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Why art thou silent [ Is thy love a plant . 57

To B. R. Haydon, on seeing his Picture of

Napoleon Buonaparte on the Island of St.

Helena 58

A Poet!—He hath put his heart to school. . 58

The most alluring clouds that mount the sky . 59

On a Portrait of the Duke of Wellington upon

the Field of Waterloo, by Haydon . . 59

Composed on a May Morning, 1838 ... 60

Lo! where she stands fixed in a saint-like trance 60

To a Painter 61

On the same Subject 62

Hark! 'tis the Thrush, undaunted, undeprest . 62

'Tis He whose yester-evening's high disdain . 63

Oh what a Wreck! how changed in mien and

speech! 63

Intent on gathering wool from hedge and brake 64

A Plea for Authors, May, 1838 .... 64

Valedictory Sonnet 65

To the Rev. Christopher Wordsworth, D.D.,

Master of Harrow School .... 65

To the Planet Venus 66

Wansfell! this Household has a favoured lot . 67

While beams of orient light shoot wide and high 67

In my mind's eye a Temple like a cloud . . 68

On the projected Kendal and Windermere

Railway 68

Proud were ye, Mountains, when, in times of old 69

At Furness Abbey 70

At Furness Abbey 71

Memorials Of A Toue In Scotland, 1803.

Departure from the Vale of Grasmere, August,

1803 ........ 72

At the Grave of Burns, 1803. Seven Years

after his Death 73

Thoughts suggested the Day following, on the

Banks of Nith, near the Poet's Residence . 76

To the Sons of Burns, after visiting the Grave of

their Father 79

Ellen Irwin ; or, the Braes of Kirtle ... 81

To a Highland Girl .' 83

Glen-Almain; or, the Narrow Glen ... 85

Stepping Westward ...... 86
The Solitary Reaper

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