Numerical examples in heat

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Page 43 - What expenditure of mechanical power has to be incurred in overcoming the inertia of those parts due to the reciprocation and changing from rest to motion and from motion to rest? (1873.) 42. The initial pressure of steam in a cylinder, whose stroke is 5 feet 4 inches, is 45 Ibs., and expansion commences when 2 feet 3 inches have been performed ; find the pressure at the end of the stroke. Find also the horse-power, if the arcn of the cylinder is 2,218 square inches, and the number of strokes per...
Page 14 - Assuming that the mean coefficient of expansion of mercury for 1 C. is -0001815, and that of the glass of a thermometer -000026, find the reading of such a thermometer, of which the bulb is plunged in water at the temperature of 100 C., while the stem is exposed to air of the temperature of 10 C.
Page 42 - W . where y is the ratio of the specific heat of air at constant pressure to that at constant volume.
Page 43 - One calorie is the energy required to raise the temperature of 1 gramme of water from 0...
Page 33 - When they had remained together 1 minute, and had been well stirred about, by means of a small rod of light wood, the Heat of the mixture was found to be = 63. From this experiment the specific Heat of the metal, calculated according to the rule given by Dr. Crawford, turns out to be =0.1100, that of water being = 1.0000.
Page 43 - You are provided with plates of the four metals mentioned in the last question, and are required to devise a means of determining their radiative powers ; how will you proceed ? 278. A weight of a ton is lifted by a steam engine to a height of 386 feet, what is the amount of heat consumed in this act ? 279.
Page 31 - Determine the specific heat of mercury from the observation that, when the same vessel is filled successively with water and mercury and heated to the same temperature, the water and the mercury cool through the same number of degrees in 10 minutes and 270 seconds respectively. The specific gravity of mercury is here considered constantly equal to 13-6.
Page 40 - Ibs. per ton, the length of the incline 2 miles ; the train has at the top of the incline a velocity of 20 miles an hour; how many units of work have been expended in getting the train up the incline ? And through how great a distance would an expenditure of the same number of units...
Page 37 - ... their average relative proportions, for which the engineer has to provide in the construction of furnaces ? Draw a comparison between what the engineer has to do, as compared with the gas-maker, in the using of coal. (1869.) 3. What is meant by capacity for heat ? The capacity for heat of mercury is -033 ; how much, at the temperature of 240, will be sufficient to raise 12 Ibs. of water from 50 to 58?
Page 5 - Suppose that an English barometer with a brass scale giving true inches at the temperature 62 F., reads 29-5 inches at 45 F. ; what is the pressure in true inches of mercury reduced to the specific gravity it has at 32 F.

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