The Rise of New Labour: The Pocket Essential Guide

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Summersdale Publishers Limited, Jan 10, 2002 - History - 97 pages

The Rise of New Labour? How did that happen? As everybody knows, Labour messed up the economy in the 1970s, went too far left, became ‘unelectable’ and let Mrs Thatcher in. After three General Election defeats Labour modernised, abandoned the left and had successive landslide victories in 1997 and 2001. That’s the story they print in newspapers. The only problem is...

New Labour in 2001 got fewer votes than ‘old’ Labour did in 1992.

It wasn’t Labour who messed up the economy in the 1970s but the Tories.

The Labour Party was handed to the left in 1983 by a conspiracy involving the Labour MPs about to defect to the Social Democratic Party.

The real story of the rise of New Labour is more complex, and it involves the British and American intelligence services, the Israelis, and elite management groups like the Bilderbergers. Robin Ramsay untangles the myths and shows how it really happened that Gordon Brown sank gratefully into the arms of the bankers, Labour took on board the agenda of the City of London, and that nice Mr Blair embraced his role as the last dribble of Thatcherism down the leg of British politics.

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