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Late and present Wardens of New College. 1768. John Oglander, D.D. 1794. Samuel Gauntlett, D. D.

Late and Present Wardens of Wadham College. 1777. James Gerard, D. D. 1783. Yohn Wills, D.D.

Late and present Presidents of Trinity College. 1731. George Huddesford, D.D. 1776. Joseph Chapman, D.D.

Late and present Masters of Balliol College. 1727. Theophilus Leigh, D.D. 1785. John Davey, D.D.

Late and present Presidents of St. John's College. 1772. Samuel Dennis, D.D. 1795. Michael Marlow, D.D.

Late and present Provofts of Worcester College. 1777. William Sheffield, D.D. 1795. Whittington Landon, D.D.

Late and present Rectors of Exeter College. 1785. Thomas Stinton, D.D. 1797. Henry Richards, D. D.

Late and present Principals of Jesus College. 1763. Humphrey Owen, D.D. 1768. Joseph Hoare, D.D.

'Late and present Rectors of Lincoln College. 1784. John Horner, D. D. 1792. Edward Tatham, D.D.


Late and present Provosts of Oriel College. 1768. John Clark, D. D. 1782. John Eveleigh, D. D. Lateand present Presidents of Corpus Christi College. 1748. Thomas Randolph, D. D. 1783. John Cooke, D. D.

Late and present Wardens of Merton College. 1759. Henry Barton, D.D. 1790. Scrope Berdmore, D. D.

Late and present Deans of Christ Church. 1777. Lewis Baget, LL. D. 1783. Cyril Jackson, D.D.

Late and present Masters of Pembroke College, 1788. William Sergroue, D. D. 1796. John Smith, D.D.

Late and present Principals of Alban Hall. 1759. Francis Randolph, D. D. 1797. Thomas Winftanley, B. D.

Late and present Principals of Edmund Hall. 1760. George Dixon, D.D. 1787. William Dowson, D.D.

Late and present Principals of St. Mary Hall, 1719. William King, LL. D. 1764. Thomas Nowell, D.D.

Late and present Principals of New Inn Hall, 1761. William Blackstone, LL. D. 1767. Robert Chambers, LL. B.

Late and present Principals of Magdalen Hall. 1787. Matthew Lamb, D.D. 1788. Henry Ford, LL. D.

The Late and Present

Chancellors and Vice-Chancellors,


Representatives in Parliament, Professors, &c.



HIGHSTEWARDS. 1767. Edward Leigh, Lord Leigh. 1786. William, Earl of Dartnouth.

VICE-CHANCELLORS, 1796. The Rev. Scrope Berdmora, D. D. Warden

of Merton College. 3797. The Rev. Edmund Tam, D. D. Warden of

All Souls College.

Present Representatives in Parliament. Sir William Dolben, Bart. of Tbingdon, Northamp

tonshire. Francis Page, Efq; of Middle Afton, in the County

of Oxford.

PROCTORS. 1798. James Landon, M. A. of Oriel Colí. James Wadman Alexander, M. A. of Trin. Coll.

Regius Professor of Divinity. Rev. John Randolph, D.D. Canon, of Christ Ch.

Margaret Professor of Divinity. Rev. Sept. Collinson, D.D. Prov. of Queen's Coll.


Regius Professor of Hebrew. Rev. Benjamin Blayney, D.D. Canon of Chr. Ch.

Regius Professor of Greek. Rev. William Jackson, B. D. of Christ Church.

Regius Professor of Civil Law.French Lawrence, LL.D. of Corpus Christi Coll.

Vinerian Professor of Common Law. James Blackstone, LL. D. of All Souls College.

Regius Professor of Phyfic, William Vivian, M. D. of Corpus Christi College.

Regius Professor of Modern History. Rev. Thomas Nowell, D.D, Prin. of St. Mary Hall.

Savilian Professor of Astronomy. Rev. Thomas Hornsby, D.D. of Corpus Christi Coll.

Savilian Profesior of Geometry. Abram Robertson, M. A. of Christ Church.

Professor of Natural Philosophy. Rev. Thomas Hornsby, D. D. of Corpus Christi Coll.

Professor of History: Rev. Thomas Winftanley, B.D. Prin. of Alban Hall.

Lord Litchfield's Clinical Profeffor. Martin Wall, M. D. of New College,

Prælector in Anatomy.
Christopher Pegge, M. D. of Chrift Church.

Profeffor of Botany.
George Williams, M. D. of Corpus Christi Coll.



Archbishop Laud's Professor of Arabic.
Rev. Joseph White, D. D. of Wadham College.

Lord Almoner's Prælector in Arabic.
Rev. Henry Ford, LL. D. of Magdalen Hall.

Professor of Poetry.
Rev. James Hurdis, D. D. of Magdalen College.

Professor of Music.
William Crotch, B. M. of St. Mary Hall.

Public Orator,
William Crowe, B. C. L. of New College.

Radcliffe's Librarian.
Rev. Tho. Hornsby, D.D. of Corpus Christi Coll.

Registrar of the University,
Rev. John Gutch, M. A. of All Soals College.

Keeper of the Bodleian Library.
Rev. John Price, B. D. of Trinity College.

Keeper of the Ashmolean Museum, William Lloyd, B.C.L. of Wadham College.

Keeper of the Archives.
Rev.Whittington Landon, D.D. of Worcester Coll.

University Officers.
Esquire William Rhodes, M.A. of Physic and Arts.
James Matthews, M. A. of Divinity.

. Bedels. ) Robert Hall, B.C. L. of Law.

Mr. Robert Bliss, of Divinity: Yeomen Mr. John Stevens

, of Physic and Arts. Bedels.

Mr. Samuel Walker, of Law.
Mr. Richard Blinkinsop, University Clerk,
Mr. John Green, Divinity Clerk.
Mr. John Green, Virger.

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