A Sketch of a Tour on the Continent: In the Years 1786 and 1787, Volume 2

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author, 1793 - Europe
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Page 382 - Amelia's presence ; indeed, she expected from her some of those insults of which virtuous women are generally so liberal to a frail sister : but she was mistaken ; Amelia was not one Who thought the nation ne'er would thrive, Till all the whores were burnt alive.
Page 97 - A plant," says this elegant writer, on collecting some specimens near the Bay of Baia, " gathered in a celebrated or delightful spot, is like the hair of a friend, — more dear to memory than even a portrait ; because it excites the imagination without attempting to fill it.
Page 352 - With rough, majestic strength they touch'd the heart, And Truth and Nature made amends for Art.
Page 47 - England" might be seen every afternoon, lolling in his coach, the very image of a drunken Silenus, more asleep than awake, and apparently tottering on the brink of that grave to which he is since gone. The small remains of expression to be seen in his face, wore the appearance of good nature. He was often accompanied by his legitimated daughter, the duchess of Albany, a lively and unaffected woman, but...
Page 113 - Fertier tells us a Lichen grows on the lava of Vefuvius, but without mentioning its form or fpecies. Being a perennial of very flow growth, n long courfe of years elapfes before its crumbling branches fall into the cavities of the lava ; and decaying there, form vegetable mould for the noOrifhment of other plants.
Page 246 - Its fpacious gardens excel in that peculiar ftyle of magnificence appropriated to the gardens about Rome, which recalls fo many interefting ideas, that one would almoft dread to fee them fubmitted to the reforms of enlightened modern tafte. What is wanting in fcientific difpofition, is made up by the vaft luxuriance and venerable antiquity of their woods of bays and ilex, towering cyprefles, grafly walks abounding with beautiful wild flowers in the greater!
Page 113 - Lichen pafchalis, which covers it moft copioufly, appearing like hoar froft. The plants are fmall, not above half an inch high at moft. We have not found this fpecies before in our tour. I...
Page 15 - One reprefents the Council of the Gods, before whom Venus and Cupid are pleading their...

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