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gift, and as to his fatherly wisdom shall seem best, enjoy a competent portion of them", and have the same continued and bleffed unto us in our holy comfortable use of them', and contentment in them'; and be kept from all things that are contrary to our temporal support and comfort'.

Q. 194. What do we pray for in the fifth peti'tion ?

A. In the fifth petition (which is, Forgive us our debts as we forgive our debtors') acknowledging that we and all others are guilty both of original and actual sin, and thereby become debtors to the justice of God, and that neither we nor any other creature can make the least satisfaction for that debt" : We pray for ourselves and others,

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q Gen, 28. 20. And Jacob TI Tim. 4. 4, 5. Every crea. vowed a vow, saying, Il God ture of God is good, and nowill be with me, and will keep thing to be refused, if it be re. me in this way that I go, and ceived with thankfyiving for will give me bread to cat, and it is sanctified by the word of raiment toput on, then shall the God, and prayer. Prov. 10. 22. Lord be my God. Jam. 4. 13,

fi Tim. 6. 6, 8. Godliness 13.

ye that say, with contentment is great gain. To-day or to-morrow we will And having food and raigo into such a city, and conti- ment let us le cherewith con. nue there a year, and buy and tent. fell and get gain; For that ye t Prov. 30. 8, 9. Remove ought to say, If the Lord will, far from me vanity and lieswe shall live and do this or feed me with food convenient that. Psal. 9o. 17. And let the for me ; left I be full and deny beauty of the Lord our God be thee, and say, Who is the lord? upon us, and establish thou the or left I be poor, and fteal, work of our hands upon us, and take the name of niy God yea, the work of our hands in vain. establish thou it. Pfal. 144, v Matt. 6. 12. 12-15

W Matt. 24. And when

that God of his free grace would, through the obedience and satisfaction of Christ apprehended and applied by faith, acquit us both from the guilt and punishment of fin", accept us in his Beloved', continue his favour and grace to us?, pardon our daily failings, and fill us with

peace and joy, in giving us daily more and more aflurance of forgiveness', which we are the rather emboldened to ask, and encouraged to expect, when we have this testimony in ourselves, that we from the heart forgive others their offences.


he had begun to reckon, one the glory of his grace, wherein, was brought unto him, which he hath made us accepted in owed him ten thousand talents. the Beloved. Rom. §. 19. By one man's dis- z 2 l'et, 1. 2, Grace and obedience many were made peace be multiplied unto you, sipners. Rom. 3. 9-19, We through the knowledge of God, have before proved both Jews and of Jesus our Lord. and Gentiles, that they are all

a Hor. 14

Take with under fin.That every mouth you words, and turn to the niay be stopped, and all the Lord: say unto him, Takc world may become guilty be- 'away all iniquity, and receive fore God. Pfal. 1 30. 3. If thou, us graciously. Pfal. 143. 2. EnLord, shouldett mark iniquitics, ter nor into judgment with thy O Lord, who shall stand ? Mic. fervant, for ini thy fight fall 6.6, 7.

no man living be justified. Pfal. x Rom. 5. 19.-By the obe. 130. 3. dience of one shall inany be b Rom. 15. 13. Now the made righteous. Rom. 3. 24, God of hope fill you with all 25. Being justified freely by his joy and peace in believing, that grace, through the redemption ye may abound in hope through that is in Christ Jesus; whom the power of the Holy Ghok. God hath set forth to be a pro- Rom. 5. 1, 2. Pfal. 15. 7-12. pitiation through faith in his c Luke 11. 4. And forgive blood, to declare his righteouf- us our fins; for we also forgive ness for the remission of fins every onc that is indebted to that are past, through the for- us. Matt. 18. 35. So like. bearance of God. A&. 13. 39. wife fall my heavenly Father do

y Eph. 1. 6. To the praise of alfo unto you, if ye, from yous,

Q. 195. What do we pray for in the sixth petition?

A. In the sixth petition (which is, And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil') acknowledging that the most wife, righteous and gracious God, for divers holy and just ends, may so order things, that we may be assaulted, foil. ed, and for a time led captive by temptations ; that Satan', the world and the flesh, are ready powerfully to draw us aside, and ensnare us; and that we, even after the pardon of our fins, by reason of our corruption', weakness and want of watchfulness", are not only subject to be tempt. ed, and forward to expofe ourselves unto temptations', but also of ourselves unable and unwilling to refist them, to recover out of them,

hearts, forgive not every one upon you unawares, Mark 4. his brother their trespases. 19; Matt. 6. 14, 15.

h Jam. I. 14. Every man is d Matt. 6. 13.

tempted, when he is drawn away e 2 Chron. 32. 31. God left of his own luft, and'enticed. him to try him, that he might i Gal. 5. 17.

For the flesh know all that was in his heart. lufteth against the spirit, and Job. 2. 6. And the Lord said the spirit against the flesh; unto Satan, Behold, he is in and these are contrary the one thine hand; but fave his life. to the other; so that ye cannot

f 1 Pet. 3. 8. Be sober, be do the things that ye would. vigilant; because your adver. Rom. 7. 18. sary the devil, as a roaring lion, k Matt. 26. 41. Watch and walketh about, seeking whom pray that ye enter, not into he may devour. Job 2. 2. temptation ; the spirit indeed

g. Luke 21. :34. And take is willing, but the flesh is weak. heed to yourselves, left at any 1 Eccl. 9. 12. Man also know. time your hearts be over.. eth not his time; as the fishes charged with furieiting and that are taken in an evil net, drunkenness, and cares of and as the birds that are caught this life, and so that day come in the soare, fe are the fons of

and to improve them; and worthy to be left under the power of them": We pray, that God would fo over-rule the world and all in it', fubdue the flesh', and restrain Satan', order all things", bestow and bless all means of grace', and quicken us to watchfulness in the use of them; that we and all his people may by his providence be kept from being tempted to fin; or, if tempted, that by his Spirit we may be


men snared in an evil time, a clean heart, O God; and rewhen it fallern suddenly upon new a righe spirit within me. them. I Tim. 69. They that Pfal. 119. 133. Let not any will be rich, fall into tempra- iniquity have dominion over tion, and a snare, and into many foolish and hurtful lufts. q Heb. 2. 18. For in that he Prov. 7. 22.

himself hath suffered, being m Eph. 6. II, 12. Put on tempted, he is able to fuccour the whole armour of God, that then that are tempted. i Cor, ye may be able to land against 10. 13. God is faithful, who the wiles of the devil. For we will not suffer you to be tempted wrestle not against flesh and above that ye are able. 2 Cor. blood, but against principali- 12. 8. ties, against powers, against rRom. 8. 28. And we know the rulers of the darkness of that all things work together this world, againt spiritual for good, to them that love wickedness in high places. I God, to them who are the called Chron. 21. 1, 2, 3, 4. 2 Chron. according to his purpose. 16. 7, 8, 9. 10.

1 Heb, 13. 20, 21. Now the n Pfal. 18. I1, 12. But my God of peacemake you perpeople would not hearken to fect in every good work, to do my voice, and Israel would none his will: working in you that of me. Sul gave them up unto which is well pleasing in his their own hearts' lufts: and fight, through Jesus Christ. they walked in their own coun- Eph. 12. II, 12. fels.

t Matt. 26.41. Watch and o John 17. 15. I pray not pray, that ye enter not into that thou fioulicít take them temptation. Pfal. 19. 13. Keep out of the world, but that thou back thy fervant also from prefhouldest keep them from the sumptuous lins, let them not evil. Rom. 8. 28.

have dominion over mt. p Pfal. 5b. 10Create in me


powerfully supported and enabled to stand in the hour of temptation'; or, when fallen, raised again and recovered out of it", and have a fanctified use and improvement thereof*; that our fanctification and salvation may be perfected', Satan trodden under our feet, and we fully freed from sin, temptation, and all evil for evera.

Q. 196. What doth the conclusion of the Lord's prayer teach us?

A. The conclusion of the Lord's prayer (which is, For thine is the kingdom, and the power, and the glory, for ever. Amen") teacheth us to enforce our

vi Cor. 10. 13. God is faith- and honour and glory at the ful, who will not suffer you to appearing of Jesus Chrift. be tempted above that ye are y i Theff. 3. 13. To the end able; but will with the temp- he may establish your hearts tation also make a way to eso unblameable in holiness before cape, that ye may be able to God, even our Father, at the bear it. Eph. 3. 14, 15, 16. coming of our Lord Jesus Christ

w Psal. 51. 12. Restore un- with all his faints. to me the joy of thy falvation ; z Rom. 10. 20. And the and uphold me with thy free God of peace fall bruise Satan Spirit.

under your feet shortly.-x 1 Pet. 5. 10. But the God a i Theff. 5. 20. And the of all grace, who hath called very God of peace sandify you us unto his eternal glory by wholly: and I pray God your Christ Jesus, after that ye have whole spirit, and soul, and suffered a while, make you per- body be preserved blameless fect, establish, strengthen, settle unto the coming of our Lord you. 1 Pet. 1:6, 7. Wherein Jesus Christ. ye greatly rejoice, though now

b Matt. 6. 13. for a feason (if need be) ye are c Job 23. 3, 4. O that I in heaviness through manifold knew where I might find him! temptations : that the trial of that I might come even to his your faith, being much more feat! I would order my cause precious than that of gold that before him, and fill my mouth perisheth, though it be tried with with arguments. üre, might he found unto praise Jer. 14. 20, 21.

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