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of any age, in point of architectural design and has met with a severe loss in the death of details.

Chancellor Horace Beals. The sad event The plan is in the form of a Greek cross, having occurred after a very brief illness of only two on the first floor four porticoes, four vestibules, or three days. The Chapter, to which he had eight rooms of suitable dimensions for a keeper's been attached ever since its organization, and accommodation, the safe keeping of records, &c.; for the welfare of which he has labored faithfour grand stairways, ascending to the galleries ; fully, paid a final tribute to his remains on and a chapel, thirty-eight feet square, in which a Tuesday, April 13th, and attended his funeral statue of Washingon is to be placed on a pedestal, in full regalia, with the usual badges of mournwhich bears an historical account of the edifice. The ing, when the funeral service of our Order second floor contains four corridors, four side-rooms, and stairs to ascend to the floor directly over the

was performed. The remains of the deceased dome of the chapel. The first and second stories

brother were placed in the vault of the Methof the chapel will afford ample room to accommo

odist Episcopal Church at Harlem, to await date eight hundred persons, when standing.

the disposition of his relatives, who reside, The summit or highest point of the monument

we believe, in Ohio. Although far from his will be reached by broad stairways of straight kindred, it is gratifying to state that our flights

, each extending nearly across a side; and at brother received during life, and his remains the top of each flight will be arranged a gallery, after his decease, every attention and kind. extending across one entire side, and supplied with ness that could have been conferred by those comfortable sittings, from which the spectator may nearest and dearest. at bis ease view the surrounding objects of interest. This arrangement will continue from the floor over

THE UNITED DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA.-A the dome of the chapel to the highest point of the

short time since, the Chancery of this associashaft. The stairs will ascend with steps sixteen inches wide by six inches high, making the grade

tion of patriotic American ladies directed a agreeable and easy.

communication to the Chancery of the O.U.A,, The area of the plan, at the extreme dimensions

soliciting, among other matters, an expression of the arms of the cross, is ninety feet, making the

of the views of the latter as to the utility of square of the monument at the base ninety feet,

the former, and asking such encouragement resting on a footing of concrete one hundred feet

and countenance as may be deemed appro-square, covering the entire area, three feet thick. priate. This communication (a frank and On the top of the concrete, and under the body of well-written paper) was referred to a special the shaft, will be constructed an inverted groin- committee, consisting of Chancellors Boyce, arch of hard bricks, twenty inches thick; and the Page, and Bennett, who, at the meeting of openings in all the walls forming the several com- Chancery held on Monday evening, April partments outside the shaft shall have inverted 12th, submitted the following report and reso-arches, corresponding with the several thicknesses lutions on the subject, which were adopted : of the walls. This construction will render the

“ New-YORK, April 12, 1862. entire edifice certainly secure against settlement and injury consequent therefrom.

“To the Hon. the Chancery Order of United Ame..

ricans, State of New-York: The height of the shaft will reach three bundred

"The undersigned committee, to whom was reand fifty feet from the ground, the roof being ferred a communication from the Chancery of the composed of thick glass set in an iron frame work, UNITED DAUGHTERS OF AMERICA,' would respecto the interior of the upper room of the shaft to be fully report that they have given attention to the twenty feet square.

subject-matter of the said communication, and

concur in the opinion that a more active and sysIt is further proposed that, as the site selected

tematic cooperation of the two associations would is one of the most eligible on the American coast, tend materially to enhance the utility of each, and being close at the entrance of the great commer- further the noble and patriotic objects for which cial port of the Union, the association will, if desira- they were severally designed.

“With this view of the subject, the committee ble, maintain, at the cost of the United States go

recommend that this Chancery, in its capacity as vernment, a beacon-light at the top of the monu- Arch-Chancery of the Order of United Americans, ment, so constructed as not to alter or in any way do, by official act, recognize, in the Order of United mar the beauty of the original design

Daughters of America, an association coincident to its own, extending to it and over it such protection, countenance, and encouragement, as may be

deemed essential to its continued prosperity and FUNERAL OF CHANCELLOR BEALs. - Since

usefulness, our last issue, Lawrence Chapter, of Harlem, “The influence that woman is capable of exer.


cising upon society, in her various relations of honorable alike to our Order and our city. Busimother, wife, and sister, is too well understood to ness was entirely suspended. Having determined need illustration in this report. To her is intrusted to get up a procession, we invited others to unite the conformation of the youthful mind; and in our with us, and the call was promptly responded to happy and free land, where each man takes a part by all except the Fire Department, who paraded in the affairs of state, it is essential that the young alone. Our procession was more than a mile in should be early imbued with all the elements of length; ahead of any thing ever before witnessed true patriotism, and with a firm sense of duty to on the shores of the Pacific." their country and its blessed system of government. Neglect of this teaching during past gene.

This is certainly cheering news from the rations has resulted in a supineness of character “Gold Region;" and we hope the time is not among our people, which already threatens de

far distant, when the ontspreading arins of struction to those elements of popular and individual happiness, which it has been the peculiar pri- EUREKA on the Pacific will meet the children vilege of the citizens of our republic thus far to of Alpha on the Atlantic, and shake hands in enjoy.

the great basin of the middle continent—the “ Your committee believe that an association of American ladies like that of the · UNITED DAUGH- valleys of the Colorado, the Missouri, and the TERS OF AMERICA' is eminently calculated to re Mississippi. store to the up-growing and future generations of our land that patriotic instruction which, at a CLUBS OF COUNTRY CHAPTERS. - We are infuture day, may prove the only reliable bulwark

formed of three different clubs of subscribers of their country's freedom and greatness.

" The following resolutions are therefore offered in Chapters out of the city, the names of for adoption:

which have not yet been placed in our pos“Resolved: That this Chancery regards with earnest solicitude and sympathy the organization

session. The parties having charge of them of American ladies, known as the Order of United arc, perhaps, not aware that by such delay Daughters of America,' believing that, through the they are responsible for an act of double injusinfluence which such an organization is capable of exercising upon the future of our country, great

tice; first, to those who wish to receive the good may result in the maintenance of the true Republic; and, second, to ourself, who would principles of American republicanism.

be benefited by the amount of the subscripResolved : That a copy of this report and

tions. Subscribers in the country who have these resolutions be forth with transmitted to the Chancery of the United Daughters of America."

not yet been served, may attribute it to this

We may as well mention here, that

there are yet a great many subscribers, in CALIFORNIA.—Eureka Chapter at San Fran

town and out of town, who have been served, cisco is, we learn, in a highly prosperous con

yet who have not remembered our necessities, dition, and the members in good spirits, with a determination to keep the ball rolling. By cash transaction; we pay as we go, and want

The publication of our magazine is with us a the following extract from a letter just received from Chancellor Bookstaver, under

money to do it with. Please to be just. Five

months' credit on a cash agreement is, we date March 1st, it will be seen that California think, pretty liberal. is in a fair way of establishing the constitutional number of Chapters for the formation of a State Chancery:

New-YORK, April 20, 1852. “Our Chapter is now getting large, and, for the

BROTHER WHITNEY :- A question has arisen in

our Chapter on which there is a diversity of opinion. purpose of extending the order, we are about to

Please give us yours. It is thus:-A member form a new Chapter in this city; and we hope ere

feeling aggrieved by the action of the Chapter, long to establish one at Sacramento, one at Stock

appeals to the G. S, and the G. S. decides that the ton, and one at Marysville. We aim to form a Chancery in this state within a year; and if we

Chapter has proceeded illegally, and restores the fail in the effort, it will not be for want of exer

brother to his position, in good standing. If the

G. S. is wrong in point of law, is it in the power tion."

of the Chapter to adopt or reject that decision ! The Chapter celebrated the late anniversary

ANSWER. of Washington's birth-day in & most spirited Brother Bookstaver, speaking of

The Chapter las no power either to adopt that occasion, says:

or reject a decision of the G. S. So far as

the first appeal is concerned, the decision is “ We hope another year to be able to say, that final, and must be respected. It is always we have followed the injunction of Washington, presumed that an executive officer is imparand placed none but Americans on guard. The anniversary of his birth-day was celebrated by tial, and his decision should be so treated; but us, and through our exertions solely, in a manner if it is apparent that he has formed a wrong




judgment in the case, the Chapter has the We know it is understood throughout our right of appeal from his decision to Chan- Order that such men are to be shunned, and cery, and that body may either sustain or re some who have applied for admission have verse the decision. When an appeal is sent been already rejected: yet there can be no up to Chancery from a decision of the G. S., harm in renewing the caution to beware of the effect of the decision is suspended until

them. Their presence in our councils can the final action of Chancery.

only be productive of discord, and might, perhaps, eventuate in diverting the course of the

Order from its legitimate duties. They should Cards or WiriidrawAL.-As it freqnently be informed, once for all, that the Order canoccurs that members, by change of residence, not and will not be made a stepping-stone to or from other causes, wish to withdraw from the ambition of any man or set of men, of any one Chapter for the purpose of uniting with party or faction; and that it is able and willanother, and as the printed blanks are not ing to punish, not only the outside demagogue, always at hand, we publish below the blank

but any one of its own members who shall form of a card of withdrawal :

dare attempt to pervert its influences his 0. U. A.

own uses. The best course is to have nothing [ Seal of Arch-Charcery.]

to do with such men, and the way to arrive

at that is to keep them out of our Chapters. This certifies that Brother whose name is written on this card in his own proper handwrit FranKLIN CHAPTER.--The members of this ing, was a member in good standing of Chap- energetic Chapter had the pleasure of listenter, No. --, O.U. A.; and having complied with all ing to a most interesting address from Chanthe requirements, as prescribed by the Constitution cellor Welch, of Putnam Chapter, on Friday of the Order and the By-Laws of this Chapter evening, April 16, at their hall, corner of this card of withdrawal has been granted to him Grand and Ludlow streets, the subject being, at his request.

“The influence of our republic on the destiWe recommend him to the friendship and pro

nies of Europe, and the influences operating tection of the Order.

in America opposed to Republicanism.” The In witness whereof, we have hereunto subscribed our

subject was handled by the speaker in his

usual unostentatious manner, but truthfully (SEAL OF THE names, and affixed the seal CHAPTER.) of our Chapter, this - day

and cogently, and the address was received of A.D. 18, in the

with loud demonstrations of approval. Signature.

city of

A New CHAPTER is now being organized, to
C. of the C.

be located in the Second Ward of this city,

and the application for its charter may be exA WORD OF CAUTION.—We may as well pected at the next meeting of Chancery. This speak plain upon a subject of vast importance, is well; one, two, or three chapters in the on which depends in some degree the purity, lower portion of the city are needed, and, harmony, and efficiency of our Order. The when organized, cannot fail to exercise a saluold hack politicians, who are ever ready for tary influence. preferment, and ever eager to seize upon whatever may seem to command influence, THE UNITED DAUGHTERS. New - York have noticed our rapid and solid increase of Chapter, No. 7, of the United Daughters of numbers; and having gotten into their heads America, held their third anniversary at the the idea that the Order of United Americans Apollo, on the evening of the 8th of April. can be made to serve their corrupt aspirations, After the usual ceremonies, including adare beginning to exhibit strong symptoms of dresses, reading of the annual report, &c., conversion, and profess the most earnest sym the ladies of the Chapter with their guests pathy with our principles and objects. They formed a cotillion-party in the ball-room, and have sudddenly become whole-hearted Ameri enjoyed themselves to a late hour. The recans, and offer themselves candidates for the port of the business affairs of the Chapter honors of membership.

exhibits continned prosperity, and it is very

plain that great energy, care, and business MEETING OF CHANCERY. — An adjourned tact are employed by the lady officers. Chan- meeting of the Chancery of New-York will cellor Stephen H. Hopper presided on the be held on Monday evening, April 26, at occasion of the anniversary.

Chancery Rooms, corner of Grand street and
Broadway, at 8 o'clock.

WASHINGTON MONUMENT SUBSCRIPTION Books.—It is absolutely necessary that those Fort GREENE CHAPTER will remove, on the having subscription books should report the

1st of May, from their temporary quarters number of lots subscribed immediately, at the

in Myrtle Avenue to Montague Hall, where a office of the Association, 100 Nassau street,

splendid suite of rooms await their coming. up stairs, to enable the trustees to determine

They meet on Wednesday evenings. what course to pursue. The limit of refusal, or right to purchase the site selected, expires on the 1st of May, prior to which the first

FUNERAL.—Franklin Chapter has just been instalment must be paid in.

called upon to pay the final tribute of respect

to one of its members, Brother John L. CreeJersey Blue CHAPTER, of New-Bruns- mer, who, after a long illness, died, on the

morning of April 21st, of consumption. His wick, N. J., gave a public demonstration on

funeral took place on Friday, April 23d, from Monday evening, April 5th, at which ad

his residence in Williamsburg. dresses were delivered by Chancellors Boyce, of Decatur, and Frost, of Continental Chapters, illustrating the objects and principles of our Order. We were not able to be present,

WORTI CHAPTER, at Astoria, L. I., intend but learn that a large and intelligent andience holding a public meeting, at which an address

will be delivered in one of the churches of that was present on the occasion.

beautiful village, some time during the present


ETHAN ALLEN CHAPTER.—We are much gratified to witness the prosperity of this A CHAPTER AT WASHINGTON.—We are inrapidly increasing Chapter, in the new city formed that measures are in progress to esof Williamsburg, L. I. Since the restoration tablish a Chapter of our Order at the seat of of its charter, it has been in operation but a government; and it is probable the organizafew months, and already numbers nearly tion will be accomplished before the adjournseventy members, adding to its membershipment of Congress. at every meeting. Chancellors Lafever, Kendrick, and a few others, are entitled to the thanks of the Order for the zeal which they THE ADDRESS delivered by Brother Camphave displayed in placing Ethan Allen Chap- bell at Metropolitan Hall, on the Birth-day ter in its present commanding position. anniversary, has been some time in the hands

of the printer or some body else. We have

reason to hope, therefore, that it will be forthCHARTER OAK CHAPTER.–We are informed coming at an early day. that Charter Oak Chapter will remove, on or about the 1st of May, from its present rooms to the rooms of Empire Chapter, No. 187 INSTALLING COMMITTEE.—In consequence Bowery.

of the increase of the number of Chapters in

this State, the number of Installing or VisitEMPIRE CHAPTER.—This young member of ing Committees has been again increased to our fraternal confederacy is fast gaining ground twenty. in the acquisition of good members. Some of the older Chapters in her neighborhood will QUARTERLY SESSION.—The next quarterly have to keep a bright eye open, or “ Empire" Session of Chancery will be holden at Poughwill take the wind out of their sails.

keepsie, on the first Monday in June Dext.

Do The names of the S. and C. C. of Chapters will be inserted at $2 per annum.

Huguenot, No. 42, Friday, Port Richmond, 8. I.
E Pluribus Unum, No. 43, Wed., c. Bowery and Broome st.
Liberty Tree, No. 44, Friday, Commercial Buildings, Albany.
Union, No. 45, Thursday, Fort Chester.
Ringgold, No. 48, Tuesday, Greensburg, Dobbs' Ferry.
Ironsides, No. 47, Friday, corner Grand and Broadway.
American Eagle, No. 48, Mamaroneck, Wednesday.
Jefferson, No. 49, Tuesday, corner 29th street and 8th Av.
Oneachta, No. 50, Poughkeepsie, Thursday.
Valley Forge, No. 61, Wednesday, 149 Sixteenth street.
Wayne, No. 52, Tuesday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.
Peekskill, No. 53, Tuesday, Peekskill.
Fort Greene, No. 54, Wed., Montague Hall, Brooklyn,
Empire, No. 55, Friday, 187 Bowery.
Star Spangled Banner, No. 56, Wednesday, Albany,
United States, No. 57, 283 Grand Street.
Constitution, No. 58, Smithville, L. I.

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STATE OF NEW-YORK. WM. W. OSBORN, G. S.-C. E. GILDERSLEVE, G. C. C. Alpha, No. 1, Saturday, cor. Broadway and Grand street. Washington, No. 2, Thursday, cor. Grand and Ludlow sts. Warren, No. 3, Tuesday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn.

A. C. Page, S.-C. F. Hermance, C. C. Manhattan, No. 4, Thursday, corner Avenue C and 4th st. Lawrence, No. 5, Thursday, cor. 128th street and 3d Av. American, No. 6, Monday, 360 Broadway. Columbia, No. 7, Thursday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts. Putnam, No. 8, Wednesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts. Franklin, No. 9, Friday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.

Wm. B. Ferguson, S.-H. A. Tremper, C. C. Paulding, No. 10, Tuesday, corner 23d et. and 8th Av. Marion, No. 11, Friday, Court st., near Fulton, Brooklyn. Continental, No. 12, Thursday, 327 Bowery.

E. A. Schermerhorn, S.-Wm. P. Armstrong, C.C. Mount Vernon, No. 13, Wednesday, 149 Bowery. Hancock, No. 14, Wednesday, c. Bleecker and Morton sts. A. Horton Keech, S.-

C. C.
Liberty, No. 15, Friday, 149 Bowery.
Decatur, No. 16, Thursday, cor. Broadway and Grand st.
Lexington, No. 17, Monday, Low's Building, Brooklyn,
National, No. 18, Tuesday, 149 Bowery.
Adams, No. 19, Wednesday, Haverstraw,
Ethan Allen, No. 20, Tuesday, c. S. 1st & 4th sts., Wil'b'g.
Perry, No. 21, Thursday, corner 23d street and 8th Av.
Charter Oak, No. 22, Monday, 327 Bowery.
Fort Washington, No.23, Yonkers.
Woodhull, No. 24, Wednesday, Jamaica, L. I.
Champe, No. 25, Thursday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.
Plymouth, No. 26, Thursday, Court st., near Fulton, Br'kn
Bunker Hill, No. 27, Friday, cor. Bleecker and Morton sts.
Excelsior, No. 28, Tuesday, corner Grand and Ludlow sts.
Independence, No. 29, Wednesday, National Hall,

John C. Garnsey, S.-Jasper Drake, C. C.
Schuyler, No. 80, Friday, 327 Bowery.
Westchester, No. 31, Wednesday, at Tarrytown,
Pavonia, No. 32, Saturday, Rossville, 8. I.
Oneida, No. 33, Thursday, 149 Bowery.
Worth, No. 34, Wednesday, Astoria, L. I.
Jasper, No. 33, Monday, corner Bleecker and Morton sts.
Niagara, No. 36, Friday, 149 Bowery.

- Jacobs, S.-W. W. Browne, C. C. American Star, No. 37, Thursday, Ramapo, Rockland co. Magna Charta, No. 38, Thurs., cor. Court & Sackett, B'n.

Frederick M, Butler, 8.-8. H. Catlin, C.C. Zachary Taylor, No. 39, Wednesday, 3d Av., Dear 58th st. Tappan, No. 40, Monday, Piermont. New-York, No. 41, Friday, corner Grove and Hudson sts.

John H. LYON, G. S.-J. B. CLEVELAND, G. C. C.
Pioneer, No. 1, Friday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.

James R. Sanford, S.-Henry Babbitt, C. C.
Clark, No. 2, Monday, Rahway.
Nathan Hale, No.3, Thursday, Morris' Buildings, Newark.
Morgan, No. 4, Tuesday, Hoboken.
Jersey Blue, No. 5, Monday, New-Brunswick,
American, No. 6, Friday, Franklin Hall, Jersey City.
Washington, No. 7, Wednesday, Orange.
American Eagle, No. 8, Tuesday, Paterson.

Jolin Vermule, S.-Andrew Van Bussom, C. C. Monmouth, No. 9, Thursday, Freebold. American Flag, No. 10, Tuesday, Morris' Buildings, New'k. Liberty, No. 11, Wednesday, Bergen. Columbia, No. 12, Saturday, Madison. Excelsior, No. 13, Monday, Morris' Buildings, Newark. Raritan Chapter, No. 14, Keyport.

STATE OF CONNECTICUT. Roger Sherman, No.1, Tuesday, Globe Building, N. H. Putnam, No. , Wednesday, S. of T. Hall, Middleton. Mount Vernon, No. 8, Centreville. Ethan Allen, No. 4, Fairhaven.


San Francisco.

STATE OF MASSACHUSETTS. Hancock, No. 1, Thursday, 641 Hanover street, Boston,


Alpha, No , Monday afternoun, 2 o'clock, 0. 0. A. Hall,

corner Ludlow and Grand streets.
Columbia, No. 2, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

Hudson and Grove streets.
Lady Washington, No. 3, Monday evening, 7 o'clock,

0. U. A. Hall, corner Ludlow and Grand streets. Lady Putnám, No. 4, Monday evening, 7 o'clock, No. 360

Grand street.
Pocahontas, No. 5, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, Fountain

Hall, 149 Bowery.

Lady Perry, No. 8, Monday afternoon, 2 o'clock, corner

of 29th street and 8th avenue.
New-York, No. 7, Wednesday afternoon, corner Lispenard
street and Broadway.

No. 8,
La Motte, No. 9, Thursday evening, 7 o'clock, Allen, near

Grand street.
Lady Champe, No. 10, Wednesday afternoon, 2 o'clock

corner Hudson and Grove sts., Asbe and Hall. Liberty Star, No. 1, Newark, New-Jersey, Wednesday

evening, 7 o'clock, Morris' Buildings, Broad st.

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