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tors. Enter a Servant, who brings Ant. word that Oat. is already come to Rome; and that Bru. and, Caf. were seen to ride like madmen through the

gates. Exeunt.

Sc. IV. A street. Enter Cin. the poet, and after him the

Plebeians, who enquire his name, place of abode, &c. He tells them his name is Cinna, but that he is not Cinna the conspirator, but Cinna the poet. Nevertheless, as his name is Cinna, they determine to tear him to pieces. Exeunt.

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Sc. I. Enter Ant. 08. and Lep. They agree to proscribe

and cut off certain enemies to their cause. Ant. proposes to reduce some legacies in Cafe's will, and sends Lep. to Caf's house for the will. Exit Lep. Anto's Night opinion of Lep. As Bru. and Caf. are levying powers, Ant. is for making immediate pre

parations againft them. Exeunt. Sc. II. In the camp near Sardis; before Bru.'s tent. Enter Bru. Lucil, Tit. Pin. and Soldiers.

Pin. comes to present salutations to Bru. from Caf, who is at hand. March. Enter Cas. He and Bru. begin to altercate; but Bru. objecting to their falling out in the presence of the soldiers, they withdraw to

the inside of the tent. Exeunt. Sc. III. Within the tent. Enter Bru, and Caf. Their al

tercation and reconciliation, Hearing the high words between them, enter a poet, who reprehends them; but is turn'd out, Enter Lucil. and Tit.


who receive orders to fetch Mes. Bru, acquaints Caf. that Portia is dead, by swallowing fire. Enter Luc. with wine and tapers. Bru, in token of re,

, conciliation, drinks to Caf, and is pledged by him. Enter Tit. and Mef. Letters are arrived, which advise that a great number of the fenators are put to death, Cicero being one; and that Qet, and Ant. are coming with a mighty power and great expedition towards Philippi. It is agreed that Brui's arıny meet them there. Exit Luc. to fetch Brui's gown. Exeunt Caf. Tit. and Mes. bidding Bru. Good night. Enter Luc. with the gown. Bru. orders him to call Clau. and some other of his men, to sleep in the tent upon cushions. Enter Par. and Clau. who retire to sleep. Luc. playing on an instrument of music, falls asleep. Bru, reads. Enter the Ghost of Caf. who tells Bru. that he shall see him again at Philippi. Ghost vanishes. Bru. wakes Luc. Var. and Clay, and sends the two last to Caf. to bid him march forwards with his troops. Exeunt.

[blocks in formation]

Sc. I. The plains of Philippi. Enter Oft. Ant, and their

army. To them enter a Messenger with advico that Bru.'s army is approaching. Enter Bru. Caf. and their army, Luc. Tit. Mes, and others attending. Parley between the two parties. Exeunt Ozt. Ant. and their army, as for the engagement. Farewel between Bru. and Caf. at their parting to command their several troops. Exeunt.

Sc. II.

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Sc. II. The field of battle. Alarums of a battle join'd.

Ēnter Bru. and Mes. Bru. perceiving advantage
to lie against Onli's wing, sends Mej. with orders

for a sudden attack. Exeunt.
Sc. III. Another part of the field. Alarums. Enter Caf.

and Tit. Caf's troops are worsted, and Ay. Tit.
is of opinion that Bru. too eagerly took the advan-
tage Oft.'s troops had given, änd gave the word too
foon. Enter Pin. who brings word that Ant.'s
troops have broke into Cas's tents, and begs him
to fly. Cas. sends Tit. to see whether certain
troops at a distance are friends or enemies. Exit
Tit. Caf. bids Pin. go to the top of a hill, and
observe that passes in the field. Pin. ascends the
hill, and from thence tells Caf. that hè perceives
Tit. enclosed with horsemen, and that he is taken
by them. Enter Pin. whom Caf. in a fit of de-
spair, commands to kill him. Pin. obeys. Caso
dies. Exit Pin. Enter Tit. and Mef. It appears
that 081. is beaten by Bru. as Caf. is by Ant.
Seeking Caf, to communicate these tidings to him,
they find him dead; and judge that, inistaking the
horseinen Tit. was surrounded with (and who were
friends), for enemies who had taken Tit. he had
put an end to his life. Tit. after having crowned
the dead Case with a wreath of victory which Bru.
had sent to him, kills himself. Enter Bru. Mef.
young Cato, Strato, Vol. and Lucil. They find the
dead bodies, and lament over them; but determine

to try their fortune in a second engagement.
Sc. IV. Another part of the field. Alarum. Enter, fight-
ing, soldiers of both armies; then Bru. Mef. Cato,


and Lucil. Cato charges the retiring enemy

in one part, Bru. in another : the party charged by Cato rallies, and Cató falls. Lucil. is taken prisoner. Enter Ant. who gives orders that Lucil. be kept

safe; and that search be made for Bry. Sc. V. Another part of the field. Enter Bru. Dar. Cli.

Stra. and Vol. Bru. finding himself conquered, determines to put an end to his life, and for that purpose begs the assistance of Cli. Dar. and Vol. who deny his request. Alarums. A cry within,

Fly, fly, fly." Bru. takes leave of his friends, who exeunt as flying. Bru, bids Stra. hold his fword while he runs on it. Stra. obeys: Bru. dies. Alarums. Retreat. Enter 08. Ant. and their army, Lucil. and Mes. They find the body of Bru. and Stra. acquaints them how he died. Ant. praises Bru. as the worthiest of all the conspirators; who, while the rest conspired against Caf. for envy, had merely an intention for the general good. Oet. orders that his body be treated with all respect and rites of burial, and be, for the night, laid in his (Oh.'s) tent. Exeunt omnes.

[blocks in formation]

Enter Flavius, Marullus, da Carpenter,

a Carpenter, da Cobler, and certain other commoners.

ENCE; home, you idle creatures, get you home;

Is this a holy-day? What, know you not,
Being mechanical, you ought not walk,
Upon a labouring day, without the sign
Of your profession ?-Speak, what trade are thou ?

Carp. Why Sir, a carpenter.

Mar. Where is thy leather apron, and thy rule ?
What doft thou with thy best apparel on?
You, fir, what trade are you?

• Rome first inserted by R.

di These two chara&ero not particu. A firect first added by T. latly mentioned, in the entrance, by C C. dire&ts, Enter a rabble of citizens; the editions before, Flavius and Murellus, driving ibom.

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