Edda Sæmundar Hinns Frođa: The Edda of Sæmund the Learned, Part 2

Front Cover
Benjamin Thorpe
Trübner & Company [Printed by W. Plötz, Halle, Saxony], 1866

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Page 79 - Budli's daughter, once only, from her whole soul, when in her bed she listened to the loud lament of Giuki's daughter. 31. Then said Gunnar, the hawk-bearing prince: "Laugh not thereat, thou barbarous woman! glad on thy couch, as if good awaited thee. Why hast thou lost that beauteous colour? authoress of crime! Methinks to death thou art doomed. 32. Well
Page 116 - heart in my hand shall lie, cut bloody from the breast of the valiant chief, the king's son, with a dull-edged knife." * * * * * They the heart cut out from Hialli's breast; on a dish bleeding laid it, and it to Gunnar bare.
Page 84 - on the one side of me; 64. Let them with the Hun burn on the other side, my household slaves, with collars splendid, two at our heads, and two hawks; then will all be equally distributed. 65. Let also lie between us both the sword with rings adorned, the keen-edged iron, so again be placed, as when we both one couch ascended,
Page 1 - did not return. Egil then went on snow-shoes in search of Olrun, and Slagfid in search of Svanhvit, but Volund remained in Ulfdal. He was a most skilful man, as we learn from old traditions. King Nidud ordered him to be seized, so as it is here related.
Page 2 - but the third, their sister, the white neck clasped of Volund. 3. There they stayed seven winters through; but all the eighth were with longing seized; and in the ninth fate parted them. The maidens yearned for the murky wood, the young Alvit, fate to fulfil. 4.
Page 63 - runes thou must know, if thou wilt that no one for injury with hate requite thee. Those thou must wind, those thou must wrap round, those thou must altogether place in the assembly, where people have into full court to go.
Page 81 - let us leave necessity to rule." 44. To him Hogni answer gave: "Let no one hinder her from the long journey, whence may she never born again return. Unblest she came on her mother's lap, born in the world for ceaseless misery, for many a man's heart-felt sorrow.
Page 117 - wavering, while we both lived; now am I so no longer, as I alone survive. Rhine shall possess men's baleful metal, the mighty stream, the Asknown Niflungs' heritage. In the rolling water the choice rings shall glitter, rather than on the hands of the Huns' children shine. 28. Drive your wheelchariots, the captive is now in bonds." 29. Atli the mighty, their sister's husband, rode with
Page 14 - that the heir should sit on a lower seat, until the Bragafull was brought in, that he should then rise to receive it, make a vow, and drink the contents of the cup (full). He was then led to his father's high seat. At an offering
Page 75 - between them; nor the damsel did he kiss, nor did the Hunnish king to his arm lift her. He the blooming maid to Giuki's son delivered.

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