loveliness. With optical resources such as we possess, the form would be that of the Moon in her fourth quarter, and the diameter almost exactly the same as that of Venus seen by us.

Mars is barely visible after sunset in the early part of the month.

Jupiter is some ninety degrees eastward of Venus, and therefore near the meridian; about fifty degrees altitude, when Venus is low in the west. The planets will be easily recognised; for no fixed star then visible can compete with them in brightness. Jupiter will be near the Moon on the morning of the 15th. The groupings of the satellites are beautifully diversified throughout this month. As specimens, it may be mentioned that, at ten o'clock on the evening of the 2d, the first, second, and third will be close together on the west of the planet, the other farther away on the east; on the 4th, at the same hour, the second, third, and fourth will be on the east, the first on the west; 5th, the first, fourth, and third on the east, the second on the disc of the primary ; 7th, the third and fourth on the west, the second on the east, the first on the disc; 9th, all on the west, in the order of actual distance; 13th, the third on the east, the first near the planet, and the second and fourth close together and farther removed on the west ; 14th, the fourth very

close on the east, the third on the west, the second hidden behind the planet, and the first on the disc;

15th, second and fourth on the east, third on the west, first hidden; 19th, all on the east, in the order, second, first, third, fourth ; 23d, all on the west, in the order first, second, fourth, third; 28th, first on the east, second and third close to the planet, and fourth at some distance on the west, and 30th, three on the west, in the order second, fourth, 1hird, reckoning, as in all the other cases, from the planet, the first on the disc. The reappearances of the first satellite, after being eclipsed, is the only part of the pbenomenon which can be witnessed by us: they take place on the 1st, at 6h. llm. 54s. afternoon; 7th, at lh. 38m. 368. morning ; 8th, at 8h. 7m. 28s. afternoon; 14th, at 3h. 34m. 158. morning; 15th, at 10h. 3m. 98. afternoon; 22d, at 1lh, 58m. 568. afternoon; 24th, at 6h. 27m. 56s. afternoon; 30th, at lh. 54m. 478. morning; and 31st, at 8h. 23m. 498. afternoon. In like man. ner the reappearances of the second will only be visible : they occur on the 7th, at 7h. 48m. 178. afternoon; 14th, at 10h. 23m. 58s. afternoon; and 22d, at Oh. 59m. 418. morning. The disappearance of the third may be observed on the 3d, at Sh. 55m. 128. ; reappearance at 10h. 42m. 28s, afternoon: and on the 11th, disappearance at Oh. 57m. 40s.; reappearance at 2h. 44m. 52s. morning.

Uranus will be on the meridian on the morning of the 14th, at two o'clock, and on the 27th, at one o'clock; altitude sixty-one degrees. It will be very near the Moon on the 20th, at seven o'clock in the afternoon.

Neptune crosses the meridian on the 7th, at eight o'clock, and on the 24th at seven o'clock in the afternoon, at an altitude of forty-four degrees.

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