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- Wherber the wife of a trustee is compelled to deliver to a devi-
Jee writings which are part of the title-deed's of his esate under fuch
will. D. Ryder

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- As to an arrest for goods brought on six months credit where
the same was made before such credit was expired. R. Draper 35

- As to the operation of a marriage settlement. W. Melmoth. 36

- As to a bond given by a man to a woman, with whom he was
connected while Jole, on an action being afterwards' brought thereon by
the woman's husband. H. Fazackerly

- As to joint-partners under a separate commission how the same

will operate to effect the property of those who have not committed an act
of bankruptcy. Fran. Capper

- 38
- How to compel a perfon to execute a lease to another which he
has contracted to grant. R Fenwick.
As to an indi Elment for a confederacy. J. Raby

As to an old freeman's widozus's right to waive her legacy left
her by her husband, and resort to her customary claim, and the custom of
London. Sim. Urlin

As to an annuity left by will. H. Fazackerly

As to the surplus of the personal liate of a teflctor, and the
fiatute of distributions. T. Clarke

As to distress for rent. E. Filmer

- As to a discharge for a legacy of 300 l. when infant children
are entitled to the reverfionary interest therein. T. Clarke Ibid.
por As to a furgeon's charge for fetiing a person's leg that was
broke. W. Chappell

On an indialment for a conspiracy in marrying a poor man of
.: one parish to a poor woman of another. T. Gordon

-- As to power to grant reversionary leases, and copies and a will.
: - Cha. Yorke

.. .53
- As to a right to compel affignees to indorfe debentures belonging
to the bankrupt which were before disposed of by him for a valuable
confideration, but omitied to be indor sed. C. Sayer

mo As to what time executors are entitled to the errears of an an-
nyity due to their teflater. Wm. De Grey

- As to bringing an action of trover. Ja. Wallace Ibid.

As to an executrix giving security for payment of legacies.
T. Barnardiston .

- As to a will wrote by the teftator himself. Cha. Pinfold 58
- On the fame question. Wm. Murray

- As to a woman under coverture disposing of effates or devising
; the fame by will. Wm. Rivett

As to a marriage settlement. E. W.

. As to the operation of a will in devising two real estates,
Cha. Yorke

can As to the state a devisee took by a particular devise. Cha.







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How far a real and personal estate devised by a will is liable to an annuity given by the teftator's father. Rich, Perryn 73

- Exceptions in a marriage settlement how far they affect a recovery passed thereon. D. Ryder

.72 As to the operation of a marriage settlement. Cha. Yorke. 73

As to recovering a note taken by a landlord of his tenant for sent, where a commiffion has been taken out against the tenant. Thurloe

On a marriage settlement. T. Clarke .. . * Whether a house left in the care of a servant was subject to the window tax. The Judges Two houses made into one

84 Whether the appellant added one light in order to reduce the charge on the number of windows

85 Whether the owners of houses let to inmates should pay the window tax

Ibid. Whether work-shops, ware-rooms, &c. were subjeet to this tax


. .. 87 On laying two houses into one

As to the payment of tythes. W. Sayer
As to a devife in a will. T. Warren
The fame case answered by H. Collet

94 The same by J. Madocks

95 - As to the effect of a letter of attorney given by an administratrix. T. Warren

- As to the effect of a guardianship created by the ecclefiaftical court, to enable fuch guardian to receive money due to infant children , under a marriage settlement. R. Perryn - As to covenants in a leafe. W. H. Afhurst

99 -- As to a devising in a will. W. Rivers

IOI The fame answered by Cha, Yorke

Ibid. As to the property of money. J. Burland .

102 · As to a tender for lambs compounded. J. Wallace

103 As to a beques under a will. R. Wilbraham

105 As to creating a chapel. Geo. Harris

106 On examinations taken before a justice on a criminal charge. J. Wallace

On a surcharge of windows

On a will and codicils. J. Verney - On a devise in a will. Wm. De Grey' . 113

How obligors in a bond would be affeeted if the person for Wham such bond was given became a bankrupt. Fr. Filmer 120

- As to the payment of certain rents chargeable on hands. H. Gould. The fame answered by J. Burland

123 The same by G. Andrews

I 24 - As to a deed of partition of land left by will. R. Perryn 126



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- For the establishing a devise in a will. W. Rivet 128 As to a devisee in a will. T. Warren

129 The fame answered by N. Collet

Ibid. - The same bý J. Madocks - As to the passing an estate given under a will. W. Rivett Ibid.

As to rating houses in two parishes with land tax; ond ftat. 6 Geo. 2. F. Norton

- As to the construction of a will and codicils. R. Wilbraham

134 The fame answered by A. H. Campbell

As to purchasing an estate in order to vote at an eleélion. Ch. Yorke

135 - As to the operation of a marriage settlement. W. Rivett 138 - As to a devise of lands under a will. D. Ryder 139 As to a will and settlement on a marriage

141 - As to the payment of tythes. R. Wilbraham

149 - As to the application of money arising from the sale of a real eftate. Geo. Perrot

150 As to a bequest under a will. Step. Gardiner - 152 * As to a will. T. Ley

- On a marriage settlement. T. Coke -- As to a joint purchase. E. Wilmot

Ibid. - As to the operation of a deed. Ed. Hoskins

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ses lying in to the paper of St.,

4th April, T H E Dean and Chapter of Westminster; by two feve1720. T ral leases demised several messuages in Newgate

ftreet, to S. G. widow, for the term of forty years, in trust for 7. D. and Elizabeth his wife.

5th April, 1720.--By indenture tripartite between the said 7. D. and Elizabeth his wife of the first part, the said S. G. of the fecond part, and S. S. of the third part; the said 7. D. and Elizabeth his wife, and obe said S. G. in consideration of 1000l. paid by S. S. to ' . D, and his wife, demised the said premises to the said S. S. for the

term of 39 years and 3 quarters of a year, at a pepper corn rent, subject to redemption upon payment of the said 1000 li and interest on the 19th of June then next ensuing.

28th April, 1720 The Dean and Chapter of St. Paul demised by lease to the said S. G. in truft for the said 7. D. and Elizabeth his wife, several messuages lying in Newgate-market, and Warwick-lanez for forty years,

The said 1000 l. not being paid upon the first mortgage, and some interest remaining due thereon; 7. D. applied to $. S. to advance him the further sum of 400 1. his wife E. D. being then dead.

15th September, 1725.-By indenture between the said . D. of the first part, S. G. of the second part, and the said S. S. and T. B. of the third part, in consideration of 400 l. paid to the said 7. D. by the said S. S. and 5 s. by him paid to the said S. G. she the said S. Ġ. by the direction and appointment of the said J. D. and also the said 7. D. afsigned the said messuages and premises, held of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul in London, to the said S. S. for the residue of the said term of 40 years, from Michaelmas, 1719, by the said lease of the 20th April, 1720, granted, and in consideration of the said fum of 4001. and of the said 1000 1. and interest then due to the said S. S. and of 5 s. to the faid S. G. paid by the said T. B. the said S. G. and also the said 7. D. assigned by the nomination and appointment of the faid S. S. unto the Taid T. B. the several messuages and heredita.

ments, ments, held of the said Dean and Chapter of Westminster, for the residue of the two several terms of 40 years, each commencing at Michaelmas 1719, by the said two several leases, granted to the faid S. G. by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, in trust for the said 8. S. subject to the provisoe therein contained; whereby it was agreed that if the said. 7. D. should pay unto the said S. S. as well the said Sum of 4001. with interest at 5 per cent. per annum ; as also the said sum of 1000 l. with such interest as was then, or should become due for the same, on the 15th of March then next; then the said S. S. and T. B. should assign unto the said J. D. all the premises thereby assigned to the said S. S. and T. B. or by the said indenture tripartite demised to S. S.

The laid 7. D. afterwards died intestate, and 30th of July, 1729, administration was granted to his daughter A. Bon, wife of 7. Ban, who thereby became intitled to the equity of redemption, of the said mortgaged premises.

The said S. S. died inteftate, and administration was granted to 7. Bd, and the said T. B-d, and E. S. his widow, who by virtue thereof, became intitled to the said monies due on the said mortgages.

7th December, 1731.–The faid 7. B-n, and Ann his wife, having an opportunity to renew the said two leases with the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, did for that purpose apply to the said J. B-d, T. B-d, and E. S. to surrender the faid two leafes, and to advance out of the estate of the faid S. S. 100l. to defray the fine and other expences of such renewal, and agreed that the said new leafes fhould be in the name of trust for securing the money due, and to become due on the said mortgages, and also the faid 100 l. with intereft ; and that the said mesfuages and premises held of the Dean and Chapter of St. Paul, should also be a security for the money due on the said mortgages, and the said 100 l. to be advanced, and upon those terms, the said 7. B-d, T. B-d, and E. S. surrendered, or delivered up the said two old leafes that had been granted by the Dean and Chapter of Westminster, to the said S. G. and advanced to the said 7. B , and Ann his wife, the faid 100 l. which was expended in payment of the fine and other charges or expencés upon renewing of the two leases. And thereupon the said Dean and Chapter of Westminster, by their indenture of lease, dated 7th December, 1731, did demise to the said $, W. all that meffuage or tenement therein mentioned to be fituate in Newgate-street, London, and wherein G. D. a grocer then dwelt, fot the term of forty years, from Michaelmas then laft past. .

7th December, 1731.-The-said Dean and Chapter of Weliminfter, by one other indenture of leafe, for the confideration therein mentioned, did demife to the faid S. W. three several meffuages, near Netugatemarket, to hold for the term of forty years, from Michaelmas then laft paft. · The faid leases were fo 'made to S. W. in trust, and to the intent that the same might be alligned, to the faid y. Bud, T. Band, and E. S. the adminiftrattiš of the said S. S. or as they fhould direct, for Tea Guring the payment of the principal money and intereft then due,


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