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that clause of the Act is enforced with the Surveyors may withdraw their addiscretion, it will render a dog tax quite vertisement. It is a noble room of acunnecessary:

curate dimensions, admirably calculated The meeting of the Bench of Magis- for theatrical purposes, as it admits of trates took place on Monday, the 3rd abundant stage room, and a division of instant, for the purpose of considering the audience part, so as to obtain that the propriety of granting certain fresh desirable object in all theatres, the conlicenses, when Messrs. Firth, Puzzi, venient accommodation of all classes of Innis, Taylor, and Cobb, all received the community. Mr. Deane has a grand fresh licenses. The meeting adjourned Oratorio in preparation. We have seen till to-morrow, when it will be made the programme, and nothing can be known whether Messrs. Wise and Day, better selected. He has made arrangeof the Ship Inn, have their licenses re- ments for the performance of one of stored to them. We are happy to say,

Handel's Chorusses, by the engagement that the abominable, the horrible, and of a more numerous orchestra, than was treacherous close door system has re- ever yet heard in this Island. It will ceived a death-blow, and in future, a consist of upwards of thirty performers man, if he is to be ruined, by being de- of the various sorts. We apprehend prived of his lic se, will have the sa- Nr. Deane will on this occasion, as in tisfaction of knowing the nature of his England, raise the price of tickets to offence. The discussions will in future, half-a-guinea, the invariable charge of take place with open doors.

the Hanover Square, and all other simiThe good done, and doing by the lar Conceits. No doubt, there will not body of Catholics, daily more and more be one to be sold, even at that price, exhibits itself in various respects. One long before the evening of performance. fact is unanswerable. The Rev. Mr. Great complaints have been made to Connolly has now considered it

proper us, respecting Mr. Luckman, the miller, himself to call a Meeting, for the pur- having chosen to stop the supply of the pose of considering the best means of inhabitants, with the ditch water of the affording education to the children of creek, by having almost entirely covered that faith !!! What now becomes of up the water trough in Harrington-street. the Protestant opposition to the late Mr. Luckman has no more right to Meeting?

claim exclusive possession of the creek It is now ascertained that the Insol- water, than has any other individual, vent Law in operation is altogether lop- and if he has been so long tacitly persided. The debtor can declare himself mitted to enjoy the advantage of a supply insolvent at his pleasure-not so the of water for his mill, it was merely becreditor, who, even if he knows that his cause the public were not inconvenienced debtor can pay one hundred shillings in thereby—his trough having been open, the pound, has no power over his pro- so as to allow parties to dip water thereperty, nor can he compel him to sur- from. Bad water is better than no render it. This Act, then, like the water at all ; and water people must, former one, under which so much loss and will have. If therefore Mr. Luckwas sustained by creditors, is any thing man persists in keeping the whole of the but calculated to effect a good purpose.

water of the creek to himself—the sooner Neither debtor nor creditor are satisfied those concerned, knock the water trough with it. We twice inserted in this down, and rid the public thoroughfare Journal a draft of a six-line Act, which of Harrington-street of such a nuisance, we have the satisfaction to hear is gene- the better it will be for all parties. rally approved. But newspaper advice What with these millers, and the aristois, we suppose, unworthy notice. Tas- cracy, residing in the neighbourhood of manian and Review.

Montagu Bason,” the public at times Mr. Deane has commenced operations can scarcely obtain a pail full of water. at his New Theatre in Argyle-street. So dammed up has the water been lately, It was opened with a Concert, and part that at times it would have taken two of two Acts of a Pantomine, and was so hours to fill a pail of water at the creek crowded on both occasions that its soli- at Wellington Bridge. slity underwent a tolerably good ordeal. Fish were lately so plentiful at Port After the stuffing which has taken place, Arthur, that on one occasion the seine was


hauled in Safety Cove, with upwards of two distinct strata of clay, evidently 1,500 of those fine fish which we call pointing out that it was a casual deposit salmon.

in the interval that had occurred in a There are now 68 boys in the separate former age between the subsiding of each establishments for their discipline and stratum. On trial it is found to be ineducation at Port Arthur, and credit is flammable, is of a yellow striped apdue to Capt. Booth, and Lieutenant pearance and very brittle. It is eviMontgomery the superintendent, for the dently a vegetable resin, but different excellent manner in which they are ma- from that which exudes from any plant naged.

now existing in the island. During Baron Hugel's short stay in Mr. Rowlands has, we learn, very our Colony, he made several par- handsomely presented a silver cup to the ticularly interesting excursions into the race fund, to be run for by ponies not interior. One to New Norfolk and its exceeding 14 hands high, and it is said beautiful neighbourhood, a second to fourteen or fifteen horses are likely to the Coal river and a third to the Huon. contend for the prize, which will be In the latter he was piloted and accom- worth about 60 or £70. panied by Mr. Davidson, the able and Mr. Clayton has kindly offered to zealous superintendent of the Government shew gentlemen about town who are garden, who pointed out to him the locali- desirous of taking honey from their bees ties of many rare and beautiful plants at this season, the method of doing so discovered in his recent researches. On without destroying the bees. their journey down they had nearly pe- We regret to state, that another rished, however, in the dreadful flames Government vessel has been carried off. which have for some days been ravaging The circumstances are very short. The all parts of the country. In one place last of the Macquarie Harbour people the travellers got so completely sur- took their passage in a newly-built vesrounded that it was perilous either to re- sel, of about 100 tons.

There were treat or advance, and they were kept at nineteen persons on board, including, a bay for some time until the encircling corporal and four soldiers. As in the fames compelled them at all hazards, as case of the Cypress,' two of these through the flames of Troy town, to force latter went from the vessel to fish, on their way. Tying handkerchiefs round the 13th of January, at the entrance of their horses eyes, they dashed through at Macquarie Harbour, when ten of the full speed and ultimately escaped, though nineteen seized the vessel, and carried not without scorching and burning off her off. The nineteen were thus dispart of the poor animals manes and tails, posed of:---Nine were put on shore, and as well as a portion of the hair of the head ten, as we have said, carried away the and the Baron's mustachios. Happily vessel. Now, it is quite clear, that the rain on Monday, which was very with common precaution, nine men, heavy in that district, quenched the proving theniselves not of the pirates, flames and permitted them to return including a corporal and two soldiers, through another element.

must have been a tolerably good match The Lieutenant Governor has, with for any ten unarmed prisoners, of every his suit, been for some time past visiting sort! We forhear further remark, unthe interior; after staying at Launceston, willing to prejudice those, who will, of he proceeded to St. Paul's Plains, Ben course, be subject to investigation forthLomond, and George's River, where with. But the matter speaks for itself. he was to be met by Captain Moriarty, Great preparations are making for the with the military detachment from Ho New Town Races—the trainers are bubart Town.

sily and anxiously employed, in bringing His Honor the Puisne Judge returned the young oncs quite up to the mark, from Launceston on the 19th inst., hav- and the old ones have had their due ing closed the session at that place. portion of aloes--by the by we have

Mr. Clements, of Richmond, has seen in a lately published work, that a kindly forwarded to us a specimen of a vast alteration has taken place in the very remarkable substance found in dig- strength of the doses given ; eight ging a well at that place, at a depth of drachms of Barbadoes aloes, form the about 64 feet. It was deposited between largest doses given, to aged horses--bix and a half to four year old--- six to Mr. Murray's work on education is three year old, five to two year old, and at length completed ; and we have read from three to four to yearlings. We it in sheets. It is unquestionably one of have not yet heard whether the officers the most familiar and elaborate manuals of the 21st, intend following the exam- of education we ever read. T'he me. ple of their predecessors, by giving a thod is new—the style bold, and suitplate to be run for at the New Town able to the subject-the diction elegant, Meeting.

and the argument sound. Much labour The Regatta is anxiously anticipated has evidently been bestowed upon it, by many. Go where you will, and you and the author has succeeded in gradu. will find conversation is sure to turn ally elucidating his subject, in such inupon sailing boats and whaling boats. The telligible terms, that the meanest capaprizes, we consider very handsome, and city may follow him through his pages will, no doubt, stimulate much compe- with profit, while the scholar will find tition. It is fully expected that every ample food for the mind upon an attenwhaler will have a hand in the Regatta tive perusal. In point of utility, but --crews are chosen, and exercising has one opinion can exist with respect to this long since commenced. The sailing work, which is the most truly useful boats, too, are numerous--of course publication which has emanated from the every one a clipper—and so they will be Colonial Press. No family in the Island till the day of the race, when some will. ought to be without a copy, and indeed no doubt, be at Sandy Bay Point, whilst we consider it has only to be read to inothers are at the Battery. We shall duce a call for a second edition. give the particulars in our next Maga- The Town has been supplied with a zine.

small qnantity of shrimps, which have We are surprised that so little atten- been caught on the other side of the tion has hitherto been paid to the collec- island, and brought over by the Mail. tion of leeches. At the present time It is matter of astonishment, that some they are worth three or four shillings person does not commence the shrimp each-nay, indeed, so scarce are they, fishing in the Derwent—the fish is to be that they can rarely be obtained at any found most plentiful in all parts—at price. The island abounds with them, and Sandy Bay point, more particularly so.

any person will take the trouble to A net, which might be made at a triwalk up to where the grass trees grow on Aing expense, would be all the outlay the side of Mount Wellington, they will required, and a large profit would most obtain them in large quantities. The assuredly be forthcoming--those brought leech is seen above the ground, or over from Launceston have been selling swamps, only in hot weather. The usual at seven shillings the quart. way of collecting them in some parts of In spite of the favorable reception of Europe, is by means of a bullock's li- Mr. and Mrs. Taylor in Hobart Town, ver, tied to a string, which is dipped into they have left the Colony, and that too the little stagnant pools—the leeches very suddenly. They left Hobart Town should be taken from the liver, and pla- on the 27th inst., in the Currency Lass, ced in a bottle with fresh water. The for Sydney, and they both anticipate more common way, however, of taking to be engaged on the Sydney Theatre them, is by means of men and women that they will have cause and leisure to who walk about bare-legged in the wa- repent of the abrupt and uncourteous ter : the leeches soon collect on their feet manner they have treated the Van Dieand legs, from which they are taken off men's Land public, who have shewn before they have had time to suck much such a wish to support them, there is blood.

little doubt. An old hand, of the name of Luke It is understood that Mr. Lewis, of Normanton, went on a fishing excur- the “ Terpsichorean Academy," intends sion in a small boat, on Friday, the 31st giving at an early opportunity, a private ult., in Frederick Henry Bay, and has Ball to his pupils, and their friends, at not since been heard of. The weather Mr. Deane's New Rooms; when three being very tempestuous, it is feared, the elegant prizes will be given to the three dingy in which he was, swamped—the pupils, who shall have made the great man is upwards of eighty years of age. est progress under Mr. Lewis's tuition,


in proportion to the time he has instructed Sydney, where good beef is three-hallthem. This will be a very interesting pence a pound, while at Hobart Town occasion.

it is selling at 8d. We regret to state that Captain Read The flour, recently imported from fell from his horse, the other day, near Sydney (sixty tons), has hitherto been New Norfolk, by which his hand was selling at £22 per ton. It is to us sindreadfully shattered, and his head se- gular, that while four is selling at Launverely bruised.

ceston for 17s. a cwt., we should be imSeveral merchants are about joining porting Sydney flour at the same price, to bring down some live cattle from and that quite smutty! How is this?

Gardening, &c. FEBRUARY. - AGRICULTURE. Wheat HORTICULTURE.-Onions will now beharvest continues throughout this month, gin to be fit for gathering—their tops with full activity. Indeed, if the wheat should be first laid fat, and after they are farmer devotes his time and energies to it taken out of the ground should lay as long as he ought, he will find little leisure for exposed to the influence of the sun as can any other occupation.

well be managed, as this will assist their A few turnips may be sown early in the keeping. It has been complained of the month, so that the weather be showery; onions of the Colony, that they do not and those previously sown, should be well keep well-but the fault lies more in the thinned and cleanged by the hoe. Where management than in the onions. the farmer has the means or opportunity,

Fruits of various kinds are now in perhis fallows should have the plough and fection. You may plant out a few forharrows constantly at work, as the weeds ward brocoli, cauliflowers, and cabbages now make sad havoc, if not checked by for autumn use, any time this month, and these means.

sow a little of each for a succession,


Shipping Intelligence.

Feb. 6.-His Majesty's Ship Alliga

tor, for Sydney. Feb. 3.—The brig Isabella, from Feb. 6.- The barque Atwick, for Sydney, with coal, military and priso- Sydney.

Feb. 7.-The brig Brazil Packet, for Feb. 4.—The brig Argo, with a ge- Hokianga. neral cargo.

Feb. 9.–The ship Southworth, for Feb. 9.- Arrived the ship Lindsays, the Mauritius. from the sperm Fishery.

Feb. 9.—The barque Caroline,, for Feb. 11.- Arrived the brig Amity, London. from Sydney.

Feb. 15.-The ship Lang, for the Feb. 17.- Arrived the schooner Jess, South Seas. from Sydney, with Colonial produce. Feb. 16.--The barque Wave, with

Feb. 20.-Arrived the brig Mavis, wool, oil, &c. for London. from Calcutta, with sugar, coffee, &c. Feb. 16.—The ship Sir John Rae

Reid, for London.

Feb. 18.- The brig Argo, for the

Mauritius. Feb. 5.—The cutter Jolly Rambler, Feb. 20.—The barque Merope, for for Launceston.

Swan River.

Marriages, Births, &c.


On the 5th inst., at Orielton, the lady of Alexander Goldie, esq. of a son.

On the 21st inst., the lady of Hackett, esq., distiller, ot a daughtcore


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