Collections Towards a Description of the Country of Devon

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J. Nichols, 1791 - Devon (Angleterre) - 568 pages

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Page v - Oriental learning in illustrating topics of great importance in the history of mankind ; and it is much to be lamented that he did not live to revise and improve them in England, with the advantages of accumulated knowledge and undisturbed leisure.
Page ix - ... better known. Such a gift had he of rare memory, that he would have recited upon a sudden the descents of most eminent families; from whose lamp I have received light in these my labours. Moreover he had an extraordinary blessing of the Lord ; for he saw his children's children's children.
Page xii - ... which indeed is the true gentility. He was learned alfo, not only in the laws, but in other polite matters : he was Very laborious in the...
Page xiii - Death (that ultima lines rerun] came, and added a period to the lad line of his life ; though not until he had lived to a very great age. He lies interred in the Parifh Church of Colliton, under a flat ftone, whole infcriptiun is obliterated by time.
Page xi - Coliton, in the foutheaft part of this county ; it was fome time the (eat and dwelling, as well as inheritance, of the moft noble family of the Courtenays, Earls of Devon, from whofe heirs general it was purchafed by Sir William's father, and fettled upon this his fon, who new built it. Being thus fettled here, he lived in great reputation, and became an ornament to, and a very ufeful perfon in, his country...
Page xiii - Devon) which all mifcarried in the time of the late civil wajs in England ; as I have been informed by the prefent Honourable Colonel, Sir John Pole, Bart, fo that the very titles and arguments of them are perifhed likewife. From all which paflages, well confidered, it plainly appears, how very induftrious this Gentleman was ; how he chofe to lay out his time in higher and nobler gratifications than what fenfuality affords ; and how he applied himfelf to this genteel ftudy...
Page 223 - ... Wymund de Ralegh ) Abb de Donekvill et ;• tenunt in Coleton . . . duas partes 1 feodis." Rads de Springham J And Pole mentions, " Thabbey of Dunkeswell had alsoe a manner in this parish" (163). Holland records him to have been lord of Bolham, and, according to Pole, he was the first to hold it : — " Bolham hath contynewed in the name & famyly of Ralegh, from Sr Wymond de Ralegh, in Kinge Henry 3 tyme, unto Sr Carew Ralegh, whoe lately hath sold it
Page x - An'* tients that hath formerly read, reads in Lent vacation, and is called
Page 91 - Bercelette." ' The following story is related of him by Pole, in his collections for Devon — : ' Sir John Sully, renowned for his exploits in the Holy Land against the Saracens, in which he was weakened by several wounds, returned home after many years' absence: whereupon his officers bringing in the accounts of his rent, which amounted to a great mass of money, he caused his cloak, being of cloth of gold, to be spread on the ground, and commanding the money to be poured thereon, he cast himself...
Page x - ... and removing to the Inns of Court, became a member of the Inner Temple, where he grew eminent for his skill and knowledge in that honourable profeffion.

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