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Rev. E. F. HATFIELD has, for many years, been Pastor of of a Presbyterian Church in this city. Ever since his settlement here, he has been a violent opposer of Universalism. He made frequent attacks upon Br. T. J. SAWYER, and sought in various ways to counteract the influence of his ministry.

I had not been here many months before I received infor: mation, that Mr. Hatfield purposed to make another attack upon Universalism. The evening was appointed for the work. My arrangements being such that I could not attend, I procured reports of the sermon. Judging from these, and tho accounts given by several gentlemen who heard it, I concluded that it was one of the most bitzer, unfair and unjust sermons ever delivered. I felt, therefore, a great desire to see it, and accordingly addressed Mr. Hatfield the following

note :

New YORK, Dec. 8th 1846, Rev. Mr. Hatfield :

Dear Sir-I have been informea by several gentlemen who attended your Church on Sunday evening last, that in your sermon you declared Universalism to be a system of lies, and Universalists as a body to be grossly immoral. I have no wish, sir, to preach a doctrine that is false, or that produces an injurious influence-it is my desire to know the truth and to preach it. I should, therefore, esteem it a great favor if you would loan me the sermon, that I may see the proofs which you have against Universalism, and ihe facts by which you justify yourself in asserting that Universalists are

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