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Hobart Town Magazine.


- Non tenues ignavo pollice chordas
Pulso, sed Arunci residens in margine templi,
Audax magnorum tumulis adcanto magistrum,"-


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IN closing our Second Volume, as is generally the custom on such occasions, it becomes our pleasing duty to say a word or two to our numerous readers and subscribers, and also to our contribu


To our readers and subscribers then, we tender our thanks for the very liberal support they have afforded us, during the twelvemonths we have presented ourselves to their notice; and we hope, while we confess our past endeavours have been crowned with more success than we could have anticipated, still to go on and improve, so as to render ourselves yet more worthy of that support; nor can we let this opportunity slip of expressing our confidence, from the arrangements we have made, in being able to produce in our next volumes, articles superior to most which have hitherto appeared before a Van Diemen's Land public.

To our contributors we can only repeat (what many have per-. sonally received) our acknowledgments of the debt of gratitude we owe them for their varied, amusing, and useful productions, and

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