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You will in vain expect success in your studies, unless you implore a biefling on them from Heaven; or if you should be permitted by Providence to make a proficiency in knowledge for the lake of others, you will not derive from your acquisition that degree of happiness which you would otherwise enjoy. You must ask the Giver of every good gift for that most valuable gift of literary improvement.

20. You are apt at your age to be though less. You enjoy health and spirits. You are strangers to the cares of the world. Cheerfulness indeed beconies you ; but let me prevail with you, when I entreat you to consider the value of time, and the importance of making a good use of it.

21. Consider your parents. Form an idea of the anx. iety which they feel on your account. You must have observed how eagerly they wish for your improvement. They feel a laudable ambition, which prompts them to desire that you may arrive at eminence in whatever profession or em. ployment you may hereafter be engaged by idence.

22. To them it would be a painful. temptible and unsuccessful. But noth, from contempt, or insure your success al merit, or the qualities of a good diff a competent share of human learning

uns. 23. Your parents do all in their po improvement; but after all, they cannu

it remains with yourie!ves to give efficacy a od fuccess to tbeir endeavors. The mind is not a vessel, into svhich may be poured any quantity of whatever the posfeffor chooses to infute, It is rather lik: ca plant; which, by the operation of its own internal powers, imbibes the autriment afforded by the carth

24. But, not to lweil on fimilies, it is certain that your instructors can serve you only in conjuncion wit!

own efforts. Let me then entrat you to excri yo's. tituitives, if you have any regard for your parents, wiruse

inef: so effentially depends on your condue; yo: a decili

any regard for your own honor, success, and cemfermon.on ti

you hope to be useful and respected in society, and

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