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Memoir of Walter Scott, Esq.

357 edition of Lord Somers's collection of nity, we should be disposed to recomhistorical tracts; and at the same time mend to him the example of Heliodorus, edited Sir Ralph Sadler's state papers, and that without feeling any compuncand Anna Seward's poetical works. tions about the magnitude of the sacriYet the very year when these last pub- fice. lications appeared, witnessed the birth John Home, in our own days, reof another original offspring of his pro- nouneed his manse and his kirk, rather lific muse. This was the “ Lady of the than submit to the arbitrary mandates of Lake," which has been the most popular the presbytery; but we believe, were such of all his acknowledged works; though a case again to occur, there is not a docin the opinion of many it is inferior in tor or elder in all Scotland that would several respects to his “ Lay of the Last wish to deprive the author of “ DougMinstrel.' In 1811, came out “ The las" of his preferment for having written Vision of Don Roderick;" in 1813, a stage play. « Rokeby;" and in 1814, “ The Lord But Mr. Scott is under no such reof the Isles.” In the last mentioned straints; and he who ushered the “Lady year lie also published a prose work on of the Lake” into public view with his “ The Border Antiquities of England;" name, need not be ashamed to acknowand a new edition of Swift, with a bio- ledge his relation to a romantic family, graphical memoir and annotations. every one of which bears the stamp, the J. At a subsequent period, he has given lineaments, and the air of the minstrel. two performances to the public on the But to leave uncertainty for reality, 'same subject, one in prose and the other Mr. Scott has been a very fortunate man; in verse; the first entituled “ Paul's Let- and his prudence through life has been ters to his Kinsfolk," and the other in proportion to his advantages. At the The Battle of Waterloo."

bar, indeed, he never made any shining Such is the ascertained list of the lite- figure; but he was released from the rary progeny of Mr. Walter Scott, exhi- necessity of labour as a lawyer, by the biting abundant testimony of original family property which came into his posgenius, extensive powers, and uncommon session, and the valuable appointments industry. But even this catalogue, rich to which he was preferred. His writand large as it is, must receive yet far- ingy, also, have added largely to his ther additions of still greater value, if gains, and enabled him to make some the general report he correct, that he is considerable purchases of land in the the author of a series of romances, the county of Roxburgh. We have been popularity of which is without a pa- informed, however, that he has suffered rallel.

pretty deeply by the failure of some When WAVERLEY came out, there trading concerns of an extensive nature, was but one opinion on the subject of in which he took a share, But if he be its parent; and each succeeding novel, the author of the celebrated novels, in a rapid course of publication, has only upon which we have made some obserserved to confirm that ascription. Yet, vations, he must have realized enough to strange to say, he alone who should de- constitute him one of the richest Lairds cide the question, preserves a determined on the hill of Parnassus. silence upon it; nay, as we have been in- Mr. Scott is at present engaged, we forined, he even rejects the merit of have understand, in illustrating a graphic ing written any part of those interesting work upon the Antiquities of Scotland; stories. Here, then, the matter must rest; of which country be has long since held for however strongly inclined we may be out the promise of an elaborate history: to think with the public in this instance, a pledge which we sincerely hope he will we cannot conceive the motive for deny- speedily be induced to redeem. It reing that which it would be honourable mains to be observed, that Mr. Scott in to avow.

private life bears a most amiable characThere can be no moral or political ter, endeared to his family, and beloved reason for throwing an impenetrable by an extensive circle of friends. We veil of secrecy over the author of a set of have heard it said, that he has a brother volumes by which the whole world has in America, of a kindred genius, and to been delighted and even instructed. The whom, on that account, some persons time has passed when a man was called have not scrupled to attribute the roto decide between retaining a valuable mances which have excited so much inpreferment, and burning a romance. But terest, and drawn forth so many inquieven were the concealed author of Guy ries in regard to their origin. Mannering an ecclesiastic of high dig

J. W.

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(We beg to remind our Correspondents that all Notices for this Department must be sent on or before

the 15th of each month ) The Tragedy of Guilt, by ADOLPH MUL- The Rev. Sir John Head will publish in NER, which has made so much noise in Ger. the course of the present month, Discourses many, is about to make its appearance in on various subjects in one vol. 8vo. an Enghsh Translation.

A Catalogue is now in preparation of the Mr. Caulfield, of Bath, is preparing a library of the late M. Millin. It consists of volume for the press, which will contain 22,000 volumes. The Prussian Goveraevery important transaction of the Regency ment, it is said, has made proposals for the from the year 1811, to the last dissolution purchase of this valuable collection for the of Parliament.

purpose of bestowing it on the University A work on the simplicity and ingenuity lately founded at Bonn of the Evidence in favour of the Miracles Doctor J. CAREY has in the press a new recorded in the Gospels, contrasted with the edition of “ Dryden's Virgil," with remarks best and most striking wonders of the on the text, as corrected from Dryden's own Christian Church in the succeeding cen- folio edition, turies, is printing by the Rev. W. FAULK- The same gentleman has also forthcomNER, A. M.

ing a new edition of his Latin Prosody made The Topographical and Monastic Anti- easy, and Drakenborch's Livy. The Requities of St. Neots and Eynesbury Hunts, gent's pocket edition. and St. Neots, Cornwall, by Mr. Gorham, The Rev. Richard WARNER will pubis preparing for the press.

lish early in December in 3 vols. 12mo. Mr. Warden will publish in the course Old Church of England Principles opposed of the ensuing season, a Statistical, Poli- to the New Light, in a series of 52 plain tical, and Historical Account of the United doctrinal and practical Sermons. States of America, in 3 vols. 8vo.

The Rev. Dr. Chalmers, of Glasgow, will JAMES PLAYPAIR, D.D. &c. has in a shortly publish a volume of Sermons preachconsiderable state of forvardness, a Geogra- ed by him in the Tron Church. phical and Statistical Description of Scot- The Rev. W. Pulling, A.M. and F.R.S. land.

is preparing for publication a volume conThe Rev. C. R. MATURIN, Curate of St. taining 12 Sermons, with appropriate Peters, Dublin, has in the press a volume Prayers, from the Danish of Dr. Nicolay of Sermons.

Edisger Balle Regius, Professor of DiviMr. W. KNIGHT, Lecturer on Natural nity. Philosophy in the Institution of Belfast, is Shortly will be published, a Graphic and about to publish Facts and Observations to- Historical description of the City of Edinward forming a new Theory of the Earth. burgh, comprising a series of Views of its

JOHN OXLEY, esq. Surveyor-General of most interesting remains of antiquity, public the Territory of New South Wales, is about buildings, and picturesque scenery. The to publish a Journal of an Expedition over drawings have been made by J. and H. part of the hitherto Terra Incognita of S. Storer, who will likewise engrave the Australasia.

plates. Shortly will be published the Political and In the press and speedily will be publishLiterary Anecdotes of Dr. Wm. KING, prin- ed, (introductory to a superb edition of the cipal of St. Mary Hall, Oxford, written by Seazons, &c. with original illustrations and himself.

embellishments) a new Biographical MeMr. Malone's curious Library is to be moir of James Thompson, containing many sold by auction in the course of the winter. interesting anecdotes of his early life, and

A satirical novel, entitled, The English- some notices of his most intimate friends. man in Paris, with sketches of remarkable Early in the ensuing year will be pubcharacters, is nearly ready for publication. lished, a new work exclusively devoted to

In the press, Remarks on the present Music, entitled, “ The English Musical state of Musical Instruction, with the Pro- Gazette,” to be continued regularly every spectus of an improved plan; in which the month. great need of a new order of musical desig- Mr. BARROW, of the Admiralty, is prenation, and the important arrantages re- paring for publication, an Account of the sulting therefrom, are explicitly stated, by late Polar Expedition in one vol. 8vo. John Rolfe, musician in ordinary to his Walter Scott, esq. is preparing for Majesty, &c. &c.

publication, “ The Provincial Antiquities, The Rev. H. B. Williams has in the and Picturesque Scenery of Scotland." To press Eight Sermons at the Lecture found be embellished with plates hy Turner, Called by the Hon. Robert Boyle, with an Ap- cott, Thompson, Nasmyth, Blore, Williams, pendix, containing strictures on Mr. Gis- and other artists of eminence. borne's testimony of Natural Thcology,




THE heavy rains which have fallen at intervals during the last month, with the very fine warm weather that immediately succeeded them, have greatly improved the Turnip crops, and produced an abundance of feed in the meadows, pastures, and old clover layers; the latter never turned up better, for the important and now more extensive operation of Wheat setting or dibbling, which has been going on most rapidly. The young Wheats begin already to assume a nne appearance (perhaps rather too rank) in some places southward of Norwich. On the weak clover-layers the farmers are sowing ray-grass (a peck per acre) and rolling it in. The great quantity of teed, and the prospect of a tolerably good Turnip crop, have caused an advance in the prices of lean beasts, sheep, and lambs. Apples are so plentitul this year, that a sack of them may be had for one of Potatoes-that crop having generally failed. So lavourable a Michaelmas time was never remembered for every agricultural operation.

The speculative opinion entertained by some respecting the scarcity of Wheat, on taking the average of the counties, is confirmed by the general rise on the markets, which the foreign im, orts are not large enough to affect. The maltsters not having begun to wet down, has occa ioned a declension of price in Barley, except those of superior quality. Some cargoes are expected from the Baltic, but whether of a kindly malting quality is yet

Oats, Peas, and B ans, excepi Massigans, (which are dearer,) are somewhat under last month's prices. Rape, and all other small seeds, are lower. Potatoes yield the leasi productive crop that has been known for many years. Hops were never known to take so critical a turn, as to raise, in ten days, the year's expected duty from 50 to 160,0001.: the fall of price has consequently been from 201. to 30l. per cent. The late warm rains have forced the Grass lands most luxuriantly, and considerably improved the latter Turnips and Colesecds. Hay retains its high price. The new sown Ryes and Winter Tares have planted kindly. The season has proved highly favourable to the fallow lands, which were raised in due time. Wheat sowing has commenced in many districts upon clover-leys, on light soils, where, from the late rains, the land works well for the seed.


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Areruge Prices of Corn,
By the Quarter of Fight Winchester Bushels, from Returns in the Week ending Oct. 12.

Wheat. Ryc. Barley. Oats.

Wheat. Rye. Barley. Oats. Districts.

d. 3
d. . d.

s. d. 8. d. s. d. s.

d. Ist Esex, 175 10,60

6.36 6

Middlesex, 188 1170 759 7137 8

0'36 8


0 63 4/35
59 2197

Hertiord, 189 1056 0 67 1134 8 -- Suffolk,

10 Bedford,

10% 0 61 6 37 3 2d Cambridge, 79 1.9

753 6 Huntingdon, 67 6 67 sd Nortolk, 1 38 4 Northaipton, 18+ 6

68 8 40 5 4til Lincoln,

bit 1161
7 55
90 10

70 6 44

335 2


371 3 43 5th Durham. 40

35 1 Nottingham, 8/55 074 7139 Northuinh. 75 010 451

0.13 11 Derby,



6141 Ot! Cumberland, 5119 451 731 9 Stattord, 85 7

68 7 36 8 Westinorland, 84 91 3 Ot18 0:33 10 Sulop,

9155 6 70 0 39 10 7th Lancaster,

06 1136

Hereford, 1921064 0 66 8.52
Chester 179 1

170 3

187 3


2 8th Flint, 7! 4

170 10

65 8 38 6 Denbigh, 81 1

186 5

56 1110 9 Anglesea,

029 0


8190 001 0.38 6 Carnarvon, 176 2 0 Oxford,

66 343 Merionen,

063 9 31 5


185 4173 6169 025 0 gih Cardigall, 83 10

49 093 0

81 10

155 9140 6 Pembroke, 73 7

8 Montgomery, 186 2

164 0/40 4 Caimarien, 180

11 Radnor, 186 3

63 1138



6 10 12 10: Soneist, 85

5 3+ 6

Moninouth, 80
59 1125

75 0

| 82 ? | 61 51 61 11 36 0 Intl Cornwall,

75 S

150 5.32 10 Dorset, 81 7

58 0,36 8 leth Ilaots,


01 333 5

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[Nov. 1,


The Cotton market has been exceedingly heavy during the month, owing to the late extensive sales at the East India House, and from very considerable arrivals, nor has the West India produce been much better.

The demand for MUSCOVADOBS continues very limited.

The sales of Corree went off heavily, with the exception of middling and good middling Dominica, which sold from 25. to 6s. less than before.

The supply of new English Wheat has not been extensive, yet the sale was dull. In foreign, there has been little or no change in the price.

The prices of Whale Oil are rising, and a general opinion is entertained that they will still advance; the consumption is generally believed to be effected by the prices of Tallow, which are exceedingly high. Bengal Silks are selling at a premium of 3s. 6d. on the last East India sale prices.

The demand for RUM, BRANDY, and HOLLANDS has greatly revived ; the purchases for the outports have been considerable.

The indisposition of her Majesty has doubtless for a time tended to suspend some branches of employment in the manufacture of certain fancy articles; but we think not to any extent, and the improvements in trade and manufactures are extensive and satisfactory.

pr. cwt.

pr. cwt.

OCT. 14th.

£. s. d. £. s. d. Butter

3 5 0

3 10 0 Cheese, Old Cheshire 4 10 0 to 5 0 New

4 8 0 to 4 14 0 Cocoa

4 1 0 to 4 16 0 Coffee Jamaica com. 6 6 0 to 7 12 0

best 8 8 0 to 9 0 0

Mocha 800 to 8 10 0 Cotton

1 8 to 0 1 10 Demerara 0 1 10 to 0 2 Currants

5 2 0 to 5 12 0 Figs, Turkey

2 8 0 to 4 0 0 Flax

7900 to 79 8 0 Hemp

43 0 0 to 44 10 0 Hops pocket

16 16 to 18 0 0 bags

15 15 0 to 16 16 0 Iron bars

12 8 0 to 12 12 0 pigs

7 7 0 to 7 10 0 Oil Salad

16 10 0 to 18 0 0 Rags

2 18 0 to 3 0 0 Raisins, bloom or jar 5 12 0 to 6 0 0 Rice, Carolina

2 18 0

3 3 0 East India

1 5 0 to 1 10 0 Silk, China, raw 1 2 0 to 1 12 0 Bengal

4 0 to 1 6 0 Spices, Cinnamon 0 14 6 to 0 15 0 Cloves

0 4 0 to 4 3

0 6 0 to 0 6 6
Black pepper
0 0 9

0 105

10 to 114 Spirits, Brandy

0 8 6 to 09 0
0 4 0

0 4 6
0 4 6 to

Oct. 28th. £. 8. d. £. s. d. 3 3 0 to 3 13 0 pr. cwt. 4 15 0 to

500 ditto. 4 10 0 to

4 14 6 ditto. 4 6 0 to 0 0 ditto. 5 12 0 to 6 16 6 ditto, it 7 10 0 to 8 18 0 ditto. 8 8 0 to 8 15

0 ditto." 0 19 to 0 I 10 pr. lb. 0 1 11 to 0 24 ditto. 5 1 0 to 5 10 0 3 15 0 to 4 0 0 ditto. 78 0 0 to 8000 pr. ton.

0 0 to 51 0 0 ditto. 9 90 to 10 00 pr. cwt. 7 7 0 to

900ditto. 19 10 0 to 13 0 0 pr. ton.

7 7 0 to 7 10 0ditto. 16 16 0 to 18 0 0 pr. jar. 300 to 3 1 0 5 10 0 to 6 60 ditto 2 12 6 to 2-14 0 ditto. 1 6 0 to 1 8 0 ditto. 1 2 0 to 1 14 0 pr. Ib. 1 4 6 to

1 4 8 ditto. 0 14 0 to 0 14 6 ditto. 0 3 10 to 0 4 2

ditto. 0 6 6 to 0 6 10 ditto.

0 94 to 0 0 10 ditto. 10 to 0 1 2

ditto. 8 0 to 0 8 6 pr. gal. 4 6 to

0 5

0 ditto. 0 5 0 to 0 5 6 ditto. 3 17 0 to 3 19 0 pr. cwt. 4 8 0 to 4 14 6 ditto. 1 18 0 to 2 2 0 ditto. 5 15 0 to 6 0 ditto. 4 18 6 to 5 0 0 ditto. 4 0 0 to 4 18 0 ditto. 0 0 to

5 Sugar, brown

3 18 0 to 4 0
4 4 0

4 12 0
E. I. brown 1 18 0 to 2 2

Lump fine 5 16 0 to 6 3 Tallow, Town

4 4 0 to 4 14 6 Russia

3 19 0 to 4 0 Wine, Madeira 95 0 0 to 125 00 Port

120 00 to 124 00 Sherry Ill 0 0 to 118 0 0

0 00 pr. pipe 0 0 to 125 00 ditto. 0

O O O ditto.

White pepper

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BANKRUPTS. PROM SEPTEMBER 23, TO OCTOBER 23, 1818, INCLUSIVE. here the address of the Solicitor is not mentioned, he must be understood to reside at the

same place as the bankrupt. The Solicitors' names are between parentheses,

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ford row;

ASHWORTU J. Manchester, innkeeper (Milne Hallett W. Spafields, cattle dealer (King & Lukin, & Parry, Temple

úray's Inn square Baker F. Upper Thames st. baker (Chapman & Holland & Ball, Worcester, hop merchants (ParCo. Little St. Thomas Apostle

ker & Smith, Worcester Barnes, J. Cinderford, coal merchant (King, Ser. Hopkins J. Hop Market, Worcester, hop merchant jeant's Ina

(Hill, Worcester Bartells T. Aldersgate st. spirit merchant. (Hub- Jackson J. Easingwold, Yorkshire, merchant bersty, Austin Friars

(Lockwood, Easingwold Bateson J. Armley Hall, Yorkshire, merchant Johnson J. E. Hyde st. Bloomsbury, mariner

(Wilson, Greville st. London; and Smith & (Aliston & lIundleby, Freeman's co. Cornhill. Munro, Leeds

Jones T. Birmingham, cordwainer (Bourdillon & Belt, W. A. Great Driffield, Yorkshire, currier Hewett, Bread st. (Spence, Threadneedle st.

Latham N. Manchester, baker (Clarke & WhiteBenlist D. Gravesend, shoemaker (Madox & Sid- bead, Manchester ney, Austin Friars

Lebrun P. F. King st. chemist (Dawson, Saville pl. Braband F. Mancliester, dealer (Howell, Sy. Levy S. Mansell st. tailor (Annesley & Son, Cat. mond's Inn

eaton street Brun Phil. f. Le, King st. Covent Garden, che- Lock G. Welchpool, grazier (Platt, New Boswell mist (Dawson, Savilleplace

court, London Buckley J. Hurst, Lancashire; Markland, Ashton- Moreton C. Derby Arins, Croydon, victualler

under. Lyne; & Medhurst T. Manchester, (Rowland & Young, Lincoln's Ion cotton manufacturers (Clarke, Richards, & Parsons T. Duke st. St. James's, breeches-maker Medcall, Chancery.lane

(Turner, New Ion Burton W. Hinckley, Leicestershire, hosier (Soden, Proctor C. Stafford, farmer (Hall, James st. Bed. Hinckley

& Croxall & Holbeck, Sutton Butler J. A. Blackheath, mariner (Rivington, Fen. Coldfield church st.

Prosser W. Pirmingham, builder (Hicks & BrackCarriage T. Horsford, grocer (Marsh & Barvard, enbridge, Bartleti's buildings, Holborn Norwich

Raven & Chettleburgh, jun, Norwich, wine mere Coffin J. W. Plymouth Dock, merchant (Crow, chants (Godwin, Norwich ther, Lavie & Co. Old Jewry

Ravens & Lloyd, Norwich, merchants (Abbott, Cross T. Bath, butcher (Nethersole & Baron, Rolls yard, Chancery lane Essex street, Strand

Rebbeck J. Bradford, Wills, clothier (Cooke, Crowther W. Banuer st. St. Luke's, watchmaker Bristol (Hudson place, City road

Rees R. Chatham, draper (Rosser & Co. Bartlett's Cumbers F. Boar's Head court, King si. Westmin. buildings, 11olborn

ster, coachmaster (Duncomb, Lion's Inp. Richards & Richardson, $now hill, factors (May. Dafter M. Whitininster, Gloucestershire, linen. hex, Price & Siyan, Chancery lane

draper (4.Becket, Broad-st. Golden-sq. Ridding F. Wellington, Salop, tauner (Morton & Day R. Crooked lade, oil broker (Wiltshire &

Williamson, Gray's lon square Bolton, Old Broad str.

Scholes & Docker, Manchester, calico dealers Dibden J. Clerkenwell, victualler (Henson, Bou- (!ladtield, Manchester verle-st.

Schwabacher J. Fountain place, City road, toy. Durant J. East Dereham, Norfolk, inokeeper (Ad. merchant (Mangham, Great Si. llelens dington & Gregory, Bedford.row

Shane J. E. Fleet st. boot maker (Woodward, Wat. Dassard P. Wellbeck st. milliver (Lawledge, ling street Gray's luo lane

Sheppard J. & R. Gainsborough & Boston, corn. Dyson & Fowler, Shefficid, and W. Rus ell. IIougli, factors (Long & Austin, Jiolhora ct. Gray's Inn

Yorkshire, grocers (Broomhead & Co.Grar'slan Slack W. Liverpool, woolstapler (Pearce, Ilud. Evans G. & G. High st. Southwark, hop merciauls dersfield, York (Jaines, Bucklersburg

Sykes & Pope, Huddersfield, merchants (Black. Fowler & Fowler. Alder Mills, Tamworths, willers burn, Huddersfield Willington. Tam worth

Ventrs & Emmerson, Nereas:le-pon-Tyde, Furnival D. Liverpool, grocer (leece & Buteen cheesemongers (Fisher & Ludlow, Holborn Glass Moses, Potterne. Wilts, rickaller (Price & Walters J. Tredegar, Monmouthshire, grocer (Je Williams, Lincoln's Ivu

kins, James & Abbott, New Inn, Londen Gompertz H. Tokenhouse yard, dealer in wool Warnington J. & J. E. Gracechureh st. uraxis (Bishop & Barker

(Sharp, Essex street court, Temple. Graves, Davie & Adams. Snowden, Plymouth Dock, Watkins W. Norton, Worcestersbue, cornfaqur drapers (Adams, Oid Jewry

(Pugh, Bernard st. Graves J. Borougis, hop-merchant (Lee & Towns. Whilby W. Clement's lane, drug bruker (Filistyce end, Southwark

& Bolton, Old Broad st. Haddan W. Clement's lane, tea dealer (Wiltshire Whilcci.bury W. Dlanchester, ceva Judino siilis, & Bolton, Old Broad st.

Chancery lane New-MONTILY MAG,No. 58- l'ol, X.

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