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with Capids, representing Evening, by Valerio Caftelli. Over the other two Doors, Aubrey Vere, twentieth and laft Earl of Oxford of that House, by Walker, Baron Rhynwick, by Mirevelt; a very good Portrait; the Hands remarkably fine. At one end of the room, Hen. rietta Maria, Queen to King Charles the First, by Van. dyck ; under it the Nativity, by Pietro da Pietri. At the other end of the room, Lady Mary Tufton, fifth daughter of John, second Earl of Thanet, first wife to Sir William Walter, Bart. of Sarfden in Oxfordshire, by Sir Peter Lely: under it, Dead Game, by Fyk, from the collection of Mr. Bagnols.


24 feet by 15, and 18 and a half high. Over the Chimney, Sarah, daughter of Richard Jennings, Esq. of Sandridge in Hertfordshire, wife to John Churchill, first Duke of Marlborough, by Sir Godfrey Kneller ; a present from her to the first Lord Har. court. Over one Arch a:View of part of the Quay and Bay of Naples, by Gaspar Occhiali. Over the other Arch, a View of part of Rome and the Tiber, by the fame hand,

Under them, two Heads, by Cornelius Jansen. At one end of the room, King William, honting, with several Figures, by Wooton. Under it the two following Pictures: a Herdsman with Cattle, by Peter Vander Leuw ; from the collection of Mr. Bagnols : a Landscape, with Cattle, by Rogman. At the other end, a ruined Bridge, with Figures, by Crabetje. Under : it the two following Pictures : Christ driving the Money. Changers out of the Temple, on marble, by Bassan; the Holy Family, by Albano. Over one Door, the Hon. Simon Harcourt, only son of Simon first Viscount Harcourt, by Sir Godfrey Kneller. Over the other Door, Elizabeth, daughter of John Evelyn, Esq. of Wooton in Surrey, his Wife, by Dahl.


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THE LIBRARY, 32 feet 4 by 19, and 14 feet 4 inches high, . Over the Chimney, Mary, eldest daughter of Wila liam Danby, Esq. of Swinton in Yorkshire, wife to the Hon. William Harcourt, by Opie, after Sir Joshua Reynolds; a very fine Head of Mr. Prior, by old Dahl; Mr. Pope, a fine Portrait, by Sir Godfrey Kneller ; a present from the former to the first Lord Harcourt. George Buffy Villiers, fourth Earl of Jersey, by Bromp. ton, after Angelica. Mrs. Pritchard, the celebrated Actress, in the character of Hermione in the Winter's Tale, Scene the Last, by-Pine. William Whitehead, Esq. late Poet Laureat, by Wilson. Georgiana, daughter of the Right Honourable Stephen Poyntz, Esq. wife to John Earl Spencer; by Gogain, after Gainsborough. Richard Grenville, Esq. (afterwards Earl Teniple) at the age of nineteen, by Rosalba; a legacy, from Anna Chamber, late Countess Temple. Lady Elizabeth, daughter of Simon, Earl of Harcourt, wife to Sir William Lee, Bart. of Hartwell. in Buckinghamshire, in Crayons, by Miss Read. Mary, daughter of Brigadier General Le Pel, wife to John Lord Hervey, Baron of Ickworth, eldest son of John first Earl of Bristol of that Family, in Crayons, painted at Paris; a present from the Hon. Horace Walpole. J. J. Rousseau, by Gogain, from Ramsey, since altered from a 'cast taken off his Face after his death.. The Hon. Horace Walpole, youngest son of Sir Robert Walpole, Knight of the Garter, and Earl of Orford, by Gogain, after Ramsey. Mr. Mason, by Doughty. Elizabeth, eldest daughter of the Hon. Simon Harcourt, by Zeeman. Henrietta Jane, daughter of Col. Speed, wife to the Compte de Viry, by Falconet. Anne, eldest daughter of Simon first Viscount Harcourt, wife to John Barlow, Esq. of Slebeck in Pembrokeshire, by Sir Godfrey Kneller. Over one Door, Witham, Efq. by Cornelius Jansen. Over the other Door, his Wife.




33 feet by 24, and 18 and a half high. The Chimney-piece was designed by Stuart, over whick hangs a very fine Picture, by Sir Joshua Reynolds, of the present Earl and Countess (Elizabeth, second daughter of George Venables Vernon, first Lord Vernon), in the Coronation Robes, and of the Hon. Wm. Harcourts youngest son of the late Earl, in the Uniform of Aide. de-Camp to the King. On one side of the Chimney, a fine Landscape, with a Water-Fall, by Ruysdaal; the Figures by Wovermans.-Under it, a Landscape, by Claude Lorrain. On the other side, Dogs and dead Game, very fine, by Snyder. Under it, a Landscape, by Ruysdaal. Over one Door, William Henry Duke of Gloucester, in the Robes of the Order of the Garter, by Opie. Over the other Door, Philip Duke de Vendome (Grand Prieur in 1710), a very fine Portrait, by Mignard; a present from the Hon. Horace Walpole. At one end of the room, two Views of the Ruins of Rome, &c. with Figures, Antique Statues, Vases, and Bas-Reliefs, by Paolo Panini; painted for the late Earl. A large Landscape, by Rosa da Tivoli.

Under them the four following Pictures : A Landscape, by Swanvelt; two Fruit-Pieces, by Michael Angelo Campidoglio; a Landscape, with Fi. 'gures, by Van Goyen; a Landscape, by Gaspard Poullin, At the other end, the Meeting of Ulysses and Nauficaa, very capital, by Salvator Rosa; a present to the late Earl, from the Duke de Harcourt. "Two other Pieces of Ruins, by Panini.

Under them the three following Pictures : Noah and his Family preparing to enter the Ark, by *Imperiali; a Farm-Yard, with Figures and Cattle, by 'Murillio, from the collection of Mr. Bagnols; a Land. scape, with a Cottage, by Decker.


THE OCTAGON DRAWING-ROOM, 30 feet by 24, and 18 and a half high, hung with

blue Damalk, and the following Pictures : On one side of the Chimney, the Holy Family, a cele. brated Picture, by Barocci, known by the name of la Madonna della Gatta, from the Cat in one corner. Ic has been etched by himself, and was in the collection of the Earl of Pomfret.

-Under it, the Madonna and Child, very beautiful, by Guido, bought out of the Hotel de Hautfort at Paris. On the other side, the Na. tivity, by Bronzino. Under it, St. John preaching in the Wilderness, by Albano; from the collection of the Earl of Waldegrave. Mars, Venus, and Cupids, by Nicolo Poussin, very capital; from the collection of Mr. Furnele.--Under it the three following Pictures : A beautiful Picture of Ruins, with Figures, by Filippo Laura ; from the collection of Dr. Mead. A Land. scape, with Figures and Cattle, by Berghem; a present from Sir John Blaquiere, K. B. A Landscape, by Ta. verner, beautiful and very rare; a present from Miss Fauquier. Moses sweetening the Waters of Meriba, by Nicoto Poussin : the Figures larger and more highly coloured than those of that Master's usually are. -Under it the three following Pictures : Another Picture of Ruins, by the same hand, and from the same collection as the former.' A View of the Rhine, by Vafterman, very rare, An Evening, with a Shepherd and Sheep, high. ly finished, by Bamboccio. The following eight Pictures hang on either side of

the Doors, and are small: The Trinity, painted on a gold ground, by Andrea del Sarto ; a prelent to the late Earl from Mr. Knapton. Spring, with four Cupids, a beautiful Pi&ure, by Filippo Laura; a present from Wm. Fauquier, Esq. Ss. Cecilia lying dead, and two Boy. Angels, exquisitely painted, by Dominichino. Chrif crowned with Thorns, by Alles


fandro Veronese. The Holy Family, by- Rottenhammer, in the style of the old Italian Masters; from the collec. tion of Mr. Fauquier. A most lively Portrait of Sofonisba Angusciola, by herself, very rare ; from the col. lection of Mr. Bagnols. Two bighly finished Views of the Rhine, by old Griffierre.


49 feet by 24, and 18 and a half high. The Ceiling was designed by Stuart, the Chininey: Piece by Paul Sandby: It is hung with crimson Damask, and the following Pictures :--At one end of the room, two large and fine Landscapes, by Van Artois; the Fi. gures by Teniers.-Under them, the three following Pictures : Maria, Duchess of Gloucester, second daughter of the Rt. Hon. Sir Edward Walpole, K. B. and widow of James second Earl of Waldegrave, a capital Portrait, by Sir Joshua Reynolds. A Landscape with a Cart overturning by Moonlight; a capital Picture, by Rubens, well known by Bolswaert's Print, called la Charette Embourbeé; from the collection of the Compte de Guiche at Paris. A Landscape with Figures, a perfect Picture of both. On one side of the Chimney, Saint Margaret, whole-length, a molt capital Picturė, by Tia tian, it was in the collection of King Charles the First, and has been etched by Hugh Howard (the Painter). Under it the three following Pictures: A very fine Landscape with Figares, by Nicolo Poulin; from the collection of Mr. Houlditch : it has been engraved by Vivares. A Landscape, with Ruins, beautiful, by Patel; from the collection of Monf. de la Live at Paris. A fine and bright Landscape, with Buildings, by Gaspard Pousin; the Figures by Nicolo, On the other fide, a Landscape, with large Figures, by Francisco Bolognese. Under it, the three following Pictures : A Landscape, with Figures and Cattle, by Rubens (or Van Eden). A Landicape, with Figures and Cattle, by Cuyp; from


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