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The career path that led Tommy Franks from the dusty plains of Oklahoma to a military leadership role in three American wars has a familiar trajectory. As a youngster at the University of Texas he was mostly concerned with drinking beer, chasing girls and tooling around in fast cars. He joined the army in 1965 mostly to escape academic disaster and there began a steady rise in rank, selfdiscipline ... Read full review

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My Name is Rocky Susshine. I was a member of the Bandido Charlie in Bien Phuc. 67-68. I just returened from Bandido Reunion at Ft. Benning. I was told by my Nam brothers that you were in the
9th devision. I seen pictures of you with mt platoon budies at a book singing. You think I to could get a singed book directed to me. Pvt. SUSSHINE. Nam 67-68. Bien Phuc. My spelling is terable.
Thanks Rocky Susshine.

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