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the same persons who had attended him in | vicinity of a loadstone, and it is so adjust- and romance alone that she shines, and the morning. His highness there under. ed as to discover the distance of countries, when she ventured to quit it,-in her stood that a great number of ladies of the at sea, by the longitude. Towards this, work on France (we are wrong, she did province were assembled at the house of the planets or satellites of Jupiter, are of a lady, a widow of the family of Platt, great service, by the observation of whose

not quit it),—she evidently committed a who said that they intended to come and eclipses (these succeeding one another great error.

To that work, it is now see his highness sup; he, therefore, almost every day) they are studying to scarcely necessary to revert. Every caused it to be signified to them, that, find out a method of forming astronomical one acquainted with France, and partiwithout taking that trouble, he would visit tables, in order to discover the true me- cularly those acquainted with Lady M. them at the place where they were. This ridians of the earth; for the different me- during her residence there, knows that he did, and passed half an hour in their ridians will be shewn by the different it is a tissue of mis-statements, gross company, standing ; during which time, hours' at which they will happen, when perversions, and unwarrantable assumptwo of them sang an English air very in- observed at different places, beginning tions; it was, however, in spite of the differently—the fault either of the music from the east, and proceeding westward. or of the singers. Having taken leave of The academy has a library (given also by silly affectation of the author, a pleasthem, he returned home, retiring at his my Lord Henry Howard, and continually ing work, and was read with interest. usual hour.'

increasing in the number of its books) for The present volumes are ushered to When the prince reached Brentford, the convenience of the academicians, and the world without prefuce or dedicahe was met by a gentleman of the particularly of the two professors, who are tion; an advertisement, brietly stating King's bed chamber, with two of his to live in the (as soon as the that it has been composed from a majesty's carriages and five of the fund from which their stip. d is to be journal kept during a residence in royal servants, to congratulate him his arrival, and to offer him the royaline halls and chambers appropriated to preparing for that purpose, distinct from italy, in the years 1819-20, and that

the notes on law, statistics, and on litepalace of Sornerset House for his resi- the meeting and to the council; and it is rary disputes, together with the appendence; but this he declined in order to to be their duty to refer to the society, all dix on the state of medicine, have, at preserve his incognito, and went to the subjects on which their opinion shall be the author's request, been contributed house of the Earl of St. Albans, which required, and to collect the philosophical by Sir C. Morgan. This is really very bad been prepared for him. Here he and mechanical experiments from the au. kind of her ladyship, to divide her literemained three days before he could go facilitate the discovery of truth.'

thors who shall be di-cussed, in order to rury honours with her husband, and out, so little punctual or anxious was

thus afford him the only chance, we the person who had the care of provid

(To be concluded in our next.)

suspect, he could ever have of being in ing his highness's dresses.' Our mo

the least degree known in the republic dern tailors would scarcely have de- Italy. By Lady Morgan. 2 vols. I of letters. tained him three hours without equip

4to. pp. 840. London, 1821. The work was not published until ping him completely. The prince hav- It has been the good fortune of Lady Thursday, which is much too late in ing got dressed in the English fashion, Morgan, (and to one who possesses so the week to allow us to estimate its visited Westminster Abbey, the ruins much vanity as her ladyship, it must literary merit; we may, however, obof St. Paul's, and the Royal Academy, be peculiarly agreeable,) that she has a serve that, prima facie, we like it betfrom the account of which we make an bookseller who keeps her name conti- ter than her. France,'although it shares extract:

nually before the public. Her last largely in the faults of that much It has for its coat of arms, a field of production, “France, hud scarcely run talked-of production. The work comsilver, denoting a blank tablet, enlivened the gauntlet of the reviews, in soine of mences with an historic sketch of Italy; with the motto Nullius in rerba,to which it was, perhaps, treated with too this is followed by an account of the shew that they do not suffer themselves mueh severity, when it was announced, passage of the Alps, and descriptions to be induced by passion and prejudice, that her ladyship was residing in Italy, of Piedinont, Lombardy, Genoa, Parto follow any particular opinions. The and would soon furnish a volume on ma, Bologna, Tuscany, Rome, Naples, tor Robert Hook, a man of genius, and of the subject. From that inoment up and Venice; such is the order of her much esteem in experiinental matters, to the present hour, Lady Morgan and ladyship's lucubrations on Italy. The was founded by Daniel Colwal, now trea- Italy, have figured in newspaper para- first volume, to which we shall at presurer of the academy, and is full of the graphs in all the varieties of puff pre- sent confine ourselves, terminates with Speatest rarities, brought from the most lusive, puff oblique, and puff direct; Bologna, or rather with Sir Charles distant parts; such as quadrupeds, birds, and the birth of an heir to the House Morgan's Medical Appendis. Give fishes, serpents, insects, shells, feathers, of Bourbon did not appear of half so physic to the dogs, we say,

for seeds, minerals, and many petrifactions, I much importance to the family, as this our attentions shall be devoted to mummies, and guns; and every day, in last offspring of her ladyship's fertile the lady exclusively: In coutrasting micians contribute every thing of value pen did to the public library booksel- the facility with which the Alps are which comes in their hands, so that in ler of Conduit Street. Whenever we now passed, with the dangers that time it will be the most beautiful, the see these pompous announcements and formerly accompanied the atteinpt, her largest, and the most curious, in respect attempts to forestall the public opi- ladyship displays lier political partialito natural productions, that is any where nion, we become somewhat suspicious, ties. She says, to be found. Amongst these curiosities, and the old proverb of great cry and

All that bad been danger, difficulty, the most remarkable are an ostrich, whose little wool involuntarily forces "iiself and suffering, but twenty years backe curs which grew in the stomach of a thrush;

upon us. and the skin of a Moor, tanned, with the

That Lady Morgan is an agreeable beyond the reach of accident, sublime bebeard and hair white; but more worthy writer, and possesses considerable ta

yond the reach of thought. Legitimate of observation than all the rest, is a clock, lents, those who have read her novels houses of France, Austria, and Savoy!

divine righied sovereigns !

princes! whose movements are derived from the I will readily admit; but it is in fiction I which of you have done this?" There


is not one among ou, descendants of a the calendar. The engagement was pro 1 convent of the Dominicans. She says Clovis, a Barbarossa, or an Ainadeus, but visional: no cure no pay. But the battle the story is entirely false, ulthouyline may, in safe conscience, shake his inno- was won, the French were beaten, and have the authority of Eustuce and other cent'head, and answer, " Thou canst not the saint called for his church. Victor, travellers to the contrary. We quote say 'twas. I did it!"-Neither does the however, begged a long day, and ten world accuse you.'

her lady ship's account:years elapsed before the work of grasi.

• When the French army arrived at Her ladyship is right; it was Napo-tude began. Being a prince as renowned leon and vist the descendants of Clovis for his wisdom as his piety, he endea- Milan, some caval.y were quartered in or Barbarossa, who made the road over and, instead of a spick and span new voured to make the best of a bad bargain : devoted to military services, and the

the convent, which had previously been recommend to Mathews, as an addition Juvava, to use a quantity of old columns, thorities, who had the direction of this the Alps; and this fact, so very new, we church, he obliged his architect, Philip horses were , slabled in the refectory, tu his song on truisms. In the route which had long lain on bis hands. The to Turin, the fruitfulness of nature in saint was done by the knowing one, [how ficer, who had heard" something of the

measure of police. A young French or. vines, groves of mulberries, and fields elegant !) and the cupola of the Superga, picture, was the first to discover the risk of ripening coro,

contrasted disfigured by torses and ill-matched pilwith moral suffering and human infir- bars, remains a unonument of the difficulty inform the commander-in-chief of the mily:It is in these laughing vales that beg. I ty in the agreement.' treaties, even when heaven itself is a par- this precious monument, which might

circumstance, who arrived in time to save gary assumes its most disgusting form, and that want and penury are not the least

In the legitimate abuse which this have fallen a sacrifice to the brutaliger As often as we stopped to change horses, King of Sardinia comes in for his share. The circumstance of the pistol shots is Grils the wretched hare to contend with. I gentle lady heaps on all legitimates, the cance, not of the French, but of the pergroup of miserable beings crawled round, His restoration in 1815 is thus des universally denied. We took some pains and raised the deatening cry of Carità, cribed. • His majesty of Jerusalem to discover any trace of such violence: E'emosiru," in the name of those negli and Cyprus, after a retreat of fifteen but if even a single shot had been fired gent saints who had. abandoned them to years in his island of Sardinia, returned by some wanton individual, it is now im. maladies incidental to the Alpine region accoinpanied by an odd fish (his grand every species of physical evil. All the from his governinent of the Anchovies, possible to verify the fact.?

When the French arrived in Milan, seemed here accumulated. Some were vizer Count Cerutti) his priest, his ma ed but the sky (which, being painted

no part of the picture remained uninjurand few had their entire complement of donua, his court, and a little army of in ultramarinę, a colour not easily decons

. limbs and senses. But by far the most tin soldiers, which he had daily exer- posed by nioisture, had resisted the inj! s!:ocking objects were the Cretins *, here cised in the queen's druwing room. ries of time), the three figures of the aposstrikingly numerous; and their ideot chat- The account of the King's remodelling tles to the lefts, which had been restored ter and wild laugh were more fearful than his government for sixpence is amusing hy Ballotti, anci tlie profanations of Mazxa. even maimed limbs and distorted forins. if true. When he saw the alteria The barbarians, therefore, who have de. opposed to these groups usually stood tions that had been made during his stroged it, are the salt-petre which exudes

absence piled with towers of lace and ribbons, in

the good cheer of the monks, and-Sig. all the opulence and pride of the Pied- dar to witness his astonishment and indig.

• He invoked every saint in the calen- nore Mazza.' montese toilet, the sprice gens d'armes,

It is generally known that, in oriler corporal of the village detachment quaf- counsellor, bis better self," Ceruth to heu of the conveot to the refectory, a with whom she coquetted, the whiskered nation; and called upon his " bosun's

open a communication from the kite ting his boccale at the door, and the sleek, ments of the ancient structure were to be door was made through this picture ; it sent his scrip and his benedicite at every Cerutti laughed at the royal consterna- zure, aud that the fiyore of our Savi. sly, well. fed friar again, permited to pre collected, how put together, and by whoin

. is through the legs of the principal ti: gate.' The flippant manner in which Lady six-pence of Piedmontese inoney, he wapper was destroyed, that the Albot's

tion; and told the King, that for about our; thus' says Lüdy M. the last Morgan speaks of religion and religious would build up the ancient government dinner might be served hot.' Among ceren:ovies, however extravagant trey bel nuovo. The sixpence advanced, the establishments at Milan, there is one inay be, is, to say the least of it, in bait the old ininister hobbled off, and in less taste, and ill accords with the liberality than an hour ieturned with a court calen- singular interest: an Egyptian school she professes. Speaking of Turin, she dar, or red book for the year 1790 forined for the subjects of the Pacha. 6295:

“There Sire," said he, “ is your govern. This school has already sent back sone But all the churches in Turin yield in ment ready made. Replace all the per-, clever draughtsmeo, chemists, and maconsequence and celebrity ļo the Super

sons you find here, who are still living, thematicians. Besides the living larga, which crowns the steepest and least and fill up the vacancies; and then, for guages and natural sciences, the boys accessible mountain in the vicinage of the price of this book, found on a stall are taught to work in waking machifulfil, a vow of Victor Amadeus, who pro- your government re-established without nery of the finer kinds, in order to intromised, that if his patron saint should restrouble.” The King was enchanted;

duce at home the European arts, which cue him from the ciutches of the French, the active ministry of the previous regime are yet unpractised there. In the Casa who were then (706) advancing to the were immediately banished; and in a Trivulzio, there are a few good pictures, very, gales of Turin. under the Duc de few days little remained of the former and the library is siugularly rich in Vandome, he would build him such a system, brit the abuses which it suited the MSS, and io rare and precious editions, church as should faire siMer les serpens new order of things to retain.? of the fifteenth ceutury. Among the de l'enrie, iv the breast of every saint in Lady Morgun denies the charge made greatest rarities may be noticed a MS.

Cretinism is a manifest degradation of against the French soldiery of firing at, Dante, and a sort of Album of Lepthe organization, accompanied by iin perfect os- and otherwise mutilating Leonardo da vardo da Vinci, where is page of geofidcution, as iv rickets.'

Fixti's fresco of the Last Supper in the metry is followed by a page of carica




tures, taken perhaps from Borghetta, people replied, " It is the tree of liber. only exposed once a year, where he used to seek them on mar- ty." The duke took off his hat, matle it a knelt before it; and the penalty on the ket days; and a vocabulary is suc- bow, and said jocosely,~" Bon jour, mon bold bat zealons haud that touched it reeled by a sketch that pourtrayed all ani, heureusement tu ne fleuris plus.'

with a diamond, was a thousand golat. the divinity of his own genius. Aun. The artificial fireworks, which the pub- seized this relie, and, submitting it to

Holy Advertisement, at Como, in 1819 ducats. The French, on entering Italy, ther still more curious object, is a pri- Tic (the municipality,) of Como had pre- the Institute of Paris, this emerald dish mer, or school book, written and beau-pared, to evince its joy on the occasion of tifully illuminated by Leonardo for the desired arrival of their royal and im.

was discovered to be a piece of green the use of the young Maximilian, son perial majesties, in this royal city, of glass ! of S orza del Moro, the usurping Duke fer, this year, the means of celebrating in While at Bologna, Lady Morgan of Milan.' a singular manner, the festival of Saint

was taken to hear a celebrated preachOur fair author gives a melancholy Abbondio, patron of the city and diocese the Canonico ***, and his sermon, picture of the state to whieb the Mila- of Como. To this effect will contribute both for its manner and inatter, was ex. nese are reduced under Austrian domi- the aforementioned fire-works, ceded by nation. The vicrror has no power, or the municipal congregation to the pious,

tremely curious :rather does not presume to exercise it, rities, to set fire (incendiare) to the gran. who propose, in concert with the autho. Like all the Italian preachers, he had

a conventional style and jesticulation; he even in the merest trifle, without con- diosa macchina, which represents a tem- con menced each phrae with a sort of silting the court at Vieona :

ple, on the evening of the thirty-first of whiping cant, – then suddenly dropping Onone o casion, he wrote for leave to August, the festival of our holy protector: is declamatory tone, he adopted a fanii. permit the Milanese to mask in the carni. and thus, in an extraordinary manner, a 'd liar gossipping manner, the most humolito ral, and the answer arrived from the to the usual pomp of the cathedral, where, ous and effective that can be imagired, Aulic Council-the first wiek in Lent!! | with due seneration, the service will be alternately twirling his cap, taking it off, Another ti:ne, he wrote for leave to fill the solemnized by our lord the bishop. Un- or putting it on; of appealing to the Arena sith water, in order, during a der these fortunate circumstances, all the crucifix, which is always aflixed to the course of severe weather, to form a sheet faithful may partake of the treasures of sides of the pulpit in. Italy. His subject. of ice, and enable the young Milanese to the Papal Benediction, of a plenary indul- was charity.' "Charity," lie said, " is the skate. There being nothing suspected of gence, and, at the same time, profit by love of your neighbour; I say," he conbeing suspicious in this proposal, it was the spectacle of the artificial fire-works. tinued, emphasizing the word, " in the cheerfully granted, and a brevet expeclit. Coino, 14th of August, 1819. Printed by homely expression and homely sense. of ed in all possible haste, which arrived in Carlantonia Ostinelli, Episcopal Printer.' the scriptures, meaning, literally, your Milan-early in the month of July!!! All papers relative to adıninistrative af

Palace of Oliver Cromwell at Genoa. neighbour, whom you shoulil love ihrough and, sooner or later, are returned to Italy: gant villa, and enjoying the view from the of humanity and philanthropy, and such fairs, however trivial, are sent to Vienna, -We were, one evening. visiting the ele Christ, (the church,) ar:d not in the vagie The porters in the public offices are very poor, and paper is dear at Vienna. They gro, when a geutleman pointed out to jargon, (questo è gergone, Christiani mei :) us a yellow palace, built, he said, by Oli- tians, means murder and spoliution, which

but this sort of charity, my dear Chris.' lake all the half sheets which remain blank, and thus the other halves, being startling, so contrary to all historical prover Cromwell, of Engiand! A fáct so

is the true object of philosophy. Chariiy, loose, are readily lost. Sometimes they bability, is thus cleared up and establish only to cover your own sins, but the sing

my dear Christians, is a manile made not even' take pieces written on one side. ed. Sir Horation Pallavicini was collec. of your neighbour.” Here he paused When this was made the subject of reiter- tor of the Pope's taxes in England, in the and shook a little tin-vox, on which a. ated complaints, the viceroy at last was stimulated to proinise that he would that bigot princess, and on the changes in preacher proceeded. " Charity is silent

collecting, and the write to Vienna.

the religion of the country, Pallavicini on a neighbour's. frailties. It does not, We shall now, for the present, con- forgot to go back to Rome; remained in like philosophy, attach vices to a class : tent ourselves with separating a few England; married a noble ladly, and built for the charity of modern philosophy is of the most piquant anecdotes, or pas- a superb Italian palace on English ground, sages, that remain in the first voluine, with the money intended to raise palaces with these philosophers

, (i monachi sono

10 exclaim against boiy mother church, reserving the whole of the second for for Papal nephews, in Rome: 'n 1801 fursanti, i preti birbanii.) monks are next week:married a Mr. Oliver Cromwell, who ac-fixed his eve on some young men, and at

rogues, and priests robbers.Here he The Duc de Richelieu. During our delightful residence on the Lake of Co- companied her to Genoa, to arrange the his familiar question of Cher pensari tier village of Italian Switzerland, called cominued to reside, and he is suppposed Ch istians :) there was a general titter. Chiasso. Although the barrier, with its to have built that yellow palace, which is

l'hen putting on his caps, after a long placard of “ Swiss Territory,” - Territoria still called the Palace of Oliver CromSvizzera-is scarcely two miles from the

pause, he opened another exordium, in the well.'

usual nasal wbine, which he concluded by town of Como, the difference between the

The church of St. Lorenzo, at Ge

saying, “Charity, my Christians, bids character and manners and physiognomy noa,' is celebrated for a most sacred re

you open your inant'e wide, so-and close of the people, is most striking. One even- lic, the "Sagro Catino,' a dish of one it upon the sinner, so" --here most graceing, we observed a large, but faded tree, entire and perfect emerald, said to be fully he imitated the act with his own planted in the main street; on enquiring, that on which our Saviour ate his last robe; " for the sum of charity is to give we found it had been placed there to ce

and to forgive." Here he again railed lebrate the birth-day of William Tell: supper: This dish had been carried away by the royal crusaders, when they

bis box, and his coadjutor again resumA few days before, the Duc de Richlieu, took Cesarea in Palestine, in the ed his office, and again collected from ing ihe beauties of Como, drove with the twelfth century. It was once pledged

all do in Italy-extempore; and, after Austrian commandant to Chiasso; he for nine thousand five hundred livres,

a short pause, resumed his sermon), apwas sérück by the appearance of this tree, and when redeemned and replaced, was parently at the entrance of fresh auditor and asked what it meant. Some of the put under a particular guard; and who seemed to change every twenty mi,

He now

lian ones.


nutes, and to come in and go out as a lessons, a-miss, aim, nothing, some boarding school, whose brother chalthing of course. Here we leave her ladyship for the little likenesses, home, comfort, physic, other, but both, fortunately, miss; a

thing, stitches, hints, time, pledges, lenges Tom, and they take aim at each present, and we congratulate her ad- flight, thought, pleasure, all, caudle second shot was demanded, when Tom mirers, either on her imperfect know- To follow the author through all these was wounded, but recovers. ledge of Italian or her moderation in takings, each of which is the subject runs a career of great misery, and goadusing it; for although she brings her of an excellent design, would be an ed by want, contemplates turning highFrench phrases pretty freely into ac- undertaking, on which we dare not wayman, but is fortunately diverted tion, yet she is tolerably sparing of Ita- venture; we shall, therefore, imitate from the terrible project by taking

Her ladyship still remem- our hero in one thing, that of taking hints ;bers the severe criticisin of the Quarter- leaps,' which we must do from one of By conscience driven to rob, Town hired a ly Review, and loses no opportunity the sketches to another, Tom, after

horse, of showing her resentment, though we laking leaps in hunting, is found,

Pass'd to the road, and now about to mount, confess, in every effort that we have though very reluctantly, taking advice

Tried to suppress misgivings and remorse, yet seen, her attacks are very impotent. from his father; he, however, does

When two bleach'd felons, sent to their ac(To be concluded in our next.)

not follow the advice, but-

High on a gibbet rivetted attention ;
In pleasure's chase

Made him take fearful hints from their snspen

Takings; or, the Life of a Collegian. Consumes his days, and each succeeding night;
A Poem. Illustrated by Twenty-
And fix'd a fashionable name to get,

Tom sets off to Margate, and comsix Engravings, from Designs by Gets fashionably very deep in debt."

mences portrait-painter and author. R. Dagley, Author of "Select Gems Tom avails himself largely of the He sends a play to Drury Lane Theafrom the Antique,' &c. &c. Royal dashing tailor's never-failing aid,' and tre, and hastens to know whether or 8vo. pp. 184. London, 1821. when he presents his account, quiets not it had been accepted:

· And there he found it waiting, cut and dry. The first title of this work, Takings,' him by another order, until at last he

As capticus scribblers grumble at delay, appeared to us so unpromising, that had we not seen the name of Mr. Dag- This met the tailor's.-Each bill had a brother;

Content to give his biils;

The kind lessee, intent to gratify,

Printed the answer while Tom wrote the ley, whose eminence as an artist, gives One good turn always must deserve another,'

play, great value to every thing with which

A good expedient this, because one call

This brings us to taking measures : Might easily be made to serve for all.' le is connected, we should scarcely

"In ancient times, law gave for eye an eye, have ventured on taking up the work,

The insult which the great lessee

And tooth for tooth. This rule, from law- offers to those who submit dramatic lest, among all other takings, we should courts driven, have been taken in. A slight glance To Fashion's haunts has been compell’d to fly, productions to him, by returning a at a few of the etchings, and the peru- The dealer's bill is given for double pay,

Where bill for bill is uniformly given.

printed answer, is happily burlesqued sal of half a dozen pages, soon con- The purchaser gives his-to run away.

in the Drury Letter of Rejection,' as

follows: vinced us how groundless bad been our

«« I am instructed to return you, sir, fears, and that the work is really one of Ship took his measures-Snip bis bill had got,

I mean Tom's bill, ('twas over due some The manuscripta blank Tom stared great merit.

It is a proof of the versa. moons) tily of Mr. Dagley's talents, that he and now appear'd to measure for a coat Left by the printer for the manager), sbines almost equally in the serious and And inexpressibles-or pantaloons.

“By you submitted to great Mr. E. theludicrous in art, and there can scarce

“I have you now," said he,-“I've made a The reasons he your play thinks uninviting

hit, ly be a stronger contrast than his draw. I know you're partial to a close good fit."

You'll spare me the necessity of writing. ings from the antique gems, and his so he departed, and another came,

“ But they are founded, it should be expressed,

On strict impartiality, (which force caricatures in • flim flams,' which,

“ His man,” thought Tom. He was beyond Must give them), and attention too--the best," though his first effort in that line, was


(The best in quality was meant, of course; so completely successful, that á lite- “ Your name is Takeall, I presume.” “The The manager could not intend to say,

same.” rary friend suguested the word Tak

He much in quantity had thrown away.)

“ I come to you about a little suit;" ings,' as furnishing a good subject for some parchment slips he shew'd, which made

« And Mr. E.-don't let it make you blush,

Is flatter'd by the preference you, who sent his comic pencil. The hint was taken,

Tom stare,

A tragedy not worth a single rush, and the result appears in the present for these seem'd broader than the others were. Have thus evinced for his establishment. volume. With indignation he began to foam,

Its interests still he hopes will be your care, The poem was written to illustrate “I hate,” he cried, " this round-about delay; And further has the houour to declare, or introduce the pictures, and not to Your master measured ; bring the things soon “ That all his doors, 'tis his determination, be illustrated by them, as stated in the


Shall open wide to each aspiring bardtitle; and, therefore, considerable al- « No, sir, you can't, sir,-that is very true.

I cannot tarry trifling here all day.”

To talents of all kinds in every station,

That Mr. E. can sanction or reward; lowance might be made for a poet Bring the things home! I come to bring hoine So do not for a moment be deluded, adapting his muse to the feelings of


To think that merit is with you excluded." another, but, in the present case, no This was a bailiff, who arrests Tom; Tom becomes embarrassed, and is indulgence of that sort is necessary, but, in going towards the prison, Ton arrested and thrown into the Fleet, the poem itself being a very clever pro- leads him into a man trap, when, giv- where, in ' a wretched third-floor room duction.

ing bim leg bail,' he escapes. Tom immersed,' he abandoned hope and The poem is in six cantos, and is the becomes a gainbler, figures at Newmar- yielded to despair.' Sickness is added history of Tom Takeall, a gay thought. ket, in taking bets, and at the Moulsey to his other miseries, and he is on the less Oxonian, tracing his progress in Hurst, taking amusement. We after- verge of a death by starvation, when life, in taking leaps, advice, measures, wards find him taking a-miss, that is, his father visits him. Tom expresses notice, bets, amusements, courage, Ieloping with a young lady from a his contrition, is released, and gets mar

to see,



ried,-bis moral character, of course, Where prudence, forced to stand aloof, most accomplished artists of any age. re-established. Independent of the Strives feebly nature's throb to quell, The colours of these decorations are main story, which is written in a chaste. And the soft-whispered food reproof green, dark and light blue, interspersed

Invites the kiss it would repel. and happy vein of satire, there are Oh! that precarious joy is dear,

with Arabic sentences in letters of gold; some charming episodes, both of a co

and a broad band of such legends, formed

Whose thread each passing moment breaks, mic and serious character, one or two And blissful those alarms—that fear,

in white, upon this beautifully varied

ground, and interwoven with flowers in of which we shall quote. Among the Which every rustling leaf awakes ;

green and gold, winds round the entire designs which we have noticed, (and There the swain's bosom, passion-fir'd

extent of the building. This fine ruin is they are all worthy of a distinct notice, Make, from the haunts of men retired,

The hopes that swell the fair one's zone,

within the new fortifications of the city, if our limits permitted it) there is one

as are also the remains of the arch or ci

A world of rapture all their own. intitled Taking Pleasure. A cockney, Give me, give me such scenes to prove;

tadel. In former times, it is said to have with his wife on one arm, is dragging Give me a maid whose generous breast,

contained the royal palace, with its attendbehind him a sinall shay, in which two And“ incense-breathing" lip of love,

ant mosqué. Very legible traces of these children are seated; while a little boy, Thus Blest throngh life, my glistening eye

May lull each anxious care to rest!

different structures are yet to be found

within its lofty though riven walls. The and a dog who carries his master's

Shall speak my bosom's grateful glow, height of those walls may be about eighty cane in his month, completes this fa- 'Till death transports above the sky,

feet, commanding an extensive view on mily picture. Tom is on a visit to Mr. The Houri of my heaven below.'

every side, over the lately erected works, Wiggins, when he learns the day's Mr. Dagley, after a brief and well- and making a conspicuous object to a disaster of the pleasure taking cou- written advertisement, has given some great distance from the town. The maple:

very judicious observations on the luterials of the whole structure are of brick, Just then the knocker sounded an approach,

and put together with the nicest care. dicrous in art. This work, whether

Indeed, that so much of it exists, after the Some one appeared impatient to get shelter, considered as to the excellence of the general overthrow by two earthquakes, And while they beard retire a, designs or the merits of the poem, de- proves the excellence of its workman:

Entered a comely couple, helter-skelter. « Here! here has been a pretty job of jobs !" serves a large share of the public pa- ship. Part of it is now used as an arsenal ; Cried Mrs. first, and after Mr. Hobbs. tronage, and we venture to say that it and also to a very dismal purpose. A few * What! wbat's the matter?" every body cried, will obtain it.

years ago, a woman was precipitated from The lady answered, “ You must know, to

the top of the highest point of its wall, inday

to the ditch beneath, as a punishment for We thought of taking pleasure-so we bied

Travels in Georgia, Persia, Armenia, the murder of her husband; a crime till To Highgate, with our pretty children's shay,

Ancient Babylonia, &c. &c. By then almost unheard of in the annals of Which Mr. Hobbs bought Kitty for a fairing,

By Sir Robert Ker Porter.

Persian domestic life,' To give the little dears a litt!e airing.

(Continued from p. 357.)

Abbas Mirza is doing all in his “ And there we drawed 'em in such pleasant Ar Ecrivan, Sir Robert Porter waited power to restore Tabreez to its former

places, They seemed at least a hundred miles from received him courteously, and furnishing for his own residence, but he does

on the Persian sardar or governor, who military importance; a palace is buildtown, When suddenly, full bang in all our faces,

ed him with a mehemander, or provider, not aim so much at adorning the city as Torrents of rain in deluges came down. to accompany him to Tabreez. The at strengthening it. While at Tabreez, So Mr. Hobbs's coat and hat got soild, women in this part of the country have Sir Robert had an opportunity of obAnd my new sarsnet gown completely spoil d.

not the smallest degree of prettiness; serving the manners of a great state « My parasol, nsed for an umbereller, those who had passed the immediate dinner, to which he was invited by Mir

Saved me but little e'en beneath a tree; And while we stood up, every saucy feller blush of youth, were become mere hags: za Bezoork, the Kyme Makaum, or

Our Seem'd quite delighted our distress to see.

this premature destruction of youth in prime minister of the prince. So we was forc'd to leave behind our shay, the higher ranks, is attributed to the traveller and his countrymen assemAnd in the Highgate stage to come away.' excessive use of the bath, and habi- bled at the house of the Kyme Ma“ Yes," said the husband," and poor Pompey's tual want of exercise; and in the lower kaum, a little before sun-set, and took gone;

classes, to a similar misuse of hot wa-their stations on the nummuds appointYou know how well he carried.--J' to jail

ter and vapour, with the addition of ed for their accommodation, in the true Could send the rogue, who, when the storm noisome clothing and close unwhole eastern style of sitting on the heels

came on, Tied a tin kettle to his faithful tail;

some lodgings. Tabreez, the princi- or cross-legged, which ever way their He dropped, and I have lost through this vile pal residence of the heir apparent of plastic limbs could easiest conform to trick

the Prussian crown, Abbas Mirza, has the attitudes of the more plastic AsiaMy bamboo cane, my Sunday walking-stick.

been recently fortified, and surrounded tics :Twill warn me how I pleasure take again, with a thick wall, protected by towers Spuiled hat and coat, and half-destroyed my and bastions, with the addition of a bert, . before our host made his appear

"A few minutes elapsed,' says Sir Rowig." “ But," cried the wife, “ we nearly balf this pain very deep dry ditch :

ance. On his entrance we all rose ; and, Had saved, if you, like others, kept your gig: mentioned by Chardin, the ruins of only son according to his rank, uttering at the

• Out of two hundred and fifty mosques on being re-seated, he bowed to each pergoes day I wow as how I'll have a vone-horse shay.' three are visible. The most considerable same time a compliment befitting the

We will conclude our extracts with is that of Ali Shah, erected nearly six esteemed importance of the guest. The a song, which will show that the au- which still presents lofty arches, and the follows:- “ kaliouns were hundred years ago, by Ali Koja ; and routine of the entertainment was then as

presented; thor's poetical talents are not confined mouldering vaulted work of splendid then coffee, served in very small cups, and to the satirical or the ludicrous:- domes. The whole of the building, without cream or sugar. Kaliouns suc* How thrills the youth with wild delight, within and without, has been cased with ceeded ; then tea, in large cups; and this, When Celia, in the silent grove,

lackered tiles of porcelain, adjusted into over conversation, filled an interval of ten "Permits him, favour'd by the night,

intricate and elaborate figures, with an in- minutes, when the minister gave a signal To breathe his ardent vows of love : genuity and taste that would honour the for dinner to be brought. Several ser

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