The Golden Horse: A Novel About Triumph and Tragedy Building the Panama Railroad

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Itasca Books, Dec 23, 2014 - Fiction - 417 pages
"The Golden Horse by Juan David Morgan is a sweeping saga, painting a vivid, personal portrayal of the events that transpired as a result of the rivalry between New York shipping magnates, William Aspinwall and Cornelius Vanderbilt, and the enormous personal cost that was borne by the people involved in the construction of the Panama Railroad-- the first transcontinental train in the Americas-- built during the California Gold Rush. Thousands of people died during the construction, succumbing to tropical diseases and natural disasters. Despite the danger, the lust of gold fever and the challenge of conquering the wilderness drove the men through the perils of torturous journeys, cutthroat competition, ruthless outlaws, savage jungles, the ferocious extremes of the tropical frontier, and violent cultural clashes, but not without the thrill of romantic adventures, the wonder of human inventiveness, and rugged determination to succeed."

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About the author (2014)

Juan David Morgan is a renowned international lawyer who started writing historical fiction to acquaint Panamanians and the world with the relatively unknown but epochal stories of his native Panama. The great success of the Spanish edition of The Golden Horse, the saga of the construction of the Panama Railroad during the California Gold Rush, prompted him to experiment with other genres, and his latest book is the epic tale of Sir Henry Morgan, the pirate who destroyed the first Panama City. Other novels focus on Panama's turbulent 19th century history as a province of Colombia, the achievement of independence from Colombia in 1903, and the tragic U.S. invasion and arrest of Noriega in 1989. His literary achievements have won numerous honors and decorations in his native Panama, as well as Argentina and Spain. The Golden Horse was recently published in Japanese. His official author's site is's Home: Panama City, Panama, Born in the city of David, Chiriqui Province, Panama Other Books By Author: Juan David Morgan is the author of the following works of fiction: as Jorge Thomas, Fugitivos del Paisaje (1992) - ISBN 978-958-95356-4-6 as Jorge Thomas, Cicatrices Inutiles (1994) - ISBN 978-958-95356-6-0 as Jorge Thomas, Entre el Cielo y la Tierra (1996) - ISBN 978-958-95356-9-1 as Jorge Thomas, Con Ardientes Fulgores de Gloria (1999)) - ISBN 978-958-639-170-2 as Jorge Thomas, La rebelión de los poetas y otros cuentos (2001)) - ISBN 978-9962-02-180-3 El Caballo de Oro (2005) - ISBN 978-84-666-2724-5 El Secreto de Gaudí (2007) - ISBN 978-84-9872-120-1 Entre el honor y la espada (2013) - ISBN 978-607-07-1751-2

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