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which are the following Paintings, viz. Two large Landscapes, by Orizonti; two small ditto, by Loten; a Dancing at the Duke of Mantua's Marriage, by Tintoretto; a Landscape, by Claude Lorrain ; a small ditto, of Acis and Galatea, by Milé; a large Picture of young Bacchanals; a Sea-Port, by a Flemish Mafter ; a Landscape with Figures and Cattle, by Badan; a Landscape with a Mill; Vulcan and Venus ; the Marriage at Cana, by Baffan; Moses burying the Egyptian, by Pousin.

A Bed-chamber, with two Dressing-Rooms, The Hangings, Bed, and Furniture of this apartment are rich Crimson ; and over the Chimney is a fulllength Portrait of the late Countess of Dorset.

In the first Dresing-Room, a Piece of Still Life over the Chimney.

In the second, a fine Cabinet, and over the Chim. ney, Prince Henry, at full-length.

THE GRAND STAIR-CASE Is ornamented with Iron-work, and enriched with three Ceiling-pieces, painted by Sclater, viz.

Justice and Peace; Fame and Victory; Plenty and Conftancy. The Walls are adorned with Military Pieces.

THE CHAPEL Is wainscotted with Cedar, and has a Gallery of the fame, hung with Crimson Velvet. Its dimensions are, 37 feet by 20 feet 10 inches, and 26 feet high.

Over the Communion-Table is a fine Painting of the Resurrection, by Tintoretto.

Above the Cedar Wainscot are the following Paintings at full-length, viz.

Moses and Aaron ; St. Peter and St. Paul; the Four Evangelifts; the Ascension; Baptism; the Salutation of the Virgin Mary.

The Ceiling is the same as in the Chapel Royal at St. James's, and the Cedar Wainscot enriched with elegant Carving by Guibbons,


Her Ladyship's Dressing-Room. The Hangings, Chairs, and Window-Curtains of fine printed Cotton

A fine old Japan Cabinet, ornamented with China Jars. Over the Chimney-piece, a fine View of Pekin, by Jolli.

Her Ladyship's Bed-Chamber. The Hangings, Chairs, &c. the same as the DressingRoom; with a Picture of a Chinese Temple over the Chimney, by lolli.

THE CHINESE CLOSET. This is the Repository of her Ladyfhip's valuable China : the Japan and Ornaments were a present from the late Prince and Princess of Wales.

From hence we enter a Colonnade adorned with Paintings by Sclater, and embellished with Exotics and flowering Shrubs.

THE GRENVILLE ROOM, which is 29 feet 8 inches by 26 feet 3 inches, and 19 feet 4 inches high, is hung with Green Velvet, and ornamented with the following Portraits :

The late Countess Temple, mother to the present Earl; the present Countess Temple; the present Earl Temple ; the Right Honourable George Grenville; the Honourable James Grenville ; the Honourable Henry Grenville, formerly Governor of Barbadoes. The Ho. nourable Thomas Grenville, who was killed in defence of his Country, on board the Defiance, of which Ship he was Captain. The Right Honourable Lady Hefter Pitt.

THE GALLERY, A magnificent Apartment, 74 feet by 25, and 20 feet high, with Gobelin Tapeftry Chairs, is hung with three fine Pieces of Tapeftry, viz.

A beautiful_Representation of a Farm; a Dutch Wake, from Teniers; a Dutch Fithery, from ditto.


The two Chimpies have Pictures of Roman Ruins over each, by Panini. The four Doors have rural Pictures over each, viz. Plowing, Reaping, Hay-making, and Sheep-fhearing.

And a rich Cabinet at each end, containing Books ; and 10 marble Bufts of Roman Emperors.

A Drelling-Room Hangings of Yellow Silk Damask, trimmed with Silver ; with the following Paintings :

Joan of Arc, over the Chimney; Sir Thomas Temple; Lady Hefter Temple.

A Bed-Chamber. The Hangings, Bed, Chairs and Ornaments, of Yellow Damask, with Paintings of

The Representation of the Holy Lamb; a FlowerPiece; two Landscapes, one over each Door.

A Drelling-Room. Green Damask, trimmed with Gold, with the following Paintings.

A Picture over the Chimney, by Rembrandt; two Saints, St. Laurence, and St. Stephen, one over each Door. On one fide, Orodes ordering melted Gold to be poured into the Mouth of Crassus. On the other, two Pieces of Ruins and a Landscape, with Dancing Satyrs, by Paul Brill; the Rape of Helen, by Theseus; the Return of Chryseis to her father, both by Primaticcio.

A Bed-Chamber. Green Damask Bed, Hangings and Chairs, trimmed with Gold.

PAINTINGS. An original Portrait of Oliver Cromwell; a Silenus; a Portrait of Colonel Stanyan.

A Drefling-Roon. The Paintings in this Room are,

A Portrait of Rubens's Wife, over one Door, by Rubens; over the other, a Knight of the Bath, by Vandyck ; Cimon and Iphigenia.

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1. The State Gallery Is 70 feet 9 inches by 25 feet long, and 22 feet high, with two marble Chimney-pieces of Sienna, &c. The Ceiling finely ornamented with Paintings and Gilding, by Sclater, The Walls are adorned with curious Pieces of Tapestry, viz.

The Triumph of Diana; the Triumph of Mars; the Triumph of Venus; the Triumph of Bacchus; the Triumph of Ceres.' The Piers are adorned with Trophies. Two Chimnies, the upper parts of which are adorned with Gilding and Carving, representing Mercury conducting Tragic and Comic Poetry to the Hill of Parnaffus. A Goddess conducting Learning to Truth.

II. The State Dreling-Room Is 24 feet 8 inches by 30 feet, and 19 feet 4 inches, hung with Blue Damask, and Chairs and WindowCurtains of the same. The Doors and Ceiling are finely ornamented with Carving and Gilding.

The Paintings are, a fine Portrait of the late Lord Cobham, by Sir Godfrey Kneller. Four ConverfationPieces, by Francisco Çippo. Venus binding the Eyes of a Cupid, and the Graces offering Tribute.

III. The State Bed. Chamber Is 56 feet 8 inches by 25 feet 10 inches, and 18 feet 8 inches high.

The Bed and Ceiling by Signor Borra ; and Pillars of the Corinthian order; the whole finely carved and


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A Madona from the School of Rubens.

A very curious Chimney-Piece of white Marble, designed by Signor Borra.

IV. The State Closet,
Hung with Crimson Damask.--In it a Piature of the
King of Denmark, by Angelica ; facing which is a
Fortrait of la Belle Terronjere, Mitress to Francis
the First, by Leonardo da Vinci.


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The Chinese Closet;
Wainscotted with Japan and other Ornaments, presents
from the late Prince and Princess of Wales --The Fur-
niture white Satin.

A Palage.
Ornamented with marble Bufts.

A Grand Stair Cafe,
Adorned with Paintings of the four Seasons.
The Ceiling represents the rising Sun. Phoebus in his

The length of the line through the House 450-feet; the Offices 450 feet : the whole extent is 900

feet. THE GARDENS. A straight Gravel Road, of two miles in length, leads from BUCKINGHAM to a large Corinthian Arch, 60 feet high, and 60 feet wide, decorated on each side with a large Column, from whence appears the Garden-Front of his Lordship’s House, standing on the summit of a Hill, and encompassed by the Garden and Park. From this Arch, you descend to the Garden Entrance; but the Road to the House leads through the Arch, in which are Dwelling-Rooms for the Keeper.

At the south Entrance of the Gardens are two Pavi. lions fupported by Doric Pillars. Here you have a View of the House, and of the twoʻRivers on the righthand meeting in one Stream, which run into a kind of Bay.

Turning to the left-hand, your descend to Artificial Ruins of a Temple of two River-Gods, covered with Evergreens, and adorned with the Statues of Fauns, Satyrs, and River-Gods; a beautiful Cascade of three Theets of Water falls from a River above into a Lake of ten acres.

The Shepherd's Cove, defigned by Kent, is seated in a rising Wood, on the Banks of the Lake; on the Walls of which is engraved the following Monumental Inscription :



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