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Her Pioneer, the snow-dissolving Sun,
While clarions prate of kingdoms to he won—
Perchance, in future ages, here may stop;
Taught to mistrust her flattering horoscope 5
By admonition from this prostrate Stone!
Memento uninscribed of Pride o'erthrown,
Vanity's hieroglyphic; a choice trope
In Fortune's rhetoric. Daughter of the Rock,
Rest where thy course was stayed by Power

divine! 10

The Soul transported sees, from hint of thine, Crimes which the great Avenger's hand provoke, Hears combats whistling o'er the ensanguined

heath: "What groans! what shrieks! what quietness

in death!




"vallombrosa! I longed in thy shadiest wood
To slumber, reclined on the moss-covered floor,
To listen to Anio's precipitous flood,
When the stillness of evening hath deepened

its roar; To range through the Temples of PiESTUM, to

muse $

In Pompeii preserved by her burial in earth; On pictures to gaze where they drank in their

hues; And murmur sweet songs on the ground of

their birth!

The beauty of Florence, the grandeur of Rome,

Could I leave them unseen, and not yield to

regret? 10 With a hope (and no more) for a season to come, Which ne'er may discharge the magnificent

debt? Thou fortunate Region! whose Greatness

inured Awoke to new life from its ashes and dust; Twice-glorified fields! if in sadness I turned 15 From your infinite marvels, the sadness was


Now, risen ere the light-footed Chamois retires From dew-sprinkled grass to heights guarded

with snow, Toward the mists that hang over the land of

my Sires, From the climate of myrtles contented I go. 20 My thoughts become bright like yon edging of

Pines On the steep's lofty verge: how it blackened

the air! But, touched from behind by the Sun, it now

shines With threads that seem part of his own silver


Though the toil of the way with dear Friends

we divide, 25

Though by the same zephyr our temples be

fanned As we rest in the cool orange-bower side by side, A yearning survives which few hearts shall

withstand: Each step hath its value while homeward we

move;— O joy when the girdle of England appears! 30 What moment in life is so conscious of love, Of love in the heart made more happy by tears r



What beast of chase hath broken from the cover?

Stern Gemmi listens to as full a cry,

As multitudinous a harmony

Of sounds as rang the heights of Latmos over,

When, from the soft couch of her sleeping Lover, 5

Up-starting, Cynthia skimmed the mountaindew

In keen pursuit—and gave, where'er she flew,

Impetuous motion to the Stars above her.

A. solitary Wolf-dog, ranging on

Through the bleak concave, wakes this wondrous chime 10

Of aery voices locked in unison,—

Faint — far-off — near — deep — solemn and subliine!—

So, from the body of one guilty deed,

A. thousand ghostly fears, and haunting thoughts, proceed!




To appease the Gods; or public thanks to yield;
Or to solicit knowledge of events,
Which in her breast Futurity concealed;
And that the past might have its true intents
Feelingly told by living monuments— 5

Mankind of yore were prompted to devise
Rites such as yet Persepolis presents

Graven on her cankered walls, solemnities
That moved in long array before admiring eyes.

The Hebrews thus, carrying in joyful state 10
Thick boughs of palm, and willows from the

brook, Marched round the altar—to commemorate How, when their course they through the desert

took, Guided by signs which ne'er the sky forsook, They lodged in leafy tents and cabins low; 15 Green boughs were borne, while, for the blast

that shook Down to the earth the walls of Jericho, Shouts rise, and storms of sound from lifted

trumpets blow!

And thus, in order, 'mid the sacred grove
Fed in the Libyan waste by gushing wells, 20
The priests and damsels of Ammonian Jove
Provoked responses with shrill canticles;
While, in a ship begirt with silver bells,
They round his altar bore the horned God,
Old Cham, the solar Deity, who dwells 15

Aloft, yet in a tilting vessel rode,
When universal sea the mountains overflowed.

Why speak of Roman Pomps? the haughty

claims Of Chiefs triumphant after ruthless wars; The feast of Neptune—and the Cereal Games, 30 With images, and crowns, and empty cars; The dancing Salii—on the shields of Mars Smiting with fury; and a deeper dread Scattered on all sides by the hideous jars Of Corybantian cymbals, while the head 35

Of Cybele was seen, sublimely turreted!

At length a Spirit more subdued and soft Appeared—to govern Christian pageantries: The Cross, in calm procession, borne aloft Moved to the chant of sober litanies. 40

Even such, this day, came wafted on the breeze
From a long train—in hooded vestments fair
Enwrapt—and winding, between Alpine trees
Spiry and dark, around their House of prayer,
Below the icy bed of bright Abgentiere. 45

Still in the vivid freshness of a dream,
The pageant haunts me as it met our eyes!
Still, with those white-robed Shapes—a living

The glacier Pillars join in solemn guise'
For the same service, by mysterious ties; 50
Numbers exceeding credible account
Of number, pure and. silent Votaries
Issuing or issued from a wintry fount;
The impenetrable heart of that exalted Mount!

They, too, who send so far a holy gleam 55
While they the Church engird with motion slow,
A product of that awful Mountain seem,
Poured from his vaults of everlasting snow;
Not virgin lilies marshalled in bright row,
Not swans descending with the stealthy tide, 60
A livelier sisterly resemblance show
Than the fair Forms, that in long order glide,
Bear to the glacier band—those Shapes aloft

Trembling, I look upon the secret springs
Of that licentious craving in the mind 65

To act the God among external things,
To bind, on apt suggestion, or unbind;

1 See Note.

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