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Selected from

the Papers of á BARRISTER at
L À w, lately deceased.

Printed by W. STRAHAN and M. WOODFALL, Law??

Printers to the King's Moft Excellent Majesty :
For G, KE AR SLY; No. 46, near Serjeant's Inn, Fleet-Streck


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THE Utility of this Collection of Cases, (which

- contain the Opinions of some of the first Authorities in the Kingdom on Points of L Aw and EQUITY) is too apparent to make it necessary for the Editor to say much thereon ; any Gentleman in a Practical Branch of the Law, will here find such a Variety of Matters of Law, explained and determined, as will not only assist his Judgment, but also aid his Practice, so as to make it in some degree unnecessary for him to have the further Opinion of Counsel in almost any Case that can possibly occur.

The young Clerk, by a careful Perusal and due Attention to the Manner of drawing these Cases, will be enabled to execute any Thing of that Kind that may fall under his Department, with Accuracy and Precision, so as to be a Credit to himself and his Employer.

These Cases, as to their arrangement, are promiscuolly given as they were taken from the Papers of the Person to whom they belonged, yet the

Reader may, by referring to the Index (which is a · full Explanation of the Matter of each Case) with

Ease and Dispatch, find any Thing that he may
want therein.
June 1, 1776.

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CASE and opinion whether two chapter h-uses, the property of the

wife, were subject in law or equity to the debts of the husband. T. Barnaraiston

Page 1 - As to dividing an old freeman's efate who died inteftate. Sim. Urlin -- On a bottomree bond, whether usurious. J. Hewitt ií

How executors are to be indemnified by a parish for paring a legacy due to a lunatic to the said paris, who had for fome years kept such lunatic. Flet, Norton .

Ibid. - - A to what constitutes an heir at law. T. Barnardiston. 15 - Whether à compromise made to creditors is an act of bankruptcy. E. Green

16 As to a promisory note colourably indor fed to avoid the flatute of ufury. D Ryder

25 - As is an officer's bond given to the periff of Middlesex, whether the obligor was liable on the escape of his prisoner. R. Dra



As to the disposition of a real and personal estate under a will. C. Talbot

:: Ibid. - As to a woman's power in disposing of a real and perfonal eflate left her while under coverture. Ed. Green

30 -- As to the bequest of a real estate where the word devise is omitted therein, and no word of inheritance made use of to pass the Same to tbe devisor. H. Fazackerly.


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