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This book will make you angry. It will pull you up out of your chair and make you walk around the room muttering to yourself.
Well-sourced, clearly researched, and written in plain language, Mayer
's book should be a wake-up call to those of us who hold onto our na´vetÚ and want to believe money hasn't poisoned politics. The details are all there, and make it easier to understand things like the initial popularity of the idea of health care reform, of a right to be well, and the suddenly suddenly scary campaign against anything a government program to increase access to it. That such a program might limit the profits of wealthy companies--and individuals--is clearly the reason to oppose it, at least in the view of the wealthy. And at its root this book is aimed at the Koch brothers. They come across as completely isolated from reality; in their lives, no one sees seeing someone huddling in a doorway shivering in the cold.
Read it.

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