Bramshill: its history & architecture

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Page 44 - Romano che si devovo per la vittoria del popolo Romano ma bisognara scrivere a Brusselles per averle giuste havendo io consigniato ogni cosa al Maestro del lavoro.
Page 45 - In the midst of the battle and confusion of an obstinate and sanguinary conflict, is seen the noble Decius falling backwards from his plunging charger, pierced by a spear in the neck — while one of his valiant troops, mounted on a spirited piebald horse, is avenging his death. Among the dead and dying, with which the field is covered, is one lying prostrate on his back in the foreground, with a spear broken in his breast." Engraved by GA Muller. The fourth represents
Page 21 - Loyalty," was often written in every window thereof; and was well practised in it, when, for resistance on that account, it was lately levelled to the ground. Next Basing, Bramsell, built by the last lord Zouch in a bleak and barren place, was a stately structure, especially before part thereof was defaced with a casual fire.
Page 44 - ... Excellency, it seemed to me that the one of Scipio and Hannibal, to which your agent did not appear disinclined, might perhaps please Your Excellency more. To tell the truth, the choice is arbitrary among these things, which are all without doubt of great excellence. I will send Your Excellency all the measurements of my cartoons of the history of Decius Mus, the Roman Consul who sacrificed himself for the victory of the Roman people; but I must write to Brussels for the exact figures, since...
Page 117 - Royal, required to do it as to the present original, for much is our pleasure ; in witness whereof we have caused our seal to be set to these presents — given at Paris in the month of February in the year of grace, one thousand six hundred and forty-seven, and the fourth of our reign.
Page 119 - Lordshipp & the last peece of worke held your peticioner on worke 16 weekes, during which tyme your Peticioner borded himself. The stuffe belonging to the worke cost 20 markes for which your honor yet oweth your peticioner and for which your peticioner is yet indebted to dyvers men who seek daylie to arrest your said peticioner for the same, soe that for feare he cannot perform...
Page 11 - Pipe," in these pleas ng lines: " Be pleased, great Lord, when underneath the shades, Of your delightful Bramshill (where the spring Her flowers with gentle blasts, with Zephyr's trades) Once more to hear a silly shepherd sing,
Page 88 - Ellis. AW did then and there, to his very great astonishment, heare him play on the Violin. He then saw him run up his Fingers to the end of the Finger-board of the Violin, and run them back insensibly, and all with alacrity and in very good tune, which he nor any in England saw the like before.
Page 105 - ... Scaligeri mortem meditantis imago: Luminis heu tanti vespera talis erat. In vultu macies et tortor corporis hydrops, Sed tamen et magni conspiciuntur avi.
Page 66 - James the First's gnarled giants up in Bramshill Park — the only place in England where a painter can learn what Scotch firs are — down to the little green pyramids which stand up out of the heather, triumphant over tyranny, and the strange woes of an untoward youth. Seven years on an average have most of them spent in ineffectual efforts to become a foot high. Nibbled off by hares, trodden down...

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