Reasons for Methodism: in a letter

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Hamilton, Adams and Company, 1834

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Page 8 - I answer that it is both unsound and untrue; for there is not that thing in the world of more grave and urgent importance throughout the whole life of man than is discipline. What need I instance? He that hath read with judgment of nations and commonwealths, of cities and camps, of peace and war, sea and land, will readily agree that the flourishing and decaying of all civil societies, all the moments and turnings of human occasions, are moved to and fro as upon the axle of discipline.
Page 9 - ... the moments and turnings of human occasions are moved to and fro as upon the axle of discipline. So that whatsoever power or sway in mortal things weaker men have attributed to fortune, I durst with more confidence (the honor of Divine Providence ever saved) ascribe either to the vigor or the slackness of discipline.
Page 9 - And certainly discipline is not only the removal of disorder, but, if any visible shape can be given to divine things, the very visible shape and image of virtue; whereby she is not only seen in the regular gestures and motions of her heavenly paces as she walks, but also makes the harmony of her voice audible to mortal ears.
Page 18 - none of us shall, either in writing or conversation, speak lightly or irreverently of the government under which he lives. We are to observe that the oracles of God command us to be subject to the higher powers, and that honour to the king is there connected with the fear of God.
Page 7 - ... term Trinitarian with a believer in three. Let the intelligent public judge, whether it is not high time to withhold from these men an appellation, which assumes the question at issue, and which cannot be bestowed without being converted into an occasion of insult and triumph over their opponents. There was a time when the learning and moderation of Lardner, and the fame and science of Priestley, combined to throw a transitory splendour over their system, and to procure from the Christian world...
Page 25 - Spirit allow us to rest in tranquillity upon our mats, and never again dig up the axe to cut down the tree of peace ! Let the earth be trod hard over it, where it lies buried. Let a strong stream run under the pit, to wash the evil away out of our sight and remembrance.

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