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With Biographical Accounts of Distinguished Charucter.

The following was the report of the “ That silver be declared the standard of Physicians of the state of the King : the country, and a legal tender for 1001.

,“ Windsor Castle, Nov. 7. That the Bank shall have liberty to issue “ His Majesty has passed the last month gold pieces, at the value of 4). Is. 9d. per oz. in a very quiet state, and in good bodily in place of 31. 178. 101d. the present health; but His Majesty's disorder remains standard. “And that an office shall be unaltered."

established at the Bank for the sale of gold An order has been issued by the Privy and silver, as regular articles of trade." Council for Parliament to assemble on the The apartments in Kensington-palace, 14th of January, for the dispatch of busi- formerly inhabited by the Princess of Wales, ness; that period being sixty days from the are fitting up for the reception of the death of her Majesty.

Duchess of Kent, who returns to England A new form of Prayer is now used in our previous to her expected accouchement. Churches, in consequence of the above event. An order has been issued by the Court of

A house of great respectability in London, Exchequer for the examination of all largely concerned in the Spanish and French brewer's casks, and those found deficient in trade, has stopped payment for a very large measure, or without the hall stamp, will be sum; supposed to be principally owing to seized forthwith. losses in the French Funds, to the extent of It is supposed, that the reduction in150,0001.

tended to be made in the various military Mr. Justice Abbott, and Sir Robert Dal- establishments amounts to 31,000 men. All las, have taken their seats as Lords Chief the troops have arrived from France. Justices of the Courts of King's Bench and The society for promoting the building Common Pleas. The Chief Justice of the and enlarging of Churches and Chapels, is King's Bench has already made some im- likely to meet with that liberal support which portant changes amongst the superior its object demands. Upwards of 50,0001. officers of the Court. Mr. Jones, the have been already subscribed. Marshal of the King's Bench, is saperseded, The last Grand Jury called the attention after holding the situation 30 years; as

of the Court at the Old Bailey, to the supare some of the clerks of the Court, and its pression, as much as possible, of the officers.

opening of houses for the sale of newsThe Hop duty this year, early in August, papers and other publications on the Lord's vas estimated at 80 or 90,000l. It is now Day; also of liquor, victualling, and oysterbelieved to exceed 170,0001.; which, with shops, and various others of an evil tenthe new duty, would bring the amount to dency, which increase in the metropolis. nearly 300,0001. The estimated duty of The fine collection of pictures, belonging Foreign Hops last year was 30 10 85,0001. to the Cardinal Fesch, has been purchased

Previous to the Princess of Wales leaving by the Duke of Wellington : it contains England, she gave orders for all the many of the finest works, both of the Italian domestics in her service at Kensington, to and Flemish schools. be retained till notice to the contrary; they Late accounts from Sierra Leone have have lately been dismissed.

been melancholy in the extreme.

The Sion House, the seat of the Duke of Nor- white inhabitants, exclusive of military, did thumberland, is undergoing a complete not exceed thirty persons, and of these one repair. The towers of the quadrangle have third fell victims to the fever during the been taken down and rebuilt, and the whole rainy season; the Rev. Mr. Journon, chief interior of the house has been taken out, chaplain : the wife of the Rev. Mr. Collier, and is re-constructing in the modern style assistant-chaplain ; Mr. Wenzel, a respectof architecture. The grand staircase will able missionary; Mrs. Decker, wife to anbe most superb. It is to be of fine Spanish other missionary; Mr. Lee, Mr. Hickson, mahogany, with a gilt balustrade.

Mr. Sutherland, Mr. Jolly, Mr. Houghton, From the list of the Royal Navy, cor and others, have died of the malignant rected up to the 30th of September, it ap- fever which prevails annually in that unforpears that the total number of Admirals is tunate colony. Mr. and Mrs. Carew, 183, of whom 13 are employed; Captains Mr. and Mrs. Owenson, and others, who 852, of whom 62 are employed; Com- have escaped death, still suffer severely manders 789, of whom 56 are employed; from the effects of the fever which produces and Lieutenants 3923, of whom 404 are such extreme debility as seldom has been employed. The qumber of ships in com- perfectly recovered. mission is 148.

The new street is making rapid strides The following notice was lately ciroulated to its completion, almost the whole of the among the merchants on 'Chaoge.

ground on the intended line of it being now New MONTHLY MAG. No, 59. Vol. X.



Incidents in London and Middlesex.

[Dec. 1,

let the part of it which forms a square, three came to London, settled as merchants, in front of Carlton House, is called Water- and have formed one of the most reputable loo-place;" from thence to Piccadilly, is commercial establishments in the world. called “Waterloo-street:" and from Pic- The average price of wheat, for the last cadilly the street, which will form a grand six weeks of the quarter ending Nov. 15, is approach to the Regent's Park, is to be 808. 2d. consequently the ports are again called “ The Regent's parade.”

open for importation from all places between It is said, that not only the Duchesses of the Eyder and the Bidassoa. To the more Clarence and Kent, but those of Cumber- distant ports, included under the provisions land and Cambridge are enceintes ; so that of the Corn Bill, no prohibition had taken the alarm, which was so much felt for the place, that can only occur when the succession, can no longer exist.

average for the whole quarter is under 80s. The Sub-Committee of Drury-lane The foundation of an ancient building, Theatre have proposed to pay the creditors supposed to be that of an hospital, has been 10s. in the pound, in two instalments, viz. 58. discovered in the ground behind Northumimmediately, and 5s. at the end of the season, berland House, by the men employed in and to make themselves personally re- paring it for a shrubbery. sponsible for the execution of this engage- Ecclesiastical Promotions.] Rev. E Paske, ment, to which the consent of all the to the rectory of Creeting Saint Peter, alias creditors is required. The debts amount West Creeting, Suffolk. to 34,000). A committee of the principal Rev. A, Matthews, B.D. Fellow and Vicecreditors has been appointed to take this Principal of Brasennose College, Oxford, proposition into consideration.

and Vicar of Linton, Herefordshire, to the Saring Banks.-The approach of the Prebendal Stall of Little Withington, in the season of Christmas, presents an opportunity Cathedral of Ilereford. which we cannot omit of intimating to Rev. T. H. Yorke, M.A. Vicar of Bishop masters and mistresses of families, the pro- Middleham, to the rectory of St. Cuthberts, priety of recommending to their servants, York. both male and female, to invest part of their Rev. J. Francis, who for many years has wages in the Saving Banks.

performed the duty of the parishes of St. A meeting of the Electors of West- Mildred and All Saints, Canterbury, to the minster was held on the 17th, at the Crown said rectories, vacant by the decease of the and Anchor, to consider a proper person to Rev. Ed. Wm. Whittaker. put in nomination as a candidate for the Rer. C. N. Michell, to the vicarage of seat in its representation vacant by the Lanrothal, Hereford. death of the lamented Sir Samuel Romilly. Rev. S. C. Lord, A.B. to the vicarage of Sir Francis Burdett took the chair. Mr. West Barsham, Norfolk. Bruce (the friend of M. Lavalette) ad- Rev. R. Hamond A.M. to the vicarage of dressed the meeting at considerable length, East Watton, and rectory of Geytonthorpe, and concluded with proposing John Hob- Norfolk. house, esq. as a fit and proper person to Rev. John Mathew, A.M. to the rectory represent the city of Westininster. This of Reepham Saint Mary with Kerdeston, was seconded by Mr. Thelwall, who strongly Norfolk. urged Mr. Hobhouse's political talents and Rev. T. B. Syer, A.B. to the rectory of integrity as rendering him eminently worthy Great Wratting, Suffolk. of their choice.

Rev. G. J. Hlaggit, A.M. to the vicarage Sir Murray Maxwell has heen invited to of Parham with Hachesion, Suffolk, offer himself for Westminster, and has ac- Rev. T. Westcomb, to the rectory of St. cepted the invitation.

Peter Choeshill, near Winchester. The monied men in Paris have, it is said, Rev. C. B. Henville, A.M. to the rectory made an application to the London capi- of Bedhampton. talists for a loan of between three and four Rev. R. Dickinson, A.M. to the rectory millions sterling

and parish Church ot Headley. A contract has just been entered into by Rev. E. A. Daubeny, to the rectory of Government for 90,000 loads of timber, to Hampnet and Stowell, Gloucestershire. be delivered in three years.

Rev. Tho. Thomas, of Coleford, to the The city of Lyons, according to the Paris vicarage of Ewyas Harold, Hereford. Journals, has this year exported silks of the Rev. H.W. Salmon, to the united vicarage value of 60,000,000 francs.

of Sproxton cum Saltby, Leicestershire. Russia, to encourage her home manu- Rev. Wm. Powell, B.D. of Monmouth, facture, has encreased the duty on imported to the vicarages of Ragland and Llandendy. crushed lump sugars from 6 to 15 roubles Rev. C. Da B.P. to the rectories of per pood.

Coombs, Barking with Darısden, Suffolk. The father of the celebrated Messrs. Rev. G. Hornby, to the rectory of Bury, Barings, a merchant, in Ereter, left his four in Lancashire. sons 10,000L each ; 'the eldest, until within Rev. T. D. Whittaker, LL D. F. R. S. these few years, carried on the business vicar of Whalley, to the vicarage of Blackof his father, at Exeter : the remaining burn, Lancashire.

1818.) Births, Deaths, and Marriages, in London and Middleser.


Births.] The Lady of Sir Henry Carew, Mr. Lethangie, of Pall Mall, to Ann, bart. of a son.

eldest daughter of Mr. Ayres, of Stratford. In Russell-square, the lady of T. Denman, R. G. Mackintosh, esq. of Crescent place, esq M. P. for Wareham of a son.

Tavistock square, to Mary, eldest daughter At Desart House, the Countess of Desart, of the late S. Moody, esq. of Queen square. of a son and heir.

Mr. Thos. Graham, of Gray's-inn square, In St. James's square, Lady George An to Margaret, daughter of Chas. Bell, esq. son, of a son.

of Bedford square. The lady of Sir James Langham, bart. of At Christchurch, Mr. P. P. Grellier, of a daughter.

Mill-wall, Poplar, to the youngest daughter The Right Hon. Lady Lucy Clive, of a of Mr. James, of Church street, Spitalson.

fields. The lady of the Hon. and Rev. T. L. Dun At Chelsea, the Rev. E. James, to the das, of a son.

youngest daughter of the late W. Paisley, The lady of Sir S. Young, bart. of a son. esq. of Jamaica.

In Stratford place, the Countess of West Geo. Ranking, jun. esq. of Chalk Hillmeath, of a son and heir.

house, Middlesex, to the youngest daughter The lady of the Right Hon. Lord Graves, of the Rev. W. Buckle, vicar of Pyrton and of a son.

Shirburn, Berks. Married.] Sir John Palmer Acland, bart.. H. W. Pulley, esq. of St. Peter and Paul's of Fairfield, Somerset, to Maria, relict of wharf, to Miss Martha Corben, of RingPhilip Gibbes, esq. and third daughter of wood. the late R. Knipe, esq. of New Lodge, Herts.. Died.] The Right Ilon. Lady Euphemia

The Rev. Dr. Booker, vicar of Dudley, Stuart, sister of the late Earl of Galloway,89. and chaplain to the Prince Regent, to Eliza At his seat at Trecauly Abbey, Ireland, beth, only daughter of the late John Grant, Sir Wm. Barker, hart. of Bath. esq. of Pembroke, and niece of the Right At Cullen's-wood, the Right Hon. CatheHon. Lord Milford.

rine Lady Mount-Sandford, relict of Lord At Chelsea, H. Metcalfe, esq. to Louisa, Mount-Sandford. eldest daughter of the very Rev. T. Blakely, At his father's seat at Mount Edgcumbe, dean of Connor.

the Right Hon. Viscount Valletort, in his At Mary-le-bone, Mr. Woodroffe, wine- 24th year. merchant, to Elizabeth, eldest daughter of The Rev. R. Radcliff, eldest son of the R. Livett, esq. High street, Mary-le-bone. Right Hon. J. R.

At Islington, Mr. Edw. Geo. Ballard, to The lady of W. M. Pitt, esq. M. P. for Mary Ann, daughter of Wm. Shadgett, esq. Dorsetshire. of Islington,

Thomas Johnson, esq. Inspector of Taxes J. Lens, esq. one of his Majesty's ser- in South Wales. jeants-at-law, to Mrs. Nares, widow of J. N. At her house in Queen-square, Bloomsesq.

bury, Mrs. S. Bryant, widow of the Rev. E. At St. George's church, Hanover square, B. of Newport, 66. Lieut. Howe, of the West Kent Militia, to Mr. G. Simmons, 54, upwards of 20 years the relict of G. Paye,esq. of Mitchell's Town, belonging to the Navy-office. Cork.-Lieut. Col. Sir Wm. Gomm, K.C.B. In Jermyn street, H. M. Bird, esq. of of the Coldstream Guards, to Sopnia, eldest Barton House, Warwickshire, one of his daughter of Granville Penn, esq. of Hert- Majesty's justices of the peace for the counford street.

ties of Warwick and Gloucester, 63. At St. George's, Queen square, Mr. G. Ellen, second daughter of the Rev. Dr. Taylor, printer and bookseller, of Lamb's Nicholas, of Ealing. Conduit passage, to Mary, fourth daughter Of an apoplectic fit, Admiral L. Ball, celeof the late Mr. Ashton, of Old Weston, brated for his discoveries in the South Seas. Hunts.

In Compton street, Brunswick square, Mr. S. Yale, of Barbican, to Jane, daugh Mrs. Hunter, relict of the late Rev. C. H. ter of the late Rev. J. Knott, of Everdon, rector of Gayton Northamptonshire.

In Camden street, Islington, the wife of At Putney, A. B. Belcher, esq. eldest son the Rev. J. Harris. of A. B. of Clarence Lodge, Roehampton, In Little Britain, Dr. Thomas Simpson esq. to Maria, second daughter of J. Alcock, Evans, Mathematical Master of Christ's esq. of Roehampton.

Hospital. Andrew Chittenden, esq. of Charles street, At Enfield, Mrs. Esther Hacker, relict of Middlesex Hospital, to Ann, third daughter D H. esq. of the late T. Smith, esq. of York.

A. Thompson, esq. of Warwick square. A. Warren, jun. esq. of Charlotte street, In Hart street, Bloomsbury, T. Hogard, Bloomsbury, to the eldest daughter of the esa. late E. Bray, esq. of Shere, Surrey.

Mr. Simon Bull, of Polles street, CavenMr. W. H. Strange, af Bishopsgate street, dish square. to Louisa, fourth daughter of Mr. C. L. Georgiana Mary, second daughter of T Jeffry, Broadway, Westminster.

B. Batard, esp. of Upper Gower street.

Account of Sir Samuel Romilly.

[Dec. 1, On the ed instant, the infant daughter of trates of Marlborough-strest Police office Capt. Duncan Grant, Royal Arollery. He attended the office apparently as well as

At his house, China Terrace, Lambeth, usual. Having occasion to go into the city of apoplexy, Alderman Goodbehere. A ser: on business, he was there attacked with a vant in an adjoining room, hearing her giddiness in the head; he was taken home master fall, ran to his assistance, and found in a chair, and expired within 24 hours. him on the floor gasping for breath. She At his house in Bread-street-hill, aged 68, then hastened for Mr. Hyde, a surgeon, live the Rev. E. W. Whitaker, Rector of St. ing close by, who immediately cupped the Mildred's and All Saints, Canterbury – deceased, and the worthy Alderman so far He was the son of Serjeant Whitaker, and recovered that he was able to walk up stairs received his education at Christ Church, to his bed-room. An express was sent to Oxford. Amongst the productions of his inform Mrs. Goodbehere and their son at pen, which are numerous and valuable, may Brighton, of the severe stroke, and also to be reckoned the following, viz. Family Serbring up Dr. Bankhead, who had long at mons, and Sermons on Education; Four tended the family. In the mean time Dr. Dialogues on the Doctrines of the Trinity; Maton was called in, and every thing that a Commentary on the Revelations of St. skill or attention could do was tried, but a John: a Dissertation on the Prophecies resecond attack of apoplexy was fatal, and he lating to the Restoration of the Jews ; an died about half-past three o'clock in the af- Abridgment of Universal History, &c. But ternoon. The Alderman was next in rota the most lasting monument, as well of his tion to serve the office of Lord Mayor, and talents as of his kind affections, is the Repart of his wines were sent into the Mansion fuge for the Destitute, of which he was the House.

planner, founder, and joint-treasurer. J. H. Burrowes, esq. one of the magis


(WITH A PORTRAIT.) While the navy and the army defend the that his pupil possessed more than ordinary nation from a foreign enemy on one side, talents; and he accordingly advised Mr. the constitution and the laws are intended Romilly to enter his name as a member of to protect us from civil tyranny and do one of the inns of court. mestic oppression on the other, and thereby It may here be sufficient to state, that renders the practice of the latter equally re- Mr. Romilly directed his attention to the spectable with the former; and our common Chancery bar, and soon attained considercountry, ever grateful, reserves honours able eminence in the slow, but pretty cerfor them all, and rewards each in a manner tain road to opulence--that of a respectable at once distinct and appropriate.

equity draftsman. He also went the midThe bar is the slow, but certain road to land circuit, and his rising fortune beginhonour in this country, when talents and ning to be generally known, his practice industry are united ; and opportunity is hap- augmented apace. pily afforded for the display and exercise of It is a well-known fact, that the first Marboth. Sir Samuel Romilly, in the same quis of Lansdowne was not only himself a manner as his precursors, Hardwicke, Ken- man of uncommon talents and penetration, yon, and Ashburton, has been the architect but endowed with a certain peculiar faculty of his own fortune. And if he has not met of discovering these qualifications in others. with that meed of reward from his country This rare gift, for such it certainly is, was which his friends have wished, the cause particularly displayed at an early period, in may be ascribed wholly to himself, in espous the choice of his associates as the names ing a particular party in politics. But we and reputations of a Barre, a Baring, a abstain from entering upon the subject. Dunning, &c. &c. fully attest. Nor did his The family of Sir Samuel Romilly was sagacity fail on the present occasion : for, closely and intimately connected, for more many years since, Mr. Romilly was selected than a century, with whatsoever appertains by his lordship from the crowd of young to civil or religious liberty. By one side, barristers, invited by him to his house, and his ancestors consisted of those persecuted admitted to his friendship. Accordingly, mèn, who, preferring conscience to amu- during the long vacation, he was a constant ence, in consequence of the revocation of visitor at Bow Wood, the summer residence the edict of Nantz, were driven from France of that nobleman, and generally repaired by Louis XIV. By the other side, he was thither in company with Mr. Jekyll. Havconnected with the little republic of Geneva. ing acquired those habits which usually

His father, who was an ingenious man, promote both health and success in life, the of great eminence in his art, conferred on subject of this memoir, in Wiltshire as well him a good education ; all the rest was as in town, was accustomed to rise early, achieved by himself. Having been destinod and he was accordingły seen frequently, by for the law, he was brought up expressly peep of day, strolling along the groves which for that purpose. Happening to be placed adorn that beautiful and now neglected spot under a respectable gentleman in the Six just alluded to, sometimes contemplating Clerks' Office, the latter soon discovered the scene around him, but more frequently

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